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This country was built on the sweat of Unions !

By fnm48 ·
For all those "uninformed" out there (and judging by your response to the Unionize IT Blog, you are uninformed), Unions built this country.
For if it weren't for the unions, "Management" would be making little or no money with no benefits at all...Professionals and unions "are" a perfect match (because Unions don't take just anybody). You need credentials to join one. I've been on "both sides of the fence" and believe me with corporate greed at a new high, unionize or get used and abused friend ! It's not about the money, it's about respect for a good days work !If anyone disagrees, let them work in a non-union sweat shop(like my Mom did)for less than $70 per week with conditions that the homeless would reject ! Her Vacation was getting "layed-off" for 2 weeks a year and collecting un-employment !So, get your facts straight, before you dis unions...

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