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The Webninja Vetos XP SP3 and C++ 2005 Updates!

By the_webninja ·
I am posting this here to let those of you know who might be experiencing the same problems,that I recently had a long frustrating experience diagnosing and fixing a problem with my main PC.

The Symptoms started out with Windows Crashing Repeatedly for some unknown reason. After going through every part of my Hardware and realising it wasn't anything hardware related, I double Checked my BIOS and even Refreshed my BIOS, and still my system kept Crashing on Boot. So TWICE I Formatted the Hard Drive and Re-installed Windows, and after downloading all the Updates, the Crashes started again!!

So unsure what was causing the Problems I Formatted the Hard Drive and Re-installed Windows again. I Double Checked to make Sure I didn't have a Boot Sector Virus Lurking around anywhere, then I hesitated about downloading ANYTHING until I could pin point the Problem. Windows automatically Defaults to have Automatic Updates Turned on, so when I shut down the System it Automatically Downloaded the Updates again. The next day when I booted up Windows Crashed AGAIN! So I re-installed Windows for a Third time, and when Automatic Updates Downloaded XP SP3 and C++ 2005 it started Crashing again!!
But this time I wanted to figure out exactly which Programs were causing the Crashing. So I uninstalled XP SP3 and C++ 2005 and low and behold everything was back to Normal.

If any of you happen to Work with Microsoft please walk over to the Software Engineering area where they do the XP updates, walk up to the Guy Responsible and Slap him upside the head REAL HARD, and say "THAT's for Fuking up the Webninja's Computer you Moron!"


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I have had zero problems with SP3

by jdclyde In reply to I don't have any problem ...

I just make sure I do it from a CD instead of download, and I always clear the temp directory before doing it.

Have done about 10 systems so far.

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From my understanding

by The Scummy One In reply to The Webninja Vetos XP SP3 ...

this happens mainly on pirated copies of XP

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Especially those with cookies

by CharlieSpencer In reply to From my understanding

from bestiality and kiddie pr0n sites.

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Reply to all the Posers,...Oh,..I mean Posters :)

by the_webninja In reply to The Webninja Vetos XP SP3 ...

First of all I have said this before, and I'll say it again, Captial letter MEAN NOTHING! So it doesn't matter how I use them. Being that I first started using the Internet in 1990 (Before most of you graduated High School), I have grown accustomed to using Capatials to Express Emotions and Voice stress as often done in Chat Rooms, as well as on Movie Scripts and Screen Plays. Furthermore for you Grammar Police out there, you should understand that there are many Languages out there that don't even USE Capatal Letters furthermore proving the Uselessness of them. SO I USE CAPITALS ANY WAY I WANT.

Now, back to the issue at hand.
Since I disabled my Automatic Updates I have not had any Problems with my System. And as for those of you who think that I might be the victim of some Spyware, I use Ad-aware and AVG Daily, and I have NOTHING on my Hard Drive for anyone to see even if they were able to get into my System. There is nothing there! No Porn, No Pics, Nada. My System is basically an Elaborate Internet machine.
No Videos, No Pics, No Files of anykind on my PC other than Program Files and the Operating System. Which blows holes in a lot of your Theories.

MY main Point in Posting, was the Problem WAS Created by XP SP3 And YES I DO have a Certified Copy of XP. The problem was not MY Fault it was the Programmers at Microsoft. And they need to tighen up their act a little. PERIOD.

Since I Uninstalled SP3 and disabled the Automatic Updates I have had no Problems at all.

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by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Reply to all the Posers,. ...

You C++ update is only compatable with XP up to SP2. In order to run on an SP3 system you need the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1.

That took me a whole 3.5 minutes to work out by browsing the web.

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You're good

by Tig2 In reply to But

Who'd have thought that Google could give a person so
much good information?

Sorry- the opportunity to be sarcastic was just too good!

I really wish that Webninja would take sensible steps like
Googling for information before posting spam. I would
also like a pony. I'm not gonna get either of them.

Good on you for hunting up the answer and posting it!

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crap vs spam

by jdclyde In reply to You're good

As he isn't selling anything, maybe sheet would be a better term? as in "full of sheet".... ;\

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Why do you care what we think?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Reply to all the Posers,. ...

You can't care too much, since it took you a week to get back to us.

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Negative replies

by Tig2 In reply to Reply to all the Posers,. ...

The reason that no one took you seriously is that you use
this forum to post tin foil hattedness of the highest order.
And then you abandon the threads you start. Your
credibility factor tends to approach zero when you do

You are welcome to capitalize as you wish. But if you
want to be heard, try staying within the conventions of
your audience. People who aren't being seriously pissed
off by your communication style are more inclined to read
what you write.

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Sorry that you never learned proper typing

by jdclyde In reply to Reply to all the Posers,. ...

but being one of the younger members in this group, who also graduated years before 90, I can tell you that they WERE teaching people proper typing techniques.

A little tip, caps other than names or beginning of sentences does mean you are yelling or are not knowledgeable enough to know better.

As for the spybot, maybe it is pissed because you DON'T feed it porn? Ever think of that? Hmmmmm? B-)

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