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Things I Hate about Windows

By Steven Warren ·
At the request of a member, let's start a thread about Things I Hate about Windows.

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Things I Hate about Office?

by NickNielsen In reply to Useless error messages

I could write a book! The first chapter would be about how long it takes to change all the defaults settings to match what we actually do in the real world.

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More poor design

by NickNielsen In reply to Because of Third Party Pr ...

If the kernel was the only thing operating at hardware level, it wouldn't be a problem. But the HAL runs there, certain APIs run there, etc., etc., etc.

I think M$ got into the habit of restarting the OS back in the DOS days when it only took a few seconds because you were only loading a couple hundred kBytes. Now that you have to load 200 MB just to run the Desktop...

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Microsoft's fault

by apotheon In reply to Because of Third Party Pr ...

Somehow, other OSes manage to avoid needing to be restarted as a whole every time there's a change to a driver or software device, even when using poorly coded third-party stuff. The problem isn't just third-party code, but the fact that Windows is designed to allow itself to be manhandled by third-party code so that crap like this happens.

In fact, the way development is going, it looks like you'll be able to swap Linux kernels without restarting with the next major kernel version. Windows, meanwhile, requires a restart just for installing software or making certain network configuration changes. That's just unacceptable.

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Windows does not require restart after install of application

by NZ_Justice In reply to Microsoft's fault

Most often it is the application asking windows to restart. There is a property in the msi table that does a call to restart windows after install (see MSI SDK for more info), and just about every package developed by third party companies, who use there own packing standards, ask for windows to reboot as their last action, but this action is unnecessary, In my previous job I would repackge applications or apply a transform and remove the reboot property from the application. MSI work same as RPM.

Lazy Packaging and poor packaging standards is often the resaon Windows needs to be rebooted after an install of software.

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so amusing . . .

by apotheon In reply to Windows does not require ...

1. Did you even read my last post? I pointed out that even if it's third-party code that requires the reboot it's still Microsoft that maintains an OS that allows third-party code to do so.

2. I love how every now and then some damned Microsoftie will claim Windows doesn't need to be rebooted all the time, and will go into detail on how it doesn't, and by the end of it will have basically tried to blame reboots on someone else -- even though Windows is the only major OS that has these problems.

3. Yes, you could always just ignore the reboot requests from your application install. Of course, if you install another application later, and haven't rebooted, you could end up with gumbo for a registry. That's really high on my list of things to do.

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by NZ_Justice In reply to so amusing . . .

1. So whats the problem, I person can't write in "force a reboot" on any other OS, If they wanted too?

2. Whats the problem? I am not claiming windows doesn't need rebooting after an install of an application, it just doesn't.

3. If you install another application later and it fucks your registry because you didn't reboot (which isn't necessary) than there is something seriously wrong with the application your installing. And your not ignoring the reboot requests, your effectively installing the application so no reboot is required.

4. **** happens

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I agree totally

by w2ktechman In reply to Having to restart the OS

I thought it was an inconvenience, until recently when it hit my hate list.
I just bought a new system and ran updates, half failed. I had to reboot and re-run, where again almost half failed. I had to reboot and rerun, then it worked, all loaded. BUT, upon the next reboot, it had to reboot again.
Recently several MS patches require not 1 but 2 reboots to install.

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by mike.skomal In reply to Things I Hate about Windo ...

I hate applying security patches every month, predominately IE patches.

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Mere coincidence?

by 1Bigfoot In reply to Patches

I think not.... Security patches = job security. I dislike windows but
love the work it creates!

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Can't argue

by jamesgrimes In reply to Mere coincidence?

I can't argue with that. We all may hate how Windows functions, but it does give us all jobs. So for that, I am gratful.

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