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    Things I Love about Windows….


    by steven warren ·

    At the request of a member, let’s start a thread about Things I Love about Windows.

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      by steven warren ·

      In reply to Things I Love about Windows….

      I love that you can buy almost any piece of software imaginable on the Windows platform.

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        Don’t forget OSS

        by daniel.muzrall ·

        In reply to Software

        In addition to the myriad of software you can buy, don’t forget about all the Open-Source Software you can download, compile, and install for free. There’s some pretty awesome stuff out there if you’re willing to spend the time to find, compile, install and configure it!

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          Not Everything

          by kelly ·

          In reply to Don’t forget OSS

          And, yes, there is quite a monopoly. Please keep in mind that Windows software has not met all business needs such as program evaluation software. Much of measurement assessment tools are relied heavily on custom made software especially for nonprofit organization use.
          I’d like your feedback. KG

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      by nz_justice ·

      In reply to Things I Love about Windows….

      Windows is a pretty decent gaming platform, with lots and lots of games available to be played on it.

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        by nicknielsen ·

        In reply to Games


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          Not just solitaire

          by 1bigfoot ·

          In reply to Solitare

          Try Burning Monkey Solitaire 3, 26 different games! (It runs on the
          Mac too)

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          SolSuite 2005

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to Not just solitaire

          406 games. I’ve got a favorites list of about 50-60 I cycle through as I win one. Playing about an hour a day, takes about a month to go through them all.

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        games and mame

        by eddie ·

        In reply to Games

        as long as MAME works for vista, i’ll be stoked.

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      Things I love…

      by eddie ·

      In reply to Things I Love about Windows….

      Porn. Lots of it. Easily distributed and easily attainable porn. Spyware. Virii. I love that there are a million codecs for porn and you have to pay for some of them to watch porn. That’s effin ridiculous. I guess I also love that windows paperclip. That’s pretty cool.

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      Everybody can manage it

      by anne.jan.elsinga ·

      In reply to Things I Love about Windows….

      Everybody with somewhat of an eye-hand coordination can manage a Windows computer. Ok, probably this is as much a downside as pro.

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        That’s a dangerous approach.

        by apotheon ·

        In reply to Everybody can manage it

        As you mention, that’s (at least) as much a downside as an upside for Windows. When you think of your system as something “anyone” can manage, you get exactly the quality of system administration that “anyone” can provide. This leads to downtime, data loss, and worse.

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      by rknrlkid ·

      In reply to Things I Love about Windows….

      I think this is the one thing that Windows has right. (Almost) every menu and tool button in regardless of application is identical. This makes for an easier learning curve.

      Gads, its pretty bad that this is all I can think of!

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        Games… lots of freakin games.

        by fungus-among-us ·

        In reply to Uniformity

        Most of the “anticipated” releases are available for game consoles and the PC (Windows-based).

        I’m so proud that my $4000+ Windows based PC is basically a glorified game console.

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      Devils advocate

      by jfowler ·

      In reply to Things I Love about Windows….

      It’s fun to bash? ;>)

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      It keeps me

      by zlitocook ·

      In reply to Things I Love about Windows….

      In my job! If it did not have so many problems I would not be working and people would never invite me over to their house.
      I think I get invited because after dinner I get to fix their computers.

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      Ok I do

      by zlitocook ·

      In reply to Things I Love about Windows….

      Like XP because it seems to be running good but When I had Win98 loaded I almost never had a problem. And when I did I just reloaded and after an hour I was good to go. If it could not be reloaded that was ok because all my stuff was on the d drive. I formated c and reloaded and reinstalled my programs.

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        XP…. da best…!!

        by david_shastry91 ·

        In reply to Ok I do

        OK i like XP cuz of the new UI in place. The UI has been improved so much since 98.Now that Vista’s out I like that more but I still use XP pro so I still like it. Ur desktop can look good under XP’s UI without a lot of user customization unlike the other Window’s releases….. so yeah thats why i like it.

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          The great thing about Windows

          by gardenerkidd ·

          In reply to XP…. da best…!!

          Being a bit on the old side (and a bit of a pernickety old sob), I?m surprised to read, some of the comment about the Windows OS?s . None seem to recognize the contribution Windows as made to the computer world. When I started in computers Dos was the standard OS around; ?IT? ?Software? and ?PC? were terms that would send most people (To no avail) diving for their dictionaries. IBM had virtually written off Dos which was still in competition with the much more robust system P/CM. With the advent of Windows all that changed. IBM took the huff and decided to go it alone, creating its own standards, after all it had sold the Dos rights to a couple of little guys who very few people -if any- had heard of, and these little men had the audacity to release an OS called Windows! How could they ever dream of challenging the giant? The rest is history.
          My point, however, is the contribution Windows has made to the computer world, the inspirational magic, which produced so much computer talent amongst the young and the great leaps forward in computer software, which ultimately has lead to such a fast pace in computer technology. That to me is the great thing about Windows.

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          mistaken memory

          by apotheon ·

          In reply to The great thing about Windows

          It’s Apple that really made small home computers popular. It’s IBM’s hardware that made DOS more popular than Apple systems. Microsoft got DOS from Seattle Computer Products, not IBM. IBM actually got DOS from Microsoft.

          The biggest contribution Microsoft gave to the computing world is the simple fact that DOS and Windows licensing and software quality were bad enough to prompt a bunch of enthusiasts to develop open source alternatives.

        • #3139715

          That’s the Truth

          by rkuhn040172 ·

          In reply to mistaken memory

          Because that’s about all they are…enthusiasts.

          Enthusiasts who still can’t build an OS and market it such that more than 3-5% of the world will use it.

          And, your description of alternative is accurate as well. It is merely an alternative.

          And we all now how the world views alternatives…like alternative lifestyles…hahaha.


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          by apotheon ·

          In reply to That’s the Truth

          Your sense of “humor” leaves something to desire. In particular, I’d desire a little silence.

          Gotta love the fact that you chose to attack the users and developers (and ignore the vast number of webservers running on open source software when mocking the market share of open source software).

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          That other O/S

          by jamurray ·

          In reply to The great thing about Windows

          That more robust O/S in competition with DOS was C/PM (not P/CM).

          By the way, I liked C/PM on my Xerox 820II pc.

          I like Windows because it has maintained a standard. Whether you like the standard or not, having one is much better than not having one.

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