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The War Is In Iraq.

By jardinier ·
When a discussion has passed the 150 postings mark, I think it might be a good idea to start a fresh one to get back to the original topic.

The way things are going, we might end up discussing the Civil War or the War of Independence.

Mallard's discussion: "Time To Pay The Piper" has certainly proved to be an excellent vehicle for the exchange of views, experiences and general information.

Good one, Duck!

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Only based on what YOU are told

by Oz_Media In reply to British Marines thrashed ...

As most American's will agree, they are living in a country void of propaganda and filled with freedom.
The only information MOST people are privy to is broadcast on network television. Not the intelligence of the CIA or FBI. Knowing how the media fills time and colors pretty pictures, you are only seeing half of the story (no, I'm not suggesting that Saddam is a nice guy).
THe US radio stations pay what the labels (who own them) want to sell to American public. Does anyone REALLY think Brittany Spears can sing? If you think Madonna is the hottest woman around, you haven't been around. THe public is simply sold and led to believe that these people are talented SUPERSTARS!!
Go to another country and you will see tru freedom of expession, in radio and television media. ie. UK, Germany, Japan.
The American public has even been led to believe that the US WON WWII !! Even though they missed the first three years altogether and weren't under attack themselves.
No it's not propaganda, just VERY misleading and SOLD to public by the powers that be.

As for the brave men and women who defend thier countries, I give a prayer from the bottom of my heart. They are strong and determined people who defend our peace, I thank them all and hope that they return safely.

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Facts and Opinions

by Oldefar In reply to Only based on what YOU ar ...

Some people tend to confuse a media rich with opposing opinion as indicative of superior freedom of the press.

The facts are as available to those of us in the US at least on an equal basis with those anywhere else in the world. Ignoring online access to foreign media, there is significant alternative perspectives for those who choose to use them.

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Media bashing ...

by jardinier In reply to Only based on what YOU ar ...

As "media bashing" seems to be a popular pastime with some of the regular posters to these discussions, I might point out the rather obvious fact that the reporters in Iraq put their lives on the line to an even greater degree than military personnel as, unlike soldiers, they are not dressed up like Rambo with multiple weaponry.

I am not aware that any journalists even carry sidearms.

And now, from the latest brodcast I have seen, the allies have resorted to killing them off with "friendly fire." Well that tactic will ensure that no biased news reports reach the citizens of the USA.

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Julian - always the cynic

by maxwell edison In reply to Media bashing ...

Can't you refrain from always being so cynical? Do you actually believe that the soldiers want to be "killing off" (your words) the reporters in Iraq? Even to joke about it, or to present it as tongue-in-cheek is, in my opinion, very poor taste. Cynicism usually drips off your messages, and this is no exception. The sad thing is this: you come across to many people as though you really believe the dribble you dish out. (Do you really believe the reporters were targeted?)

And besides, any red-blooded American knows that if an American soldier wanted reporters dead, Geraldo would have been the first to wander into someone's sights. (Now that's a joke in good taste.)

The military doesn't want them killed - or even stifled. The reportersare there because the military WANTS them there.

Actually, the challenge (as far as media bias) is (for a change) on the other side of the spectrum. Reporters are living, eating and sleeping with the very soldiers they are covering. They are digging in and trying to stay alive right next to the very same soldiers who are going to keep them alive. How can they ask the tough questions, how can they report negatively about the soldiers who've undoubtedly, in some cases, become brothers-in-arms.

Here's an interesting story on that subject:

(No spaces in the URL)

Moreover, the reporters are there by choice. And if he or she "puts his life on the line" by doing so, it's his/her own doing. Be assured of one thing, however, the reporters are doing it, not for love of country, not for principle, not for the liberation of an oppressed people, not in a quest for the truth, not for you, and not for me. They are doing it all for reasons of their own - to advance their own careers, for the excitement, to flee an ex-wife, and so on.

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I really hope you are joking

by road-dog In reply to Media bashing ...

Because if not, that would be one of the basest accusations I've seen in this forum to date.

If you WERE joking, then if you're going to 'bash' the media, what's better to use than a 120mm smoothbore and a HEAT round....

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More journalists have died ...

by jardinier In reply to Media bashing ...

At the most recent count which I have read, 11 journalists have lost their lives in Iraq.

And as for the term "friendly fire," well I was under the impression that everyone understood that this term refers to accidents and not deliberate actions.

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Hold the Phone!

by road-dog In reply to Media bashing ...

Before continuing this topic, read:

Now there is a question as to who fragged the journalists.

Also, one might consider that a journalist with a shoulder camera looks like somebody with an RPG from the front. When oneconsiders the distance, this could be adequately explain an accident, if an American tank did fire the fatal shot.

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Thanks for the link.

by jardinier In reply to Hold the Phone!

While my comment was of course flippant, I freely admit that it may have been in poor taste.

And I take your point that from a distance, a TV cameraman could be mistaken for a soldier with a mortar launcher on his shoulder.

Thank you for clearing up this point for me.

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An Arab Perspective

by Oldefar In reply to Only based on what YOU ar ...

I couldn't help but think of your posting when I read this editorial on reporting the truth. Seems everyone believes everyone else is getting biased news around the world.

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Questions Needing Answers

by jkaras In reply to The War Is In Iraq.

Hey Jules, not to be incensitive to your fellow Aussies but has there been any Aussie casulties? Every night when I watch the news (CNN, MSNBC) they post only American and British casulties. The only one I'm aware of was the unfortunate camera man that got killed by a suicide bomb. I read on CNN all about all coalition special forces including Aussies like the S.A.S., and wow are they all bad mofos.
As for everyone else my roomate told me that the graves of our American heros buried in Normandy was desecrated by unknown individuals. I havent heard anything on the news, however he claimed that its being kept quiet and can be found only on the internet. I believe that it has to be an internet hoax, and a poor one at that. I sincerly hope its a hoax and not for real, for I would do unspeakable things to those who would do such a thing to any grave, whether soldier or regular citizen. Could anyone enlighten me on this? I also heard that the firing upon the car that ran through the check point that killed everyone inside including a child was forced to run it or the other children of that family would be killed. It was claimed that the death squad took half the children as hostage leaving them no choice to but to run it to create a horrific propaganda report. I dont know of the validity on this either. Lastly, if the turncoat of the 101 airbourne is found guilty does he get the discraceful firing squad, hanging, or traditional execution? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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