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    Things I Hate about Windows


    by steven warren ·

    At the request of a member, let’s start a thread about Things I Hate about Windows.

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      by steven warren ·

      In reply to Things I Hate about Windows

      It seems that you are fighting a never ending battle and that no matter how secure you are, you still get hit with a virus now and again.

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        The funny thing is…

        by jeff dickey ·

        In reply to Viruses

        …it really didn’t have to be this way. There has been
        support for features built into DOS and Windows since the
        very early days (checksum for files, use of
        shadow/protected directory structures) that, had they
        been enabled and enforced from Day One, would have
        prevented Zeus-only-knows how many Zero Day attacks.
        Think a primitive, stripped-down SELinux – but the hooks
        were never enabled.

        Had some of the “need for speed” shortcuts been disabled
        or discouraged in favor of more secure APIs, the PC
        programmer and user cultures might well have developed
        significantly differently – with an emphasis on security
        through validation and other means that would largely
        eliminate the permanent virgin field that malware has
        enjoyed for roughly two decades.

        But then, security and quality weren’t seen as important
        then…and we’re all paying the price now.

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      I hate…

      by kedaniel ·

      In reply to Things I Hate about Windows

      that as well as Remote Desktop works, it doesn’t include Remote Assistance, and that Remote Assistance doesn’t work well at all. It’s more like an after thought when it should be a serious tool.

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        It is awful

        by steven warren ·

        In reply to I hate…

        Yes, Remote Assistance is awful. I tried it a couple of times and it has never worked as I had desired. I hope Windows Collaboration works much better in Windows Vista. I haven’t used it in the real world yet. We shall see. Thanks for your input.

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        Home Activation

        by qballrail ·

        In reply to I hate…

        M$ should be more lenient with home users. The cost of WXP is cost prohibitive for many households, even Home ed., although, I cannot imagine who would truly, knowingly use Home ed. Home users should have the ability to run XP (Pro or Home) on a small number of machines so long as it is not for business purposes whatsoever. For example, Office 2003 Student/Teacher ed. allows for up to 3 computers. It’s rediculous to expect a family of 3 or 4 people, assuming they have at least two PC’s in the home, should pay for separate licenses for each computer. The whole idea of the Student/Teacher edition is briliant but does not go nearly far enough.

        I have many customers in this predicament. A few, I daresay, have pirated licenses because both children are of school age and are in need of the computer. How fair is it to make one child work into the wee hours of the morning on their homework (many assignments are done online nowadays as well as papers needing to be done in word) while the other one has completed theirs hours before and is sleeping blissfully just because mom & dad, both working two jobs, cannot afford an extra license? Business is not fair, but at the same time, there is still the human factor people seem to forget.

        That is my biggest gripe.

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      I hate…

      by nz_justice ·

      In reply to Things I Hate about Windows

      …the animation dog on the search in xp, I can’t believe it is on by default. Also I have to configure several different options before I can even start to search, but M$ say Vista search much better.

      • #3283472

        Tweak UI

        by verd1 ·

        In reply to I hate…

        The power tool Tweak UI can change this back to the way it was in Windows 2000

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      Having to restart the OS

      by nicknielsen ·

      In reply to Things I Hate about Windows

      Every time there is a major update to a device. Why can’t I stop the device and restart it?

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        Because of Third Party Products and coding

        by nz_justice ·

        In reply to Having to restart the OS

        if M$ did the drivers for your device, no problems but then they would own that too and then you run into antitrust issues and monopoly issues etc…

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          Useless error messages

          by daniel.muzrall ·

          In reply to Because of Third Party Products and coding

          I hate error messages that give you an error code that has no defintion that can be found by searching the documentation, the MS knowledge base and support sites, or the Internet for several hours.

          I also hate that Windows (and more so Office) often thinks it is smarter than you, and decides it knows what you are trying to accomplish.

        • #3284961

          Things I Hate about Office?

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to Useless error messages

          I could write a book! The first chapter would be about how long it takes to change all the defaults settings to match what we actually do in the real world.

