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Then there is Valve Overlap

By rexrich2k ·
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I couldn't live without mine

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to 100 Hours a Week, Oh that ...

I have air tools in my shop but I use my DeWalt 18V cordless drill so much I've actually run through a few batteries now (over 10 years). They are solid enough to last quite a few years but I drive thousands of screws a year, literally thousands and thousands. When out on the road, corded tools are not an option, cordless have become the contractors dream now. I don't know anyone, professional or casual who still has a corded drill. My radio charges the batteries on site so I just keep on charged and one running.

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Sorry I forgot to..

by rexrich2k In reply to So do you have a display ...

..Elude on that question! Welp I don't have a Shelf to the Speed Gods anymore, but I did get the.. All Time High Honor award to the Gods of Speed, club!

How you ask; I gave a sweet (Brand New, one exhaust & one intake) set of, Manley - Swirl polished and Back-Cut Machined (by me), Over sized Chevy 350 Valves to my Girl Friend for her B-Day :)

Welp she's gone now and I don't know what happen to the valves. But I'm in like Flint with the Gods of Speed!

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Instead of 'Take Offline',

by CharlieSpencer In reply to It is confusing..

go back to the preceding level and 'Reply' from there.

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