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Things that bug me Rant!!! (join in the fun)

By Ciderick ·
Ok, after just being shouted down in the street by a preacher who I told 'I am not interested', I am now going to off-load on you guys (& gals) because even if you disagree with me you are intelligent & thought provoking...

Here goes...

1) Religion.

I do not care what religion you are, I have already decided for my self which one I am following & I do not ram it down your throat now do I? please don't ram yours down my throat.

2) Intelligent Design.

Ummm... people, this is not the dark ages, wake up & smell the primordal ooze.

3) Abortion

A woman has a right to decide on her own body, I really have nothing to do with that - However, I would like to see a decrease in 'vanity' abortions - I don't care about your figure or any stretchmarks that may appear - neither should your other half - & incidentally, if you are working on building a career then you should have been more careful (& if you are really serious then you can work out a way to have both).

4) Drugs

Yes please

5) Same sex marriage

If you love someone then why the **** not???

6) Divorce

All good with me. If you have fallen out of love with someone then why suffer?

7) Iraq/George Bush etc etc...

George is a moron, war is wrong. But you voted him in, get over it.


Just plain wrong - we're all equals here.

9) Racism

Same thing.

10) Smoking in public places.

Give bars & restaurants a choice. I am sure there are some who make money out of the non-smoking thing & equally sure there are some who are loosing money & would like to let people smoke.

Ok, that covers it for now - thank you for letting me vent a little steam. I look forward to seeing your replies - (Jardinier, that means you too - I actually like your reasoning even if I disagree with some of the things you say. Maxwell, you're invited too)

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I saw it.....

by Jellimonsta In reply to Ummmm...

It's just that people who have a problem with religion really tick me off!!
Actually, I was not trying to force anything down anyones throat, I was just informing Jules that I did not have the same stance as him on marriage and lust.

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No Worries

by Ciderick In reply to Ummmm...

Not a problem Jellymonsta - it's a lighthearted discussion.

(Just wait till i post a serious one - LOL)

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The whole point of religion

by jardinier In reply to Ummmm...

is to divide the human race into groups of people who hate each other and try and kill each other.

Didn't you know that? B-)

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How many times do I have to repeat myself?

by jardinier In reply to Jules, not sure I agree w ...

It is NOT my stance and nowhere did I suggest that it was. St Paul made a clear statement. In this same chapter St Paul recommends celibacy as the preferred state for both unmarried men and virgins.

And not only this, but he also recommends that both men and women who are divorced or widowed should preferably not remarry.

Jelli found a verse which contradicts it. So what else is new? The Word of God contains contradictions? Heaven forbid! ]:)

It is my understanding that this advice was given in the context that Paul believed the end times and the return of Christ were imminent, or at least that it was not a good time to marry because of persecution of members of this new religion.

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by Montgomery Gator In reply to Divorce

Get her to do one or more of the above, so you can get the favorable settlement. Don't want her to get the stuff.

My (now-ex) wife started out fine, but a couple of years into the marriage, she started smoking crack, writing bad checks, and committed identity theft against me. She also disappeared for days at a time, and ended shacking up with a guy. The settlement was definately in my favor.

So you can see where I am coming from.

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by jkaras In reply to Things that bug me Rant!! ...

here here I agree with you. here are some things to add that burn me. Of course there is more but these were the first couple that entered my angry mind.
11. begging/ spare change
Nothing annoys me more than someone begging me or seeing someone who is missing limbs hassle me or give me a bad look when I don?t give them my hard earned money during my lunch.
12. Whatca reading?
I hate being in the breakroom during lunch reading a book and someone chiming in that question. They usually are not interested in knowing, they just want to talk when you don?t.
13. fake people
Be honest, youre not fooling anyone. Be polite, but don?t pretend that you suddenly like someone because they can do something for you.
14. rubber neckers
The highest crime against humanity. I hate being stuck in traffic because someone needs water cooler material. Somebody got into a fender bender, big deal it happens al the freaking time. Mostly the cars have a scratch and not anything serious.
15. slow people in the fastlane
These tend to be new car owners believing that this is the ?prestige lane or envy lane?. The major offenders tend to also be suv drivers concerned with gas milage. You bought it, suck it up.
16. office equality
I am not talking about racism, I am talking about the 5 year old envy or high school mentality. Oh look he has something new, when do I get that? Od you have a business need for it? No, but why should he have something that I cant? Yeah why him?(other office worker chiming in) soon enough there is a frenzy mimicking a coup.

