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The Unpredictable Presidential Race

By AV . ·
Obama and Huckabee win the Iowa Caucus by a strong margin. Hillary comes in third to Obama. Huckabee beats out Romney even though Romney spent $10 million dollars in Iowa.

It will be truly interesting to see who wins New Hampshire next week. I don't think I can predict who will be the nominee for each party (Republican and Democrat) because the race changes all the time. There's always a possibility that Michael Bloomberg will run as an Independent candidate, too. He has until March 5 to do that.

Both parties have an equal chance of winning, right now, but anything can happen. I'm excited that the Bush Presidency will finally be over and we're going to have more choices for President instead of just Clinton or Bush. Of course, Hillary Clinton is there for those that want to vote that way. I think there's something for everyone in this election. The candidates truly reflect (finally) the diversity of our nation.

I don't know how you're feeling right now, but I'm sick of the status-quo and want to see real change in this country. How do you feel about it? Care to make a predication as to who will be the nominee for either party and why you think that?


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Unpredictable? Hardly.

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to The Unpredictable Preside ...

I find it all TOO predictable.

(after November 8th, you can call me Kreskin)

Obama will loose the nomination by the DNC to Hillary Rodham. He will loose because the DNC has already committed themselves too deeply to the Clinton machine and Obama with a gray Muslim background and ultra leftist supporters is too much for the senior party members to deal with. After that, black voters along with the left-wing/socialist fringe will feel 'disenfranchised' and will simply choose not to vote. Edwards supporters will ultimately fall in line behind Hillary. But with the inevitable polarizing that will come with Hillary's nomination we will see an unprecedented turn out of Republican and conservative independent voters that will ensure which candidate ultimately becomes our next president. That Republican will most assuredly be Romney based on many obvious circumstances:
Giuliani's liberal stance on abortion, gun control and gay rights will cost him the nomination.
McCain's backing of amnesty for Illegal Immigrants along with a lacklustre campaign effort, and Huckabee's weak immigrant stance with an overt Evangelical stigma will keep them from getting the spot.
Thompson will soon run out of steam since he was never whole-heartedly in the race, anyway.
And lastly,... thinking that a extremist and Libertarian like Paul could possibly get nominated is ludicrous.

There. That's my prediction.
I realize that many will take umbrage with my forecast, but barring any unforeseen cataclysmic circumstances such as a scandal or terrorist attack, I see it playing out exactly this way.

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I'm depressed now

by AV . In reply to Unpredictable? Hardly.

Hillary or Mitt? That would be totally sad.


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I'd rather see Homey the Clown in office than these two fools

by ManiacMan In reply to I'm depressed now

I'd vote for Homey the Clown because "Homey don't play dat" when it comes to traditional politics. :^0

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You might be right.

by Absolutely In reply to Unpredictable? Hardly.
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Comment reserved

by NickNielsen In reply to Unpredictable? Hardly.

for Wednesday morning.

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God forbid

by jmgarvin In reply to Unpredictable? Hardly.

If it is Hillary vs Mitt, I'll vote for Mickey Mouse.

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****, I think I'll surrender my US Citizenship and move to Europe

by ManiacMan In reply to God forbid

What the **** is our country coming to if we have morons like these running for office? Has the American public been smoking crack lately to nominate idiots like the ones we see running for office? Europeans ridicule us and rightfully so because we are a nation of morons if we can elect such doofuses to office.

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Do you mean "doofi," doofus?

by Absolutely In reply to Hell, I think I'll surren ...
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I didn't know that doofi is the plural of doofus..oh well

by ManiacMan In reply to Do you mean "doofi," doof ...

I guess the same grammatical rules apply to doofus as they do to octopus.

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I was actually thinking the same thing

by The Scummy One In reply to Hell, I think I'll surren ...

but then again, maybe not. I hate moving!

If you watch Southpark, the elections are ALWAYS between a ****** and a turd sandwich...

Take your pick, one or the other, which is best???

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