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Things that bug me Rant!!! (join in the fun)

By Ciderick ·
Ok, after just being shouted down in the street by a preacher who I told 'I am not interested', I am now going to off-load on you guys (& gals) because even if you disagree with me you are intelligent & thought provoking...

Here goes...

1) Religion.

I do not care what religion you are, I have already decided for my self which one I am following & I do not ram it down your throat now do I? please don't ram yours down my throat.

2) Intelligent Design.

Ummm... people, this is not the dark ages, wake up & smell the primordal ooze.

3) Abortion

A woman has a right to decide on her own body, I really have nothing to do with that - However, I would like to see a decrease in 'vanity' abortions - I don't care about your figure or any stretchmarks that may appear - neither should your other half - & incidentally, if you are working on building a career then you should have been more careful (& if you are really serious then you can work out a way to have both).

4) Drugs

Yes please

5) Same sex marriage

If you love someone then why the **** not???

6) Divorce

All good with me. If you have fallen out of love with someone then why suffer?

7) Iraq/George Bush etc etc...

George is a moron, war is wrong. But you voted him in, get over it.


Just plain wrong - we're all equals here.

9) Racism

Same thing.

10) Smoking in public places.

Give bars & restaurants a choice. I am sure there are some who make money out of the non-smoking thing & equally sure there are some who are loosing money & would like to let people smoke.

Ok, that covers it for now - thank you for letting me vent a little steam. I look forward to seeing your replies - (Jardinier, that means you too - I actually like your reasoning even if I disagree with some of the things you say. Maxwell, you're invited too)

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Good one JD!!! Gracious, Thoughtful and Considerate???

by sleepin'dawg In reply to One of the worst.

ROTFLMAO!!! What a kidder!!! ;\ :^0

Dawg ]:)

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by TonytheTiger In reply to One of the worst.
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Agreed and understood

by jdclyde In reply to JD

I have had a lot of people tell me I was stupid/crazy for not leaving after the initial affair she had. She said it was over and I believed her because I loved her and wanted to believe her.

I still thought that even with that bump in the road, we would be together forever. oh, the fool I.

Yes, there are a lot of people that end up divorced not by their choice. In my case it was by her choice to become obsessed with a married man and that tore use apart.

The justice of it all, is he still hasn't "come back to her".

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are we all judged the same?

by Shellbot In reply to JD

my dilema about 14 years ago..
pregnant at age 15, pretty much out on my own, family wanted nothing to do with me, my boyfriend who was older than me wanted to get married. So we did, i didn't know what else to do or where to turn. It was all ok for a couple years, but once i started "growing" and matureing, we had NOTHING in common. he was happy to try and exploit the welfare system, i wanted to get out and see the world, learn things and be a productive member of society.
Once the child started school i started working part time, it was only then i realised how much he controlled my life. He did not like me working, i talked to other humans and came home with "stupid ideas".
At age 23 i had enough and left him. He did not beat me, do drugs, drink, or cheat on me. In fact, he was almost obsessed with me. But i could not spend one more minute with him as i felt nothing for him and i decided it was high time to start over and try and make a decent life for my child.
As it was, I made my own bed, but couldn't lie in it any more.
So I would classify that as "falling out of love" ?

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No Shell, it would not be classified as that

by jdclyde In reply to are we all judged the sam ...

because you were just a kid, and kids have no idea what love is.

Kids have infatuation, and from there you just took the only option you had on the table is what it sounded like. That is the same reason kids can't get a tattoo. They are not prepared to make a life long decision.

Good for you to want more out of life for you and your kid. Having a kid to take care of really makes it hard to lift yourself up but you didn't chose the path of least resistance.

The question about if you "fell out of love" would be, do you honestly think you would have married this person if you wouldn't have been pregnant? Doubt it.

I have known other people that don't like the idea of their mate working or going to school. they lose that control over what they do and who they do it with.

My ex was not happy when I went back to school because she was taking classes too. I should have "waited till she was done". didn't have issues with babysitters, didn't have classes together or even on the same night as I would wait for her schedule and then plan my classes on different nights so someone would be home with the boys. Another advantage was grants. We made too much to get pell grants until we were BOTH going, then we both became eligable for pells, so it saved us both money by going at the same time.

I took a year off for the divorce, but am going in tomorrow to get signed back up. got three semesters to go for my BA in networking.

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nope, wouldn't classify it as that

by rob mekel In reply to are we all judged the sam ...

At the age of 15, y're just about starting to discover your own self, your own sexuality, the opposite sex.
Would call it, the marriage, an act out of lust, getting to know what sex is like.

With very little to no support from the ones(your family) that should support, stand by, you. I can imagine that from there on it seemed the best way to go, to get married, but you were by far too young to make such a commitment. (not saying that it couldn?t workout fine but chances are slim)
With age of 23 you were more mature and realized what had happened more clearly and could see that what happened (marriage) was not a good thing to do.
So divorce was inevitable, as marrying the guy didn?t happen for the right reason. It seems to me that your ex married you to support you and your child, it was the descent thing to do. However nice of him to do so he could have offered you support without getting married, but that would have brought him into conflict with welfare, so it was a selfish act of him to do so.

Still I don?t see your divorce as an act of ?falling out of love? more as eye shells falling off, correcting what went wrong by marrying that guy and seeing him as a selfish person who wants to abuse the welfare system.
In fact I would call it an ?act of falling out of lust? with a selfish guy.
And good for you that you did divorce and develop yourself. I salute you as it takes a lot of courage to do so.


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Not falling out of love

by Montgomery Gator In reply to are we all judged the sam ...

Your description of him being controlling and manipulative is a form of spousal abuse. You were right to get out, especially if there was little or no chance of him changing, and they rarely do. My ex-wife was very manipulative and abusive mentally, not physically.

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I disagree with this

by maecuff In reply to JD

Who wants to live a loveless existance? My first husband cheated many times, so there is a good excuse. My second husband? Well, he informed me one day that he thought he was a better human than me because I grew up poor and because I was raised Catholic. So, yes. I'd say I fell out of love real quick.

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Sorry, but....

by Jellimonsta In reply to I disagree with this

Infidelity aside, your second husband's issues may have been enlightened with counseling. I still would not say you 'fell out of love', but rather, I would say you made a decision not to love him due to the hurt he inflicted.

Please do not think I am judging, or condemning you for this, I am merely stating my opinion that love is mostly choice, not mostly ?oohey-gooey, butterflies in the tummy? emotion.

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That I agree with

by maecuff In reply to I disagree with this

It's not butterflies in the stomach, you make a choice to love. However, I would never subject myself to a life with someone who honestly felt superior to me.

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