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The War Is In Iraq.

By jardinier ·
When a discussion has passed the 150 postings mark, I think it might be a good idea to start a fresh one to get back to the original topic.

The way things are going, we might end up discussing the Civil War or the War of Independence.

Mallard's discussion: "Time To Pay The Piper" has certainly proved to be an excellent vehicle for the exchange of views, experiences and general information.

Good one, Duck!

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Wow! Someone else remember Blakes 7 !

by jardinier In reply to Well Julian

Hi Colin. I think Blakes 7 was one of the best SiFi series that was ever produced, and I could never understand why they discontinued it after a fairly short run and have never, to my knowledge, run repeats on Sydney TV.

Perhaps you can also remind of the name of the series (it may have even been Blakes 7) in which the spaceship's computer was called "Zen," and when in the final episode the ship ran into some matter which started to dissolve it, and the computer could not resolve the problem, it said: "I am sorry."

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Yes Julian it was Blakes 7

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Wow! Someone else remembe ...

Zen was the computer that controlled the Liberator and Orac was the computer that could access any computer in the galaxy it was built by the same person who developed the "modern" computer chips of the series. However the destruction of the Liberator was not the end of the series it did continue for several more years but instead of the Liberator they had a small ship called Scorpio {I think} who's main computer was called slave. The one thing about the entire series was that Avon never made full use of Orac's potential and Blake certinally didn't either. But the series ended on a planet called Gamma Prime where Blake was reunited with Avon and Villa and a whole bunch of new characters who where bought in to replace the ones killed off.
I actually have a copy of the full series here as I liked it that much and when they started selling some of the vedios I bought them and the ones that wern't sold I approched the Australian Distrubiters and asked where I could obtain copies of the vedios not so far being sold, they told me where a vedio rental shop in my area had a copy of the complete series and suggested that I copy any tapes which where unavailable as there was no intention to start reselling them. I think that is called legal piracy.

The only thing about the end of Blakes 7 is it was like the end of Vogyer it left you hanging without any real closure {poor script writing} but in the end of Blakes 7 all of them died or at least it was passed off that way as in thefinal scene Avon surronded by the Federation guards smiled and took aim then the screen went black and you heard a gun fire. There was actually no real ending to the series and I still don't like watching the final eposide as it leaves too much up in the air and was a very poor effort at finishing the series.

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However on a brighter note

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Yes Julian it was Blakes ...

They are now realising Red Dwaf on DVD and I'm told that the whole series will eventually be available. So do as Lister did in that series and tell everyone who critises you to "SMEG OFF" I don't think that many people will actually know what it means.

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Language is not a sign of intelligence.

by admin In reply to Reverse Timeline

I am getting more and more convinced of this.

Because animals communicate yet lack language, many in the scientific community (and general community as an extension) label them less intelligent. Upon reflection of the actions of those with language I am increasingly convinced to apply Occum's Razor accepting that those skipping the language step moving directly to communicating appear to hold actions resulting in a much more sane enviroment than those who do not.

Your list is a wonderfully accurate example of this theory IMO :)

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Point of view strongly seconded.

by jardinier In reply to Language is not a sign of ...

[Of course intellect, intelligence and common sense are distinctly different qualities.]

I support you view regarding the intelligence of animals 100 per cent. Currently on Sydney TV there is series running on "Mammals," by David Attenbourgh (might having the spelling wrong there).

Having lived with pets all my life (cats and dogs mostly) I have certainly concluded that they are intelligent, i.e. able to make a decision based on experience.

I have always maintained that animals are farmore civilised than humans, as they only kill for food or to protect their territory or family.

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More about animals.

by jardinier In reply to Language is not a sign of ...

I could rave on forever about the various instances in which my domestic pets have displayed intelligence. But I would like to relate a very interesting story about genetically transmitted skill.

My first "personal" dog (as distinct from family pet) was an abandoned mongrel which I named "Buster" after the Famous Five books by Enid Blyton. He grew up to be a handsome, black dog slightly larger than a cattle dog.

Well we used to keep chooks, and set up a piece of chicken wire around a particular area of the garden so that they could "weed" it for us. As these chooks frequently escaped from the flimsy fence, Buster would get them back inside, and his method was quite astonishing. He did not chase the errant fowl, but just stood in a specific position, and the fowl made a direct line back through the gap in the enclosure.

At about the mid-point in his life, at age 6, I took him with me on a holiday to Adelaide. At one point the road was blocked by a flock of sheep, a species he had not before encountered, and Buster stood up on the back seat of the car quivering with emotion, realising that he had discovered his destiny after six years.

In the Barossa Valley, he saw a flock of sheep on a hillside, and singlehandedly rounded up the whole flock and sent them through a gateway.

So complete sheep-dog skills had been transmitted to him genetically.

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Sheep dogs

by dcosgrove In reply to More about animals.

Well Jul, I am hesitant to attribute great intelligence to most species of animal, and I even disagree about the discriminant killing. Many species eat there young or fight to the death for dominance. I will affirm you genetic theory. I had, at one tim, a pair of border collies. They are one of the most highly regarded sheep dog varieties in England and Scotland. I must say that the male was absolutely amazing. With no training at all, he was able to manage evry type of live stock, save one that I'll get to in a minute, as well as any trained dog. He actually competed at a local sheep farm, and though slightly unorthodox, performed his tasks more rapidly and precisely than the trained dogs. I was particularly impressed with his ability to cut or cull, which is to seperate animals of similar type into groups. We had cattle, chickens, horses, sheep, goats and one duck. Jude (the collie) would seperate the animals each night including forcing the duck into the pond. His one failure was at a place where I was the night watchmen. My parents came to visit one night and thought Jude may enjoy it. He lept out of the truck quite excited by the smells and proceded throough the gates. Several seconds later he bolted back to the truck where he coward untill he was safely home again. You see the place was a zoo, and I suppose he did not know what to do with the Siberian Tiger we had rescued earlier from a horse trailer.

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An over-simplistic gerneralisation.

by jardinier In reply to Sheep dogs

Yes, I would agree regarding the killing bit. Yes, I am aware that certain species eat their young, and God help the males of some species who are gobbled up by the females after mating.

I love your story about the clever sheep dog.

Apart from the two instances I described in my posting, on another occasion while I was taking a walk with my dog Buster, we passed a paddock where a considerable number of fowls were quitely grazing. He rounded them all up and directed them through a gateway.

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What's a "Chook"?

by admin In reply to More about animals.

Just curious :) Nice story, thanks!

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A "chook" is ...

by jardinier In reply to What's a "Chook"?

a local colloquialism to describe that particular species which the Colonel serves up with his secret combination of herbs and spices.

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