        • #3284955

          More poor design

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to Because of Third Party Products and coding

          If the kernel was the only thing operating at hardware level, it wouldn’t be a problem. But the HAL runs there, certain APIs run there, etc., etc., etc.

          I think M$ got into the habit of restarting the OS back in the DOS days when it only took a few seconds because you were only loading a couple hundred kBytes. Now that you have to load 200 MB just to run the Desktop…

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          Microsoft’s fault

          by apotheon ·

          In reply to Because of Third Party Products and coding

          Somehow, other OSes manage to avoid needing to be restarted as a whole every time there’s a change to a driver or software device, even when using poorly coded third-party stuff. The problem isn’t just third-party code, but the fact that Windows is designed to allow itself to be manhandled by third-party code so that crap like this happens.

          In fact, the way development is going, it looks like you’ll be able to swap Linux kernels without restarting with the next major kernel version. Windows, meanwhile, requires a restart just for installing software or making certain network configuration changes. That’s just unacceptable.

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          Windows does not require restart after install of application

          by nz_justice ·

          In reply to Microsoft’s fault

          Most often it is the application asking windows to restart. There is a property in the msi table that does a call to restart windows after install (see MSI SDK for more info), and just about every package developed by third party companies, who use there own packing standards, ask for windows to reboot as their last action, but this action is unnecessary, In my previous job I would repackge applications or apply a transform and remove the reboot property from the application. MSI work same as RPM.

          Lazy Packaging and poor packaging standards is often the resaon Windows needs to be rebooted after an install of software.

        • #3201158

          so amusing . . .

          by apotheon ·

          In reply to Windows does not require restart after install of application

          1. Did you even read my last post? I pointed out that [b]even if it’s third-party code that requires the reboot[/b] it’s still Microsoft that maintains an OS that allows third-party code to do so.

          2. I love how every now and then some damned Microsoftie will claim Windows doesn’t need to be rebooted all the time, and will go into detail on how it doesn’t, and by the end of it will have basically tried to blame reboots on someone else — even though Windows is the only major OS that has these problems.

          3. Yes, you could always just ignore the reboot requests from your application install. Of course, if you install another application later, and haven’t rebooted, you could end up with gumbo for a registry. That’s really high on my list of things to do.

        • #3226841


          by nz_justice ·

          In reply to so amusing . . .

          1. So whats the problem, I person can’t write in “force a reboot” on any other OS, If they wanted too?

          2. Whats the problem? I am not claiming windows doesn’t need rebooting after an install of an application, it just doesn’t.

          3. If you install another application later and it fucks your registry because you didn’t reboot (which isn’t necessary) than there is something seriously wrong with the application your installing. And your not ignoring the reboot requests, your effectively installing the application so no reboot is required.

          4. Shit happens

      • #3284949

        I agree totally

        by w2ktechman ·

        In reply to Having to restart the OS

        I thought it was an inconvenience, until recently when it hit my hate list.
        I just bought a new system and ran updates, half failed. I had to reboot and re-run, where again almost half failed. I had to reboot and rerun, then it worked, all loaded. BUT, upon the next reboot, it had to reboot again.
        Recently several MS patches require not 1 but 2 reboots to install.

    • #3284734


      by mike.skomal ·

      In reply to Things I Hate about Windows

      I hate applying security patches every month, predominately IE patches.

      • #3282992

        Mere coincidence?

        by 1bigfoot ·

        In reply to Patches

        I think not…. Security patches = job security. I dislike windows but
        love the work it creates!

        • #3200077

          Can’t argue

          by jamesgrimes9 ·

          In reply to Mere coincidence?

          I can’t argue with that. We all may hate how Windows functions, but it does give us all jobs. So for that, I am gratful.

    • #3284964

      I hate

      by now left tr ·

      In reply to Things I Hate about Windows

      the countless numbers of smarms who go on about how bad it is & how they hate it sooooo much.

    • #3284950

      It would be ever so helpful

      by tig2 ·

      In reply to Things I Hate about Windows

      If Windows didn’t assume that it knows what I am tryng to do. 90% of the time, it is wrong.

      I understand that not everyone running a computer has my knowledge but it would be nice to see an operating environment that didn’t feel a need to be in command of the user (me).

