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The Unpredictable Presidential Race

By AV . ·
Obama and Huckabee win the Iowa Caucus by a strong margin. Hillary comes in third to Obama. Huckabee beats out Romney even though Romney spent $10 million dollars in Iowa.

It will be truly interesting to see who wins New Hampshire next week. I don't think I can predict who will be the nominee for each party (Republican and Democrat) because the race changes all the time. There's always a possibility that Michael Bloomberg will run as an Independent candidate, too. He has until March 5 to do that.

Both parties have an equal chance of winning, right now, but anything can happen. I'm excited that the Bush Presidency will finally be over and we're going to have more choices for President instead of just Clinton or Bush. Of course, Hillary Clinton is there for those that want to vote that way. I think there's something for everyone in this election. The candidates truly reflect (finally) the diversity of our nation.

I don't know how you're feeling right now, but I'm sick of the status-quo and want to see real change in this country. How do you feel about it? Care to make a predication as to who will be the nominee for either party and why you think that?


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by AV . In reply to I'm with you

So Unity08 will introduce a 3rd party candidate? Or, will they back one of the existing candidates, like John McCain, if he isn't the Republican nominee?

I think John McCain is a man of integrity, but I don't care for his immigration stance.


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That's not clear yet

by NickNielsen In reply to Unity08

The convention is in June and the candidate preferences are still fairly fluid. The bottom line for me is that I don't see either major party as anything other than a divisive force in American politics. "Us against them" is not in the country's best interest.

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What party am I voting for?

by jmgarvin In reply to The Unpredictable Preside ...

I'm voting Somebody Else and you should too. Perhaps if we all voted for Somebody Else we'd see some real change.

It doesn't matter if you vote for Tweedledumb or Tweedledumer, it's all the same tripe.

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My son is a Mencia fan

by NickNielsen In reply to What party am I voting fo ...

He thinks Tweedledee-de-dee could do a better job than anybody running.

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I'm with your son

by jmgarvin In reply to My son is a Mencia fan
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I second that motion.

by ManiacMan In reply to I'm with your son

We need somebody like Robin Williams in office from that recent movie of his where he was a comedian and surprisingly became president and was neither a liberal or a conservative.

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Democrat, Republic, Independent, etc. Which one is the bigger crook?

by ManiacMan In reply to What party am I voting fo ...

That's the question to answer, but regardless of what party they're affiliated with, they're still all crook looking to screw the public and line their pockets with contribution money. I'm not voting for any of those morons running for office because they're all looney if you ask me.

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They're all crooks

by jmgarvin In reply to Democrat, Republic, Indep ...

The only politician that I halfway like is Arnie. He's done a lot of good stuff for California and is a halfway decent governor.

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I like him too, but he won't be back.

by Absolutely In reply to They're all crooks

I apologize, I know that is the oldest Ahnold "joke" around.

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If you reeeeeeeally believe that...

by Absolutely In reply to Democrat, Republic, Indep ...

shouldn't you be a "radical" Libertarian like, say, Ron Paul?

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