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The United States Constitution

By neilb@uk ·
This is the most quoted document in the threads in TR. There's not a thread goes ten posts without a reference to the constitution or one of the Amendments.

I come from a country without a written constitution. We have a mixture of written sources, constitutional conventions, legal precedent, royal prerogatives and simple custom making up the "British Constitution". We can change our constitution with an Act of Parliament in exactly the same way that we would enact any simple law. I like that as I feel that the constitution evolves with the country and the times. It also seems to work! It's only recently being threatened - at least in its uncodified form - by the Human Rights laws and (perhaps) a European constitution.

So my Stateside chums, what's so special about The Constitution? This thread was prompted by a post suggesting that the document should be part of your school curriculum. Should it? What does it give you that I don't have? Then I'll see if I can find something that I have that you don't!

Neil :)

p.s. As I'm on a course next week, I'll have to leave you to fight it out amongst yourselves during the day...

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Yes, "powers that be" definitely like it that way.

by deepsand In reply to My .02 USD

After all, just think of the chaos that might result if the voters actually thought!

Hmmm, reminds me of certain plantation owners, who ...

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one thing comes right to mind

The United States constitution prevents one ruler from doing some VERY bad things to the citizens. King George(i forget which one) comes to mind as on such. Our constitution sets the limits of power of our ruling bodies. ONE thing it gives the citizens of the United States is the right to protect our persons and property with guns if justified. NO ONE but the criminals in England can even OWN a firearm.
But, as we based or system of government on YOUR system, there ARE obvious similarities.

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Actually, our Constitution was modeled after the Swiss Charter of 12**.

by deepsand In reply to one thing comes right to ...

While it is true that our form of Federal government, and that of many of the States, were modeled after that of England, our Declaration of Independence and Constitution were in great part based on the Swiss Federal Charter of 12**, known as the "Schweizer Bundesbrief," which was the founding contract of the Swiss Confederation, a precursor to the modern Swiss Federal State.

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King George III

by mjwx In reply to one thing comes right to ...

was the king in question. He was also called the mad king. The lordship at the time thought they could stop your little rebellion with 5 frigates (the nuclear missile of the day).

Gun Laws in Australia, I have covered this before but here it is again. Our gun control laws are used to prevent massacres and gang wars by making illegal means the only way for criminals to get firearms. It is not actually that hard to get a gun in Australia (I myself used to own a rifle and pistol).

In order to get a firearm in Australia you must,
1. Have a place to use it (a large property or join a gun club).
2. Not have a criminal record or mental disability/impairment (Just plain common sense here people).
4. Have proper storage (A Safe that conforms to specifications and bolted to industrial thickness concrete (your houses foundation) which your gun club can provide)
3. Be a legal Australian citizen and be old enough to stand at the bar (that?s 18 in AU)

There are a few restrictions but they are just common sense as well (ban on assault rifles and automatic pistols with a barrel length of less than 120mm (Too easily concealable)) but that?s why we are having a 10 year anniversary of a 30 people massacre and not a 10 day anniversary. Also gang wars over here are played mostly with knives not guns because gang members are too poor and stupid to get guns (they aren?t any brighter in the US but guns are much easier to get, if they had brains they wouldn?t attack a hum-vee with a 9 mm).

As I said I used to own a few guns (I had to get rid of them when I moved (Didn?t have a safe)) but I feel perfectly safe without one.

A perfectly legit question (and not an atempt to be a smartarse) AS an Aussie citizen in the US (say on a working visa) would I then be able to buy a rifle or shotgun?

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Yes, if you fill out the paperwork, and have no criminal record.

by X-MarCap In reply to King George III

You could get either a pistol or a Shotgun, or rifle. I might suggest a Remington 1187 or 1100. If you don't want to spring for a Beretta.

They shoot as well, if not better and jam nearly as rarely as the Beretta...

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Thanks TJ

by mjwx In reply to Yes, if you fill out the ...

but it was just a matter of curiosity.

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Very difficult to get FID or license to carry in MA

by Navy Moose In reply to Yes, if you fill out the ...

In Massachusetts it is difficult to get a license to carry, I think it is called a Class A license. If you live in Boston it is borderline impossible. In my town, all they cared about was no criminal record. But they still have to be approved by the State Police.

In MA, these licenses are maintained by the Criminal Records Division, which always makes me feel good when it comes time for the renewal. I have to go to the police station and get finger printed, and have my photo taken.....just like a common criminal.

FIDs are easier, but I don't know how much easier. They used to be good for life, now it has to be renewed every few years.

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My FID may be expired unless it is grandfathered...

by X-MarCap In reply to Very difficult to get FID ...

Thanks for mentioning it...

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I love my wife...

by X-MarCap In reply to My FID may be expired unl ...

She said I signed it last October...

I have no recolection... She puts 3000 peices of paper for me to sign in front of me and I play Governor LePetomaine from Blazing Saddles...

The wonders of haveing a good wife...

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Just curious. What's a FID??? It almost sounds like something obscene. :^0

by sleepin'dawg In reply to I love my wife...

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