      My other source of irritation isn’t Windows fault. I hate that when I reload the OS (OEM), I have to re-lobotomise Windows and then wipe the annoyance-ware that came pre-loaded. At least I have finally created a disk of the stuff that I DO want on the computer so reloading isn’t the chore it used to be.

    • #3283601

      Applications that install themselves…

      by rknrlkid ·

      In reply to Things I Hate about Windows

      without my permission. No application — no matter how small, if its a “helper” or whatever — should be on my computer unless I want it there. Comet cursors, java applets, whatever, should never just attach themselves to my computer. There have been too many times that I have scanned temporary internet file folders to find that there is an executable program that is in there.

      In similar vein, I really hate that programs insist that they run each time you start your computer. Media players and chat clients are particularly bad, although even Office does this. You never know they are there except for the icon in the tray and you start to notice sluggish performance.

      No applications should run on a computer unless the user wants it to. It should be my choice, not the programmers!

      • #3283460

        Here’s Some Help for This Problem

        by rwbyshe9 ·

        In reply to Applications that install themselves…

        Here’s a tool that will help you see exactly what is running on your PC. I found this tip here on TR back in March of this year. It was part of a thread titled: Windows XP Program Startup Locations.

        Go to and download and run the “Autoruns” utility.

        This little freeware program will show you everything that is running and provides an easy mechanism to shut down the ones you select.

        Hurry though, the site owners have joined Microsoft and have sold their website to MS also.

        Hope this helps.

    • #3283562

      Windows Annoyances

      by curiousgeorge1940 ·

      In reply to Things I Hate about Windows

      1) Getting a new computer with WinXP installed and NO repair disk ! ( Only a complete restore setup included )

      2) 12,386 updates in one year to repair holes that any hacker could find in one day !!!

      3 ) Nightmare to “upgrade” knowing that half your hardware and software are going INCOMPATIBLE !!!!
      – I had to dump my modem, printer, scanner and at least 6 programs when updating from Win2000 to XP …
      P.S.- My Apple Mac will run programs from my first 1980 Apple II — that’s a real upgrade.

    • #3283551

      Lot’s and lot’s of issues

      by pgm554 ·

      In reply to Things I Hate about Windows

      1. DRM. Unless you have a corporate edition, it will trigger a reregister nag. Everybody says one or two changes doesn’t do this.
      Yeah, right!

      Try troubleshooting a network issue and swap out a NIC card or piece of memory and you’re on hold to the magic land of M$ for a please, I need to fix it number.

      2. WGA, look I bought it and every time I turn around, it checks my serial number again (and again and again).
      Kinda like going to get gas and the attendant asks you for insurance, drivers license, and registration every time you fill up.

      3. Having to reinstall @ least once a year because of the garbage build up factor from left over programs.

      4. Moving to slightly different HW causes a BSOD or booting loops. Then you have to reinstall from scratch over the old OS.
      If this were Linux, NetWare or UNIX, you either rebuild the kernel or just install the new driver and your done (5 minutes, maybe?)

      6. System bloat.Nobody can write compact and efficient code anymore. Vista and Office 2007 will be 12 GB on a basic install!
      SLED 10 and Open Office, about 4GB

      7. Licensing models for M$, there will be 6 (count em’) 6 flavors of Windows, each crippled in some mysterious way to get you to buy a more expensive version.

      8. Buy a Dell, Compaq or Sony. Need to replace a MOBO with something different, so sorry, only works on original machine.

      9. Need to restore a system or do a repair/reinstall and the major OEMs (thanks to M$ piracy concerns)don’t want you to have a REAL OS disk, just some jury rigged all or nothing restore CD.

      • #3200129

        I definitely agree with #s 8 and 9

        by rknrlkid ·

        In reply to Lot’s and lot’s of issues

        I have a Compaq Presario that I bought because at the time I needed a new system and it seemed like a good buy. It ended up not being such a good buy, because the motherboard died after two years. The short version of the story is that I tried to reinstall XP using a new generic OEM version rather than the Compaq restore disks, and the OEM XP would not accept the Product ID that came with my system. But I couldnt use the original restore disks with a different motherboard either! This is incredibly frustrating.

