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Then there is Valve Overlap

By rexrich2k ·
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Please stop using take offline, it's confusing to follow

by Slayer_ In reply to Then there is Valve Overl ...

Especially when you took an offline conversation offline.

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It is confusing..

by rexrich2k In reply to Please stop using take of ...

I wouldn't have but I had no choice, I only get take off line options on the longer conversations now.

You wouldn't get anything from the fan but the cold air could give a little HP. Yeah but the freakin pump takes more than that to make it cold lol So dry ice on the ol fuel line again :)

Im a carpenter now so that sucks cause having engine parts all over is such a great life! It really makes you appreciate the way they work. Best thing man will ever invent.

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So do you have a display shelf

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to It is confusing..

With Sacrifices to the Gods of Speed?

I have a piston with the head of a Valve through it but that's a very special thing as it's from a GP Racing Bike and the closing rocker broke and didn't pull up the valve. Only doing about 15K RPM at the time and just maybe Valve Springs would have been some help but they added weight and didn't really do anything when the valve gear was intact. Makes a great Paperweight and along with an sodium cooled exhaust valve from a Merlin Motor is a great conversation piece.

I used to have a Fuel Tank from a bike that had been bounced down the track and mangled as a spare for the road bike so I could continue riding it when it's tank was off for repainting or whatever. The son in law pulled all of the bends out of it and made it look new. :_|

Back in the day I really enjoyed racing and what killed it for me was being put on a Gas Turbine Project for a Race Special being developed. Took all of the fun out of the design, though at the time I jumped at the chance to work that project.

I still have a few broken bits though today they are only the smaller bits as things like heads which have been destroyed when the Turbo self destructs and sheds its blades are way too bulky to keep.


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Awesome Hal !

by rexrich2k In reply to So do you have a display ...

Yep broken valve spring was most likely the culprit in that valve going through the piston. Only other thing I can think of is if the valve seized up in it's guide.

I did use defenses for both on my engines, one was to use the lightest Valves and Spring Retainers I could. The other was to Knurl the valve guides. But the trick was to not run the Knurl all the way through the guide. I would only run the Knurl through till about a 1/4 in to the Port end of the guide. This would keep the oil in the guide, not letting it run all the way through guide and so keeping the valve cooler, cleaner and much better lubricated.

It's cool you are so much in engines! :)
How did you get interested in them?
Where did you learn what you know about them?
Do you work in that industry now?

My favorite engine tech these days is Top Fuel and Formula 1. The tech that makes these engines do what they do is so interesting!

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Have only rebuilt the things, never modded

by robo_dev In reply to Awesome Hal !

Unless if you count forgetting to put some parts back on, or shearing off really expensive bolts as 'modding' :) then I've got whole boxes of mods......

I did help to build a Datsun 510 race car though, but the engine and tranny was built by somebody else.

My favorite is the touring-car championships like the BTCC, but F1 is amazing stuff.

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ahaha! Yeah well then you qualify!

by rexrich2k In reply to Have only rebuilt the thi ...

Datsun 510s were a lot better cars than they got cred for. Those tiny 4 bangers were fun to work on too. I did get to re-machine a few of them, but never had one. I would like to have one now, in fact that would be the perfect project car!

Oh bro I could sit for hours and watch the BTCC!! My freaken favorite for sure! :)

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What you mean like the Ilmor

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Awesome Hal !

As used by the McLaren team once?

When McLaren was using those I used to test them for that team. OK it was a while ago now and by that time I was very much on the side lines only doing a bit of Part Time Work but I always got strange looks when I went and picked up those play toys.

The above mentioned Piston/Valve was where a Closing Rocker broke and as there where no Valve Springs used it was a straight Mechanical Failure which theoretically should never have happened as the Colet's should pulled off the valve before enough force was applied to break the rocker. Desmodronic Valve Systems have quite a few advantages like no valve float possible but they do have several disadvantages, like when things go wrong they are spectacular. :^0

Unfortunately for me I'm a Mechanical Engineer who used to be involved in designing race cars once upon a time in the dim distant past and then continued with the design to engines and complete cars, not just a chassis. I spent a bit of time in Germany working for a company who makes sports cars in their R&amp section so I did have a few people who knew me and quite silly thought I was good at what I did. Silly Fools.

Today I just play with things when I have some spare time which isn't often these days. I started this company to work a day or 2 a week and spend the rest of my time with my play toys. That lasted all of 12 hours when on the first day I had 12 people who used to work for me approach me with a long list of clients so instead of working 3 hours a week I'm now working 100 Hours a Week and don't have any time for my Play Toys. :_|


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100 Hours a Week, Oh thats not fair!

by rexrich2k In reply to What you mean like the Il ...

I would love to get back into the auto stuff! Sounds like you have earned it though. Im that the type that loves to make things better mechanical and some electronic. I never got a degree because I suck at scholastics but my dad was a arrow space engineer, so I think I just inherited it from him. I am all hands with a 140 IQ

"no Valve Springs used it was a straight Mechanical Failure" hmm what? So it had a *Rocker and Cam, but no Springs?? Then not an electric or hydraulic, actuator? ..

Ah very cool! *Desmodronic Valve Systems* Yes that would tear up some stuff when it didn't work as it should. lol

But its got a valve stem guide, so it still could Seize, even just long enough to strip the Keeper's/Colet's off, then see ya, valve float.. bang! :)
Ilmor engine. Wow cool, you have gotten into the high performance nitty gritty.
Yes Im sure McLaren doesn't like *strangers* mulling around their tech lol
You must have some really interesting toys!

Well let me know if you need an uninhibited by higher education, semi engineer / machinist to help with that work load. Sounds like you have a good thing going! :)

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Arrow space engineer?

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to 100 Hours a Week, Oh that ...

Did he design small round holes or something?

or were you referring to him being an Aerospace engineer?

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I actually saw a TV Article recently

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to 100 Hours a Week, Oh that ...

Where they claimed that the Average Power Drill is used about 12 minutes and then stored. I know I don't use my Power Drills that often as I simply prefer Pedestal Drills when I have to drill something but even the crappy cordless Makita has had several battery charges put through it and as it comes with 2 batteries it gets flattened several times a year. Though if I have to use a drill I tend to use Electric Drills as they have more power and I simply never trust batteries.

But having said that as the woman on the TV said you don't need a Drill of any sort you just want the hole so I thought of going to the local hardware store and asking where I could buy holes. :^0


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