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Things to do in and around London (need suggestions)

By jmgarvin ·
I need some suggestions for a London trip I'm taking in early June. We'll be there for 3 days...

We plan on doing the Duck tours (the amphibious vehicle deally), hitting Stone Henge, and then maybe a museum or two....Is there something we HAVE to see in London? Is there something around London we have to see?

I think Stone Henge will probably take the good part of a day (for travel and touristy stuff) and the Duck tour is only about 1.5 hours.

I've heard the Thames river tours are pretty interesting, but it seems a little expensive to go from Waterloo to Greenwich Pier ($45/person)...

Also, what is the best way to get around London? The underground, taxi, bus, or combination?

As a side note:
We've seen the Tower of London, London Bridge, Piccadilly Circus, Windsor, Crown Jewels, Westminster Abbey, and the changing of the guard.

I know, I'm a difficult and stupid American ;-)

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It's only open in August

by neilb@uk In reply to The Queen and I go way ba ...

When Liz isn't there. Sorry

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I've seen her majesty a couple of times

by JamesRL In reply to It's only open in August

When I was a kid she did a rail tour of Ontario.
She stopped in my home town and they stood at the back of the caboose and waved for a few minutes. Like an old time politician.

Few years ago I happened to be in Ottawa when the Queen was visiting the RCMP to celebrate their anniversary. We took the kids, got the royal emblem flag and the Canadian flags, watched the RCMP musical ride. It became very clear why she dresses the way she does - she is easy to pick out of even a large crowd.


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Visit a smaller/less famous henge

by Oz_Media In reply to Things to do in and aroun ...

there are SO many in England, and yet just Stone Henge gets the notoriety.

As it is now, you can't get close enough on a tour to actually get anything out of it, if you go to a smaller henge, you will be able to touch the stones and nobody else will be there lined up snapping pictures.

the BEST way to see London is on a walking tour, screw the double deckers and hollering tour guides. Most castles in England offer a good walking tour and there are tonnes of other walking tours from locals that put a colourful spin on the history.

In a nutshell, avoid what the other tourists are doing (you have a PC to see the common sites) and look for what the locals offer. Drink at small, locals, not big bars. And for the best time yet, STAY OUT OF DOWNTOWN LONDON! There is SO much to see in England, OTHER than London. Sure you have to see it all once, but look to the smaller county's for the real downhome goodies that put you right into the English lifestyle.

Try ghost hunting tours in St.Albans (nice upscale country suburb of london) and all of the castles OTHER than Windsor. London is just a tourist trap, see it but get your real sightseeing in elsewhere.

Buckingham, Windsor, The Eye (okay the eye is pretty dan cool) etc. are mainly just stuff for tourists. Locals don't actually visit these places often. It's just like anywhere else, the best places are the places away from crowds and not over toured.

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by neilb@uk In reply to Visit a smaller/less famo ...

Eighteen miles from Stonehenge - do both! Silbury Hill is good and just next door (Unless you're on a coach tour, of course).

Lovely Wiltshire countryside and you can drink some Waddy's 6X.

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by albert In reply to Avebury

"So maybe The Eye on June 4th, Stone Henge June 5th, and the rest June 6th and 7th ;-)"

If you are going to Stonehenge, you should also see Avebury and Bath ... and how could you miss Castle Coombe of Dr. Dolittle fame. Then just a couple miles to the M4 and/or Chippenham and back to London.

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by jmgarvin In reply to Bath

I'll do Avebury, Bath, and Castle Coombe. I didn't realize they were so close together!

Thanks for the tips!

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Everything is

by Oz_Media In reply to Excellent

Everything is close together in England. It does take longer to get around when moving through cities, compared to an Interstate though.

Have fun, play it by ear, but I honestly think you'd enjoy more without the crowds by finding the 'non-touristy places'

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Since you like history

by DMambo In reply to Things to do in and aroun ...

Take the time to read (or listen on tape if you're in the car a lot) Pepys' Diary. (Pronounced peep's, but I'm not 100% sure if I spelled it right). It was written by Samuel Pepys, who was a friend of William Penn. It just tells of his daily life in London around the late 17th century (?) and the great fire, and if I recall, the plague. What fascinated me were the references to places that could have been made today. Since London was the most prominant city in the world at the time, it gives you a real sense of history as you stroll past some of the same buldings and sites. Well it did for me, anyway.

I read it almost 15 years ago, so my addled brain can't do it justice now, but give it a whirl. Your local librarian will know about it. I think I'll read it again!

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London Eye

by stargazerr In reply to Things to do in and aroun ...

Cant come to london and not go on the London eye.

As far as travel goes, a combination of Tube (underground for you American folk ) and Bus pretty much covers everything.


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Leave London & go visit Bath...

by Ciderick In reply to Things to do in and aroun ...

...and other places outside of London.

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