        (And for those who are curious, the generic OEM disk came from my wife’s computer. And no, I wasn’t about to use her Product ID. I do like to keep everything legal at home :D)

        • #3201390

          i hate that too

          by sir_cheats_alot ·

          In reply to I definitely agree with #s 8 and 9

          Microsoft’s definition of a new PC is a new motherboard. therefore if you have to replace your motherboard for any reason you must also buy a new key from Microsoft….what ever happen to acceptable use laws(in reference to music piracy)?? i think as long as you have a legitament key you should be able to install on as many PC’s as you like so long as they belong to you.
          That’s the beauty of Linux 😉 it’s not only free, but can be installed on as many PC’s without fear of legal repercussions as well.

          as for WGA and DRM…found WGA and crippled it(nice huh?) DRM? i don’t use Windows Media Player(in fact it’s not installed), so there goes the DRM annoyance.
          The rest of the stuff on the list can be annoying though…I personally preffer an actual copy of the OS over OEM…too much crap on the OEM disk put on by the manufacturer.

    • #3283503

      Point and click

      by jack-m ·

      In reply to Things I Hate about Windows

      One thing about Windows that’s been a gripe of mine for years is the way employers hire “keyboard operators” and train them on nothing but how to point and click only the keys, icons, and other GUI’s necessary to their particular job function. It leaves the user unfamiliar with everything else on their keyboard and what trouble they can get into/cause when they inadvertently or while experimenting try something different. Usually they forget or are not sure what they did to cause the problems I’m expected to fix without a clue from the user and often the sysadmin as to where to start. Generally I have to close everything, then open and test everything to find a simple problem.
      If employers don’t want their employees to access any functions besides what’s necessary for the user to know why do they allow those options to appear on the desktop.

    • #3283473

      I’m in

      by problemsolversolutionseeker ·

      In reply to Things I Hate about Windows

      Windows is easy to pick on, eh?

      Here I am – decades in IT. My PC at home is slow as molasses. I read a lot of postings, and make recommended changes. Nothing. I buy a new PC occassionally because I know the increased speeds on new models means increased demands on my current PC as the Internet takes advantage.

      Will not spend a lot of time writing too much more.
      See ya!

    • #3283462

      Patches for Patches

      by timberwolfblues ·

      In reply to Things I Hate about Windows

      I hate patches that constantly break somthing else within the OS, and need to be patched themselves. Major viscious circle.

    • #3283441

      Windows CapsLock

      by tdibble ·

      In reply to Things I Hate about Windows

      Why when I have the caps lock on would I want to type lower case??? (even if I hit the shift????)
      What an assinine way to run an OS! This is my most hated “feature” from MS.

      • #3284637

        Probably because…

        by jamesgrimes9 ·

        In reply to Windows CapsLock

        …enough people complained to Microsoft about a lack of notice that they have accidently hit the CAPS LOCK key verses the shift key. But I do agree that there has to be a way of turning that annoyance off.

    • #3283255

      Things I hate:

      by eddie ·

      In reply to Things I Hate about Windows

      Freezes, Memory losses, crashes, stupid Windows nag bubble that says my copy might be illegal, washing them, and if it breaks, you pretty much have to get a new one.

      • #3226834

        illegal copy

        by d.h. cesare ·

        In reply to Things I hate:

        are you saying your O/S is legal and it’s telling you it’s not? If that’s the case, you probably had an illegal copy on previously and upgraded to a legal copy. I installed a legal copy on a machine that had a pirated copy and still got that little bubble. I’d like to kow how to get rid of it.

    • #3284145

      Just the wierd stuff

      by zlitocook ·

      In reply to Things I Hate about Windows

      I will use an image DVD to load XP to 20 desktops and two out of the lot will have problems. Stupid stuff like IE will not load or word will get a blue screen. These are all the same computers with exactly the same software. I reload and it is fixed.
      MS says it was a bad install, this dose not seem so because some of the computer will work for a week or a month and just develops a problem.

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