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Things I Hate about Windows

By Steven Warren ·
At the request of a member, let's start a thread about Things I Hate about Windows.

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I'm in

Windows is easy to pick on, eh?

Here I am - decades in IT. My PC at home is slow as molasses. I read a lot of postings, and make recommended changes. Nothing. I buy a new PC occassionally because I know the increased speeds on new models means increased demands on my current PC as the Internet takes advantage.

Will not spend a lot of time writing too much more.
See ya!

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Patches for Patches

by timberwolfblues In reply to Things I Hate about Windo ...

I hate patches that constantly break somthing else within the OS, and need to be patched themselves. Major viscious circle.

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Windows CapsLock

by tdibble In reply to Things I Hate about Windo ...

Why when I have the caps lock on would I want to type lower case??? (even if I hit the shift????)
What an assinine way to run an OS! This is my most hated "feature" from MS.

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Probably because...

by jamesgrimes In reply to Windows CapsLock

...enough people complained to Microsoft about a lack of notice that they have accidently hit the CAPS LOCK key verses the shift key. But I do agree that there has to be a way of turning that annoyance off.

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Things I hate:

by eddie In reply to Things I Hate about Windo ...

Freezes, Memory losses, crashes, stupid Windows nag bubble that says my copy might be illegal, washing them, and if it breaks, you pretty much have to get a new one.

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illegal copy

by D.H. Cesare In reply to Things I hate:

are you saying your O/S is legal and it's telling you it's not? If that's the case, you probably had an illegal copy on previously and upgraded to a legal copy. I installed a legal copy on a machine that had a pirated copy and still got that little bubble. I'd like to kow how to get rid of it.

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Just the wierd stuff

by zlitocook In reply to Things I Hate about Windo ...

I will use an image DVD to load XP to 20 desktops and two out of the lot will have problems. Stupid stuff like IE will not load or word will get a blue screen. These are all the same computers with exactly the same software. I reload and it is fixed.
MS says it was a bad install, this dose not seem so because some of the computer will work for a week or a month and just develops a problem.

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