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Things to do in and around London (need suggestions)

By jmgarvin ·
I need some suggestions for a London trip I'm taking in early June. We'll be there for 3 days...

We plan on doing the Duck tours (the amphibious vehicle deally), hitting Stone Henge, and then maybe a museum or two....Is there something we HAVE to see in London? Is there something around London we have to see?

I think Stone Henge will probably take the good part of a day (for travel and touristy stuff) and the Duck tour is only about 1.5 hours.

I've heard the Thames river tours are pretty interesting, but it seems a little expensive to go from Waterloo to Greenwich Pier ($45/person)...

Also, what is the best way to get around London? The underground, taxi, bus, or combination?

As a side note:
We've seen the Tower of London, London Bridge, Piccadilly Circus, Windsor, Crown Jewels, Westminster Abbey, and the changing of the guard.

I know, I'm a difficult and stupid American ;-)

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probably could, too!

by gadgetgirl In reply to DAMN IT!!

(but not in the NHS. Nope. You don't wanna do that.....)

In addition to the previous links, my daughter is liable to curtail my existence if I don't link to the website where she works....

which is also full of good stuff. And, of course, there's our local Auntie Beeb site, too...

Best of all is the Tyne webcam...

Now, this shows that we really do possess a sense of humour in Tyneside. The Millenium Bridge, the white half moon one on the cam - is also known as the Blinking Eye bridge - when they tilt it, it looks like an eye opening and closing, and the local saying is that it took too blinkin' long to build it.....

The "building" on the LHS, in silver, is the Sage Music Centre - known to the locals as the Slug... it looks like a slug that's about to fall into the river.....

and finally, what you don't see on the picture, but is available as a logo on the site is the Angel of the North sculpture....known to the locals, of course, as The Iron Fairy.....

Nuff said?!

Sure you want to work in the UK?!


Edited to correct links.....Ham-fisted Hannah strikes again!

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You don't have long, so

by neilb@uk In reply to Things to do in and aroun ...

we'll have to think of a few things close together.

Start off at the The London Eye - it is an absolute must.

The queue can be long and the trip is twenty minutes but I still wouldn't miss it. Have a map ready or pay a bit extra for the Discovery Trip. If you want, let me know if you're going and I'll come on and tour-guide as I can easily get out of work for an hour and I'm ten minutes away.

Book online!

I recommend for people who have longer (and more money?) that they "do the Eye" once in the day and once at night but I'm not sure that you have that long.

They do a combined Eye/River trip which would work out cheaper. A little tip from a local is to check the tide (and do the downriver trip on an incoming tide. You go a lot slower and get more value! The Eye's River Trip is ?9 for a 40 min trip - $15 - so someone is ripping someone off.

That would take you to Greenwich - you get the Cutty Sark and it's quite nice to stand with one leg in the Western Hemisphere and one in the East on the Prime Meridian.

Then you work your way back up the River. The Tube is the easiest way to get around the centre of London but buses - double-deckers - are more fun if you've got kids and the "normal" trains and DLR can be useful if you're further out. The problem with the Underground is that it's, well, underground so you can't see anything!

Do you want to do any walking?

Get a day tourist pass which is good for bus or tube and the DLR.

It also gets you into some places for free.

Once you've done the Cutty Sark, take the Docklands Light Railway to Tower Bridge (interesting fifteen minutes) and you're back in the City, proper.

I'll suggest a few things from there when I get back to work, Monday. It would be useful if you could tell me what your party consists of in terms of interest and desire to walk.

PLAN! Use and print a lot of pages! Get a tube map - you can find it online at

Like wise with a Bus map


p.s. I do this for all of my relatives...


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Hmmmph. X-(

by gadgetgirl In reply to You don't have long, so

so you'll tour guide for jmgarvin & co., but you wouldn't even have a drink with me.....



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here it comes again

by rob mekel In reply to Hmmmph. X-(

You must rub it in, don't you GG. Will the poor guy ever get ride of you for standing you up.
May be he likes a hug not standing up :0 :8}


edited for @#$%#@ emoticons

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by neilb@uk In reply to Hmmmph. X-(

Next time that you're in London...

I will try to make it up to you.

You were offering me a drink fity-five miles from my home, weren't you? Not actually the pub next door that, is it?

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I've traveled that far for a beer

by jmgarvin In reply to Well

There is a GREAT brewery in Socorro, NM (about 75 miles south of Albuquerque). I've had to head there a few times and pickup their seasonal ales. (They have the best honey wheat ale money can buy!)

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Wow, thanks a ton!

by jmgarvin In reply to You don't have long, so

A tour guide would be pretty cool. :-) At least we'll have to hook up for a beer!

We'll be there on June 4th and leaving on June 7th (at around 7pm).

The rip off apparently comes from the "tour" that comes with it...ya...sure...a "tour..." $15 sounds FAR more reasonable!

Walking is no big deal...I don't mind walking a bit. It will just be my wife and I, so I think that makes it easier. Greenwich sounds pretty cool, we'll have to hit that. Is it better to do a full river trip or the Duck Tour?

Is The Eye more impressive at night or during the day? I think we'll only have time for one trip on it, so I want to make it count ;-)

So maybe The Eye on June 4th, Stone Henge June 5th, and the rest June 6th and 7th ;-)

Thanks a TON for all the links.

One final question: Are the internet kiosks floating around in public areas?

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Not heard of the Duck Tours

by neilb@uk In reply to Wow, thanks a ton!

Googled and they looked OK but personally, I'd do the River Trip from Westminister down to Greenwich - pronounced "Grennitch", by the way.

Starting or finish at the London Eye which is across the river from Westminister pier which is the starting place (I think) of the boat trip. You'll get a commentary - "on the left we have..." - and it'll drop you off at the Cutty Sark. Nice noodle bar near there or jellied eels and pie and mash next door if you want to do the London Experience to excess (my advice - don't).

Take the DLR from Cutty Sark - very interesting trip - back to Bank (not Tower Gateway as I originally said) - and you'll come out at the Bank of England. Walk to St Paul's Cathedral and climb up to the Whispering Gallery. Walk down Ludgate Hill and up Fleet Street. At the bottom of Chancery Lane, turn into the little gateway to the Middle and Inner Temple (visit the Temple Church of Da Vinci Code fame) and just wander around, sit for a while in the quiet and massage your feet.

Other places around there are the Millennium Bridge, The Tate Modern (free and across the River by the Wobbly Bridge) and the reconstruction od Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.

The best free place for photographs is off Waterloo Bridge - both directions.

More later when I think of it.


Don't notice Internet Kiosks - there are some but the only one I've noticed is near the south side of the Millennium Bridge. All of the mainline Central stations have at least a couple.

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Buckingham Palace

by DMambo In reply to Things to do in and aroun ...

When I was there several years ago, I was floored by Buckingham Palace. It was jaw-dropping, if you like that sort of thing. However the queen didn't even say "Hi" when she walked by.

I hesitate to even chime in knowing that there are natives who can give you so much more info.

BTW - Love the Clark Griswold tag

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The Queen and I go way back...

by jmgarvin In reply to Buckingham Palace

We'll pop in for tea :-)

Good point, we only got to see the outside of Buckingham when we went...I didn't know they had tours that went THROUGH the palace...We've GOT to do that!

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