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Things I Hate about Windows

By Steven Warren ·
At the request of a member, let's start a thread about Things I Hate about Windows.

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by Steven Warren In reply to Things I Hate about Windo ...

It seems that you are fighting a never ending battle and that no matter how secure you are, you still get hit with a virus now and again.

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The funny thing is...

by Jeff Dickey In reply to Viruses really didn't have to be this way. There has been
support for features built into DOS and Windows since the
very early days (checksum for files, use of
shadow/protected directory structures) that, had they
been enabled and enforced from Day One, would have
prevented Zeus-only-knows how many Zero Day attacks.
Think a primitive, stripped-down SELinux - but the hooks
were never enabled.

Had some of the "need for speed" shortcuts been disabled
or discouraged in favor of more secure APIs, the PC
programmer and user cultures might well have developed
significantly differently - with an emphasis on security
through validation and other means that would largely
eliminate the permanent virgin field that malware has
enjoyed for roughly two decades.

But then, security and quality weren't seen as important
then...and we're all paying the price now.

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I hate...

by kedaniel In reply to Things I Hate about Windo ...

that as well as Remote Desktop works, it doesn't include Remote Assistance, and that Remote Assistance doesn't work well at all. It's more like an after thought when it should be a serious tool.

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It is awful

by Steven Warren In reply to I hate...

Yes, Remote Assistance is awful. I tried it a couple of times and it has never worked as I had desired. I hope Windows Collaboration works much better in Windows Vista. I haven't used it in the real world yet. We shall see. Thanks for your input.

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Home Activation

by qballrail In reply to I hate...

M$ should be more lenient with home users. The cost of WXP is cost prohibitive for many households, even Home ed., although, I cannot imagine who would truly, knowingly use Home ed. Home users should have the ability to run XP (Pro or Home) on a small number of machines so long as it is not for business purposes whatsoever. For example, Office 2003 Student/Teacher ed. allows for up to 3 computers. It's rediculous to expect a family of 3 or 4 people, assuming they have at least two PC's in the home, should pay for separate licenses for each computer. The whole idea of the Student/Teacher edition is briliant but does not go nearly far enough.

I have many customers in this predicament. A few, I daresay, have pirated licenses because both children are of school age and are in need of the computer. How fair is it to make one child work into the wee hours of the morning on their homework (many assignments are done online nowadays as well as papers needing to be done in word) while the other one has completed theirs hours before and is sleeping blissfully just because mom & dad, both working two jobs, cannot afford an extra license? Business is not fair, but at the same time, there is still the human factor people seem to forget.

That is my biggest gripe.

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I hate...

by NZ_Justice In reply to Things I Hate about Windo ...

...the animation dog on the search in xp, I can't believe it is on by default. Also I have to configure several different options before I can even start to search, but M$ say Vista search much better.

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Tweak UI

by verd In reply to I hate...

The power tool Tweak UI can change this back to the way it was in Windows 2000

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Having to restart the OS

by NickNielsen In reply to Things I Hate about Windo ...

Every time there is a major update to a device. Why can't I stop the device and restart it?

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Because of Third Party Products and coding

by NZ_Justice In reply to Having to restart the OS

if M$ did the drivers for your device, no problems but then they would own that too and then you run into antitrust issues and monopoly issues etc...

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Useless error messages

by Daniel.Muzrall In reply to Because of Third Party Pr ...

I hate error messages that give you an error code that has no defintion that can be found by searching the documentation, the MS knowledge base and support sites, or the Internet for several hours.

I also hate that Windows (and more so Office) often thinks it is smarter than you, and decides it knows what you are trying to accomplish.

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