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This is a loosing battle!!!

By secure_lockdown ·
My background: F/T Employed systems/network administrator with over 7 years experience. I am worried that I have been at my job too long and if I don't move soon - I may not be marketable in the IT field anymore.

I have been looking for an entry level job in Information Security for 2 years now. I did professional upgrading, got the expensive certification and even took some consulty jobs on the side to get more security experience. I have tried EVERYTHING and I must have applied EVERYWHERE. I can't seem to find a job to save my life. What is going on this the IT field! Why is it so dead! What am I doing wrong!

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Move west

by Oz_Media In reply to This is a loosing battle! ...

It jobs are abundant in BC.

I have been picking and choosing between MANY offers, have a few on the table and a few I even turned down as they weren't appealing enough for me.

My client outsourced thier net support a few weeks back, I have had over a dozen interviews and a few over the phone offers. In BC, the ball is in your court here. