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The world is ending.... The signs are right.....

By Jaqui ·
Palmetto actually defended me in a discussion :)
then today, it gets worse.. really, really bad.

in 2 separate discussions J.Ja and I actually agreed on something.

then, to top it all off, ITGirlie and I agree on something.

these can only mean that the world as we know it is coming to an end..

hopefully microsoft will implode or be declared illegal all around the world.

danged typos

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naturally she would have

by Jaqui In reply to Really, GG. Are you losin ...

cause you stand people up.


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by gadgetgirl In reply to Really, GG. Are you losin ...

losing my touch?

Not a chance, pally.

I still have my touch. I could turn ---------- into nine or ten inches with no problem at all.

Your bits are still floating around the Thames from the last time I ripped them off.

Assuming they've now grown back, just check that the transciever is still working, so I can set my SatNav to find you and do it all over again.....



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Possible explanations

by CharlieSpencer In reply to The world is ending.... T ...

10. I was tired.

9. I thought I was defending J.Ja.

8. I hate to see the weak humiliated.

7. It was late and I hadn't done my good deed for the day.

6. Full moon. 'Nuff said.

5. It's a little known section of the NAFTA.

4. rickk hacked my logon.

3. Cheap-*** dial-up connection scrambled my message

2. Lousy keyboard never types the letters I want it to.

And the number 1 reason it appears I defended Jaqui:

These damn open source browsers don't work worth a $h!t.

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I sincerely hope you are right

by maecuff In reply to The world is ending.... T ...

I am faced with looking for a new job and I really don't want to. It requires WAAAAY too much effort. If the world would JUST end, I wouldn't have to worry about it.

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by gadgetgirl In reply to I sincerely hope you are ...

new job?

what's going on?


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by maecuff In reply to Mae?

sucking swamp water here. Our parent company announced that our division is for sale. And that could mean a lot of different things. Whatever happens, I'm sure my job is in danger. I have a sketchy prospect with my current boss, which means moving 12 hours to the South. I don't mind moving, I'll have to do that anyway, but he seems to think that I'll follow him like a puppy, which is not the case. So..I'm going to have to hunt for a job and counter his offer (which hasn't technically been made yet). Or, just find a new job. Either way, it involves packing, finding a new place..blah blah blah. 10 years ago, things like this didn't phase me. Now? I just find it tiring.

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Signs not yet seen

by DMambo In reply to The world is ending.... T ...

Maxwell and Absolutely have not yet kissed and made up.

JD and MARK have not yet fully convinced anyone of thier love of plain-old heterosexual, human fornication.

Dawg has not yet apologized to 1AW.

Gutter Moth has not yet flown into the pure air.

Neil is not yet believing in the power of Providence to influence his life.

Many more examples of normalcy too numerous to list.

Have you decided that whips are kind of yucky?

We have a long way to go.

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Yet another sign

by Too Old For IT In reply to The world is ending.... T ...

Someone agreed with me about Internet Predator McCarthyism.

"I have in my hands a list of 81 people ..."

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