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On the highway

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Things that bug me Rant!! ...

1. People who drive slow in the passing lane and do not move over for faster drivers. Even worse when the vehicle is very large and you can't see around it.

2. People using cell phones while driving, letting themselves be distracted.

3. Putting on makeup while driving.

4. Minivans full of kids going to soccer practice, and the "soccer mom" driving while distracted by the little barbarians.

5. Poorly timed traffic lights. Make it through one traffic light, and the next turns red before you can get through the next intersection.

6. People who drive either pulled all the way up or leaning so far back that you can barely see the back of their heads, and they are looking out through the space between dashboard and the top of the steering wheel.

7. "Tricked out" and "Pimped" vehicles with one or more of the following:
A. Huge fin on the back.
B. Spinning rims
C. Metallic paint color, or bright outrageous colors like purple or pink or bright green.
D. Loud speakers with a very strong deep bass that you can feel in your chest
E. Fender or door a different color than the rest of the car.
F. Jacked up with huge mud tires.
G. Huge roll bars and spot lights (usually in conjunction with item F).
H. Gratuitous advertisement of some product that the driver uses on his car on the rear window (usually in conjunction with items F or G).
I. A number of some NASCAR driver (usually in conjunction with (F, G, or H).

8. Poorly maintaned vehicles that should have been scrapped long ago with one or more of the following:
A. Visible smelly smoke.
B. Rear end, side, or front smashed in or damaged in some way.
C. One or more window cracked and taped up or missing and replaced with plastic.
D. Fender, door, or hood replaced with another of a different color and not repainted to match.
E. Color of car can best be described as a mixture of rust, chipped paint, and bondo gray.

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Here we go!

by ITgirli In reply to Things that bug me Rant!! ...

1) Religion.

I don't care what you are. I know what I am. Stay out of my business. This is not something that's up for debate, this is each person's private acceptance and whatever a person accepts is right for them.

2) Intelligent Design.

I believe that aliens put us here. Just look at the facts. There is evidence all over Egypt, Peru, China...

3) Abortion

I believe a woman has a right to choose.....whether or not to have sex. If she makes the choice to have sex, she needs to be prepared for any consequences. Abortion should not be an easy out. It should only be used in cases of rape, incest, or if the mother's life is in jeopardy.

4) Drugs

herbal, not chemical

5) Same sex marriage

same thing as religion.

6) Divorce

Best thing ever invented. You know why divorce is so expensive? Because it's worth it.

7) Iraq/George Bush etc etc...

I think GB senior should have taken care of this the first time. The other day I was listening to "Wait, Wait, don't tell me" and the comment was made that Iraq is just one "tastes great, less filling" argument away from civil war. Should we be there? not my decision. Should we withdrawal? I would like to say "no, we need to clean up what we started" but i really think that whether we leave now or later, it's still going to result in a lot of blood shed.


Maybe one day we will all be treated like equals, but right now it is still a man's world and I don't really care.

9) Racism

take away the skin and we are all the same. I don't think we shoudl judge someone on how tan their culture is.

10) Smoking in public places.

Is this in relation to number 4? I really don't care where people smoke. If some place allows smoking inside and you don't like it, don't go there.

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Figured this would be right up your alley!

by jdclyde In reply to Here we go!

although the answers were a tad tamer than I am used to out of you? Feeling well today?

Racism vs culturism.

It is wrong to judge based on the colo(u)r of someones skin.

Is it wrong to judge based on the way people choose to live their lives? I don't think so.

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too true

by ITgirli In reply to Figured this would be rig ...

I've been in a more composed mood lately. weird things have been going on. I'm trying to keep a very distant view of things. Nothing is ever what it seems.

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