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The War Is In Iraq.

By jardinier ·
When a discussion has passed the 150 postings mark, I think it might be a good idea to start a fresh one to get back to the original topic.

The way things are going, we might end up discussing the Civil War or the War of Independence.

Mallard's discussion: "Time To Pay The Piper" has certainly proved to be an excellent vehicle for the exchange of views, experiences and general information.

Good one, Duck!

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Error in news report

by LordInfidel In reply to The scoop on Tariq Azziz

I apologize for the error. It was mis-reported that Tariq Azziz was the information minister.

Mr. Azziz is the Deputy Prime Minister for Iraq.

Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf is currently the Information Minister.

I regret any confusion that thismay have caused.

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I Can See It Now...

by dave4e2open In reply to The scoop on Tariq Azziz

Tariq gets a new show on UPN, "Shoot the Breeze, with Aziz". Co-hosted by Geraldo 'Line in the Sand' Rivera.
Opening guest; Peter 'is my career over yet' Arnett.

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Peter Arnett

by road-dog In reply to The scoop on Tariq Azziz

Could be his Ed McMahon. Possible first guests could be Susan Sarandon and Natalie Maines.

I'm not sure how he'll do against Leno, because the best humor has at least a grain of truth in it. His current fodder is so divorced from reality as to make his jokes as inscrutable to his audience as Dennis Miller's material is to Carrot Top fans.

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Dennis Miller :)

by admin In reply to Peter Arnett

Why is some of our best political commentary disguised as comedy these days? Dennis Miller is amazing on a good night :) I really appreciate Bill Maher greatly as well, although he may sometimes include a bit to many grains of truth that don't require as much scrutiny as Miller :)

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I can't stand Bill Maher

by road-dog In reply to Dennis Miller :)

He's tedious as all get out. What really gets to me is his snide and condescending attitiude that he projects.

Miller would be funnier and more profound after a 3 day bender and 2 hours sleep with a 102 degree fever and 2 rounds with Mike Tyson than Maher is on his best day.

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I rely on Jon Stewart

by LordInfidel In reply to Dennis Miller :)

I found his commentary timely and accurate.

The exposes are always informative and on the point.

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to quote Christopher Titus:

by road-dog In reply to The War Is In Iraq.

"Let the Healing Begin"

One of Saddam's fedayeen "troops" gets a well deserved *** beating at the hands (fists) of the citizens of Basra, Iraq.

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