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Things that bug me Rant!!! (join in the fun)

By Ciderick ·
Ok, after just being shouted down in the street by a preacher who I told 'I am not interested', I am now going to off-load on you guys (& gals) because even if you disagree with me you are intelligent & thought provoking...

Here goes...

1) Religion.

I do not care what religion you are, I have already decided for my self which one I am following & I do not ram it down your throat now do I? please don't ram yours down my throat.

2) Intelligent Design.

Ummm... people, this is not the dark ages, wake up & smell the primordal ooze.

3) Abortion

A woman has a right to decide on her own body, I really have nothing to do with that - However, I would like to see a decrease in 'vanity' abortions - I don't care about your figure or any stretchmarks that may appear - neither should your other half - & incidentally, if you are working on building a career then you should have been more careful (& if you are really serious then you can work out a way to have both).

4) Drugs

Yes please

5) Same sex marriage

If you love someone then why the **** not???

6) Divorce

All good with me. If you have fallen out of love with someone then why suffer?

7) Iraq/George Bush etc etc...

George is a moron, war is wrong. But you voted him in, get over it.


Just plain wrong - we're all equals here.

9) Racism

Same thing.

10) Smoking in public places.

Give bars & restaurants a choice. I am sure there are some who make money out of the non-smoking thing & equally sure there are some who are loosing money & would like to let people smoke.

Ok, that covers it for now - thank you for letting me vent a little steam. I look forward to seeing your replies - (Jardinier, that means you too - I actually like your reasoning even if I disagree with some of the things you say. Maxwell, you're invited too)

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This goes back to the begining

by jdclyde In reply to Sorry, but ...

of who has the right to tell who what.

We can't tell someone not to kill their unborn baby, but we can tell them they can't have a smoke (which is a legal product).

Patrons that chose to smoke or not smoke can also chose to go the a bar that does nor doesn't allow the patrons to smoke.

If you don't like smoke, no one is going to MAKE you go into a bar that allows the use of a legal product. Don't go in.

Don't I hear the same thing from the people that think there should be no-holds-barred for TV and radio programs? "just turn it off"? Just don't go in.

You do not have a RIGHT to tell someone how to run their business, you do have a right to NOT GO IN.

Land of the free?

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Private club from now on,

by TonytheTiger In reply to Sorry, but ...

You cannot join unless you agree to the rules.

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by TonytheTiger In reply to Counter counter rants

"Smoking. Sure in a reasonable size city you may have choices, but in one horse towns, if the owner decides to make it smoking, you don't have a choice."

Some businesses have managed to get around this by becoming private clubs. If you want to join, you have to agree to the rules.

"If you are waitress, second hand smoke is a workplace hazard."

Work someplace else.

"Christopher Reeves' wife never smoked in her life, never lived with a smoker, but she worked in a lot of smoky nightclubs. She got lung cancer, and the most credible reason is through the smoke from those nightclubs. If you want to pollute your lungs in the great outdoors or in your car or house, go ahead."

For every example of a person who never smoked and died of cancer, there are hundreds of examples of people who lived to 90+ after smoking most of their lives who never got cancer. The link between smoke and cancer is a (ahem) smoke-screen put up by the medical community to cover the fact that they themselves are responsible for the perpetuation of this, and other genetically influenced maladies.

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aw man.....

by jdclyde In reply to Smoking

smoke screen..... you got me.......

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Your last paragraph

by neilb@uk In reply to Smoking

appears - on first glance - to be total bollocks. I'm not sure whether it's a wind-up or not. I'm assuming that it's not as it was a response to James's anti-smoking post.

It's your last paragraph that interests me. The first sentence is what I would expect from someone who is totally ignorant of any aspect of statistics or was just being deliberately obtuse and provocative - badly - for whatever reason.

I can't actually work out what you're trying to say in your last sentence other than it would seem that you're suggesting that the medical profession in keeping people alive who would otherwise have died is allowing the propagation of "bad" genes that would otherwise have killed the carriers before they bred.

Is that it?

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by TonytheTiger In reply to Your last paragraph

"smoking causes cancer" is an absolute statement, not a statistical one, and if it were true, then every single person who ever smoked would get it.

Statistics can be misleading (for example, the average age at death among smokers is two years higher than the average age at death of non-smokers). Smoking is actually down from what it was a generation or two ago, yet the percentage of deaths from "smoking related illnesses" continues to increase. It may be a coincidence, but I don't think so, that the rate of this increase corresponds closely to the reductions in other causes of death. In other words, we're all going to die of something. Once you start eliminating the other causes, the ones that are left are naturally going to increase, and this increase will invariably lead to a witchhunt because "it must be someone's fault".

"medical profession in keeping people alive"

Thanks for your 'unsureness'. A lot of people accuse me of admiring Hitler after I speak my mind on this. I don't advocate killing anyone or preventing them from breeding.

I've just noticed that instead of examining why those people who don't get sick don't, so that they can use that information to prevent other people from getting sick, they choose to (*)treat the illnesses, and yes, allow their future customers to be born.

Let's face it, if they found the gene responsible for a propensity toward cancer (or any other malady) and eliminated it, they'd be eliminating a big chunk of their future business opportunities!

(*) I meant to say they choose to spend their research on treatment.

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by Shellbot In reply to counter rants

nice points being made here guys.. validates my personal opinion that you two are the sanest and most down to earth guys i've had contact with in a electronic situation.

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and now it is time

by jdclyde In reply to deep

you have told us a few things you like but that isn't the purpose of this discussion.

What ticks shell off? Enquiring minds want to know! :^0

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Things that bug me:

by Shellbot In reply to and now it is time

You may regret this JD :)
Page One:

-People who::: dig around for exact change for 5 minutes, while paying for something, when there is a large line of people behind them. Just use the nearest amount, or how about next time, have your stupid little purse out and ready? Thats what I do..I estimate how much my purchase is going to be and prepare the appropriate amount so I don?t completely p1ss off the people behind me.

-People who::: say ?I don?t mean to ?insert word?, but?? For example: ?I don?t mean to make you feel guilty, but??
Yes you do mean to make me feel guilt you irritating ****, otherwise you wouldn?t have said it.

-Skinny people who::: eat a lettuce leaf and then moan about how fat and bloated they are. Give it up, no one cares.

-Overweight people who::: lament at how they have no idea why they are putting on weight. Give it up, you: eat too much, eat the wrong foods, and don?t exercise enough. Yes, there are medical conditions that some people suffer from and I sympathise and wish you all the best. I?m ?fluffy? myself and know how hard it is too keep the weight down, but that tube of Pringles I ate on Saturday night is the exact reason why.

-People who::: assume I know everyone in Canada or the US because I am from America. For example: ?Oh I have a cousin in Toronto, lives on Elm Street. Do you know it?? No I don?t, think about it you moron. (My response to this is ?Oh wow ya, I know him, we went to different schools together?, I then walk off before anything else can be said.

-Dried figs::: gross
-Yogurt::: disgusting, its rotten milk people..and the next person who says ?try it, you might like it now? is going to find the pot of it going straight up where the sun don?t shine. I didn?t like it 10 years ago, 8 years ago, 6 years ago..*you get the picture*
-Spelling mistakes in Word Docs. Two words: Spell check

*I?m seeing an alarming trend..most of my annoyances are due to people. Does this make me anti social?

I've loads more...when i've got some more time i'll write em down

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No, Shell

by jdclyde In reply to Things that bug me:

stupid people bothering you doesn't make you anti-socal. It just means they are stupid and like me, you have a low tolerance for stupid.

In your list, you missed the classic of all time. "Can I ask you a question?". "you just did, too late to ask now, huh?"

Overweight, I always hear the "It isn't their fault" excuse. Well, all I know is I am not the one that held the twinkey to their head and made them eat. drink water instead of pop(soda). give up fries. stand up once in a while.

stupid people bother me.
lazy people bother me.
dirty people bother me. (not "I have been working" dirt either. "not batheing" dirty!)
nosy people bother me. (the ones that pretend to be interested just so they can get gossip).

People tell me I am nuts, but I know that I am perfectly normal. It is everyone ELSE that is nuts!

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