The unsolvable chess question

By Michael Jay ·
Two TR members are playing chess, they play 5 games and they both win the same number of games.

How is this possible?

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Same concept, different twist

by Tig2 In reply to You are thinking

The final game is a draw?


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by Michael Jay In reply to Same concept, different t ...

that is the other answer, 2 wins each one draw.

Finally someone comes by with their complete brain working.

You are the best
thanks Tig

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seemed pretty solvable to me.

by Triathlete1981 In reply to The unsolvable chess ques ...

think of something better.

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by Michael Jay In reply to seemed pretty solvable to ...

what is the answer?

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I already told you the answer to ALL RIDDLES:

by Absolutely In reply to Then


For SOME REASON you didn't seem to like that answer very much. Go & figure...


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by Triathlete1981 In reply to Then

you responded to my post about the "unsolvable" chess question being solved pretty quickly which by definition means it's not "unsolvable"

the second or third responder answered the question. looks like it was pretty solvable. but, since you're not too intelligent to realize what i just wrote above, i'll simply repeat what the first guy said. they're not playing each other.

here's a riddle...i smell something. what is it? smells like two sticks rubbing against one another trying to create a fire. where's the fire coming from?

answer...your brain trying to be smart.

here's another riddle...who thinks they're smart by repeating a riddle that someone else came up with?!!

yipee. these riddles are fun.

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unsolvable = stalemate

by Absolutely In reply to The unsolvable chess ques ...

An odd number of the matches is played to stalemate; they split the remaining even number of matches.

[Or, as deepsand explained in depth, they played 5 games each with varying numbers of those games against one another.]

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by Michael Jay In reply to unsolvable = stalemate

you still miss the answer.

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Why must the draw be the LAST GAME?

by Absolutely In reply to Again

Not that I'm dissatisfied with the # of thumbs already stuck up at me, but I would like to know why the "correct answer" is so particular.

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by Michael Jay In reply to Why must the draw be the ...

I could not stand by my original thumbs, they had to go.

It was not that the last game was a draw, any one of the games could have been a draw.

The key is the word "draw", nothing else is correct.

Remember this was not a chess question but a question taken from a spoken word album.

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