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Things I Love about Windows....

By Steven Warren ·
At the request of a member, let's start a thread about Things I Love about Windows.

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by apotheon In reply to That's the Truth

Your sense of "humor" leaves something to desire. In particular, I'd desire a little silence.

Gotta love the fact that you chose to attack the users and developers (and ignore the vast number of webservers running on open source software when mocking the market share of open source software).

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That other O/S

by jamurray In reply to The great thing about Win ...

That more robust O/S in competition with DOS was C/PM (not P/CM).

By the way, I liked C/PM on my Xerox 820II pc.

I like Windows because it has maintained a standard. Whether you like the standard or not, having one is much better than not having one.

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