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The War Is In Iraq.

By jardinier ·
When a discussion has passed the 150 postings mark, I think it might be a good idea to start a fresh one to get back to the original topic.

The way things are going, we might end up discussing the Civil War or the War of Independence.

Mallard's discussion: "Time To Pay The Piper" has certainly proved to be an excellent vehicle for the exchange of views, experiences and general information.

Good one, Duck!

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Genetic intelligence

by jkaras In reply to More about animals.

I agree with your assessment of strange animal genetic behavior that makes us scratch our heads in amazement. The only tale of direct genetic intelligence I've heard of was a study conducted on an elephant. The baby elephant was never at the particular watering hole frequented by both momma and poppa. The momma was flown to a distant pet hospital to birth the baby elephant. Due to complications the momma died giving birth, after the baby was old enough to strike out on it's own it went exactly to the same watering hole never seing it in the first place including the removal of any teaching or communication from the mother. It was so far as I've been told that it was the only proof of genetic intelligence in any animal, wierd.

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by road-dog In reply to Language is not a sign of ...

I define as ability to learn and control one's environment. This is set apart from the instinctual behaviors by problem solving ability. I agree with Jul that household pets at times surprise us by exceeding our expectations.

I once had a cat that had learned to manipulate door knobs, an amazing feat in the absence of opposable thumbs.

I also know of a dog that would punch the ice cube dispenser for cool treats on demand.

They're learning.... be afraid, be very afraid.

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by Oldefar In reply to Intelligence

Pick your pets with care -

I believe it was the emminent PM of England who once noted something to the effect that dogs look up to you, cats look down at you, but a pig will treat you as an equal.

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Related maxim.

by jardinier In reply to Churchill

There is a similar maxim, which may have been a derivation from Churchill's:

Dags have masters; cats have servants.

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Link to the reference

by Oldefar In reply to Churchill
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Just the latest breaking news

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to The War Is In Iraq.

As of 100PM EST on Sunday 6/4/03 it has just been reported of 2 alledged cases of friendly fire the first one being in Northern Iraq where a convoy of Kurds and US Special Forces came under arial attack and where heavly bomb.

The other one which has worse conquences was the Russian Delegation on leaving Bagdad after notifing the US Comand and getting aproval for their exit came under attack from the air it is understood at this point that the Russian Ambisator is uninjured but some of the consulate officials have been killed at present it is understood that the convoy is continuning with whats left of it. There will have to be some major arse kissing to kmake up for this mistake if it is actually what happened as at present it is too early to tell exactly who attacked the Russian Convoy.

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Their destination was interesting

by MallardtooXX In reply to Just the latest breaking ...

I think it interesting they were heading for syria. I wonder what it was going on in that meeting? and also I find it interesting that we claim no troops in the area. Iraq try to push this up a notch? or are we just letting russia know we know whats up?


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Precision Bombing !

by DontheCat In reply to Just the latest breaking ...

Probably Bush wants to start THE WORLD WAR III. Next they may probably bomb the Big-Ben; that would really be "Friendly Fire"

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by www.boy_frasco In reply to Just the latest breaking ...

i think, war is very ungentlemanlike behaviour of such head of states {allied}. all over the world denounce {so to speak} violence of invading a country that's home for a mass destruction issue, well, civilians of iraq are the most affected to thesesiege, so? is there's any human right issue here? i think so. UN has the power anyway but it's toothless and sad to say...

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The scoop on Tariq Azziz

by LordInfidel In reply to The War Is In Iraq.

I finally figured it out.

It's not that Tariq Azziz is living in a fantasy world or trying to mislead the Iraqi people with lies.

He is acutually auditioning for the various networks.

A little know fact about Tariq, he has always wanted to be a stand-up comic. He joined the Iraqi regime in hopes of fufilling that dream.

Now that that the regime is poised to fall. Tariq will be needing a new job.

His publicist, speaking on anomynity, said that "Several Major networks have shown positive interest on having Tariq host his own late night show. There is also negotiations for a 1-hour standup on comedy central."

And as the troops keep getting closer, his jokes keep getting better.

When asked sunday why he was not insidethe Information Ministry giving a conference he said, "It is so stuffy inside and such a beautiful day. I love the smell of napalm in the morning".

Pure comedic genius.

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