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This country was built on the sweat of Unions !

By fnm48 ·
For all those "uninformed" out there (and judging by your response to the Unionize IT Blog, you are uninformed), Unions built this country.
For if it weren't for the unions, "Management" would be making little or no money with no benefits at all...Professionals and unions "are" a perfect match (because Unions don't take just anybody). You need credentials to join one. I've been on "both sides of the fence" and believe me with corporate greed at a new high, unionize or get used and abused friend ! It's not about the money, it's about respect for a good days work !If anyone disagrees, let them work in a non-union sweat shop(like my Mom did)for less than $70 per week with conditions that the homeless would reject ! Her Vacation was getting "layed-off" for 2 weeks a year and collecting un-employment !So, get your facts straight, before you dis unions...

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Hoffa is in my closet!

by Oz_Media In reply to This country was built on ...

Let me guess, you are one of those guys who thinks it's cool to have a HOFFA bumper sticker on your pickup truck? Every teamsters union is full of those guys. It's as if they feel that being in a union in 2006 makes them a relative of a mob family, give your head a shake it's just a way to control your wages and stop you from passing others by on the ladder to success.

if you are wondering what ever happened to Hoffa, he's hanging in my closet, a bit fuzzy and stinky. Almost time for e-Bay.

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by Bob in Calgary In reply to Hoffa is in my closet!

I would have thought you would have found a pig farm somewhere.

Just a side note, hope you weren't on the ferry.

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Too bad I wasn't

by Oz_Media In reply to Closet?

It would hae been quite an entertaining day to say the least. It's not like it was crossing the Pacaific or something, that's just north of where I used to Kayak all the time. That ferry leaves from e hdock where I used to sit and TR in the mornings with my laptop.

I can only dream I was there now, or on that ferry even. Nobody was hurt, it was pretty straight forward and not really a big deal at all.

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I thought

by Bob in Calgary In reply to Too bad I wasn't

the news said that a couple are missing and were presumed to have gone down with the ferry. But as it's sitting under 300 metres of water chances of finding the bodies are slim to none.

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by Oz_Media In reply to I thought

I hadn't heard that, just the radio blurb. they cracked a sinking joke about it. One jock said it wsa too soon for jokes about it and the other said, "well nobody was hurt so it's not THAT bad".

I just assumed all were okay. Not too BC newsworthy it seems, for some reason.

Oh well, swimmin' with the fishes in the same calm coastal waters as the orcas. Bald eagles, rainforests,kermode (spirit) bears and mroe, what a beautiful part of God's country, could've been worse and I should be so lucky when my time is up.

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Damn inaccurate news!

by Oz_Media In reply to I thought

They jumped to teh conclusion nobody was lost, now they can't find two passengers. The Damn press.

First crew were waist deep in water as they fled their cabins below deck. Then they were chest deep in water as they were in cabins below deck. this was in the same report.

"And there are stories of crew members wading through waist-deep water to get out of their below-deck quarters...Some off-duty crew faced their own fight for life even before aiding the passengers. Their quarters were below the ship's waterline and they awoke to find themselves chest-deep in sea water."

okay probably different people, and TECHNICALLY if you awake you are usually on laying down so your chest would be close to knee height and then... sure, damn press.

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Comments on Comments...

by fnm48 In reply to Damn inaccurate news!

Yes, unions have their good and bad points. And, yes they also protect the poor workers as well as not always rewarding the good ones...But, (for the Gentleman that wondered)I have been on "both sides of the fence". Unions protect workers from people like the guy who fired all his workers for "thinking of going union'. Is he right ??? Not by a longshot...he's the very thing that people should fear ! And by the way, my Mother (speak kindly of her she is not with us)was a "sweat shop" non-union worker in the late 70's. Yes, $70 a week was relatively more than now, but she "busted her but" doing peacework (sewing a whole dress on a machine for about $1 per dress. Is that right ??? Also (friends out there) be more weary of outsourcing your jobs (with no union protection)and it's happening now...good luck. I was "laid off" after 15 Years of Good Management service, bacause of a "takeover". I had the "management mentality" that i'll never be laid-off if I'm a good worker (so much for that theory).

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Long pep talk

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Comments on Comments...

Not laid off if you are a good worker ?
It took a long time but you just learnt something.

There's no way to have secure employment, it's a myth promoted by those who wish us to accept less over a longer period.

The rule is, dog eat dog.

Don't stand around, take a munch out of everything that gets within biting range and above all beware of those nice friendly chaps with nets offering you a safe haven and a regular supply of food. They are eating half of what you could have got for yourself.

Going to take a guess here but I bet the company you worked for were a big fat easy financial target.

I know it's hard being chucked out of your safe and secure rut to retirement, but start ducking and diving and going in whatever direction you want to, its a lot more interesting.

I was in the same rut for 19 years, but jumped the tracks myself, best thing I ever did.

Try and get the difference between the socialist aspects of the union movement which are valuable and valid, from the graft, corruption and self serving manipulation parts that those who want to run them, promote.

Another wild guess, your union reps weren't anywhere near as inconvenienced by the takeover as you were. In my experience union reps are management double agents whose purpose in life is to give you the illusion that you have some sort of control over your fate.

If you want control, take it, the only way you are 'given' control is by someone taking yours and then lying their *** off about it.

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Reality stings doesn't it

by Oz_Media In reply to Comments on Comments...

Unfortunately you found out the same way most other peopledo, you think you'r epretty much indesposable and get the carpet swept out from under you.

It's happened tome many times throughout my career, I also change career choices pretty much once a year or so, if not a complete change at least a redesigned vertical anyway. It's much easier when you don't try andplan years ahead but just work on today.

As for firing everyone for wanting to unionize, that was me. It is done all th etime for many cited reasons usually well covered up but it's a relity. I didn't want a unionized operation, in order to avoid that I had to move my business. Was that what I wanted to do? Not really, I'd rather just operate and earn money, so I was just as inconvenienced as those that plotted secretly and without confronting me.

Get over it, there's two sides to every copin, just as you were somewhat shocked to find that you were disposable, this is just a simple reality we face in life. Your employer doen't owe you anything except pay for hours worked, that's it.

In my case, it had NOTHING at all to do with pay, I was paying $15/hr to deliver flat packed furniture, which wasn't bad back then, not exactly a sweat shop as you've described.

Just because a company doesn't have a union, it doesn't make it a sweat shop that exloiits workers.

And I too have worked 'both sides of the fence' for different companies and different unions. It's no big screaming deal, I can secure a fair wage and create some stability myself, without a union.

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I heard

by TonytheTiger In reply to Hoffa is in my closet!

he had a sex-change, started wearing lots of make-up, and goes by the name Tammy Faye :)

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