The unsolvable chess question

By Michael Jay ·
Two TR members are playing chess, they play 5 games and they both win the same number of games.

How is this possible?

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Question Closed

by Michael Jay In reply to The unsolvable chess ques ...

this question has been closed, all further posts will be ignored.

Thanks for your input all

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Closing ignored.

by deepsand In reply to Question Closed

The old Tech Q & A allowed for formal Closing; this forum doesn't.

You can' Close a Question.

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Sandy, sweetie

by Tig2 In reply to Closing ignored.

Be nice.

At least someone tried to have a learning experience. That is a good thing considering all the seagull posters we get.

Come on, Sandy. You are just being contrary because of the heated nature of some of the discussions lately. Have you seen to one about "Fear of Technology"? THAT one will be a doozie! I'm already ticked!

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Too tired right now to be a Salty Dog.

by deepsand In reply to Sandy salty, not sweetie.
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I'm heated owing to the heat & humidity here.

by deepsand In reply to Sandy, sweetie

I've not had a decent night's sleep in 4 days. That worked 40 years ago, but no longer. Now, sleep deprivation sucks.

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Right there with you on that

by Tig2 In reply to I'm heated owing to the h ...

After 11:00 and I have to get up at 6:00 to go walk training miles. Then get ready for the new job starting Monday.

Today was only 10 miles, tomorrow is only 8.

I should feel good about this, and I will... later.

Hang in there, my salty friend. Air conditioning will help, so will a martini.

What is keeping you up? If the heat and humidity, try putting your top sheet in the freezer. That used to work for me.

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AC's on the fritz.

by deepsand In reply to Right there with you on t ...

Plus, during times of high H & H, I'm prone to RLS. So, can't breath or sleep well.

Yet another bad night; after 4 hrs. of tossing & turning, finally gave up trying to sleep, brewed another pot of coffee & started checking my overflowing e-mail accounts.

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What the **** is this!!!?

by OldER Mycroft In reply to AC's on the fritz.

Just a casual Sunday afternoon jaunt followed by a cursory, glancing perusal of the TR environment, and it turns out that after you guys have had a good old moan at each other, the poor bugger that started this thread has been beaten into submission and handed out THUMBS to :

1. A bloke who got the wrong answer.
2. A bloke who just said "Up Yours" to him.

And as for your "overflowing e-mail accounts" hatemail can be very difficult to stem, especially when the only way you get a THUMB is to verbally berade your source until he eventually capitulates!

Yours Disgustedly,

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I must thank you

by Michael Jay In reply to What the hell is this!!!?

for kicking me in the pants, the whole thumb thing has now been corrected to reflect the actual reality of the thing on the thing.

Just because they thought that this was a chess question should not dissuade me from following the letter of the law, it was taking quotes from a spoken word album and the quote had to fit.

1. They were not playing each other.
2. There was a "draw". not a stalemate

I know it is kinda picky, yes a draw=stalemate but while 2=two if you are writing a program and put in 2 where you need to put two the program will bomb.

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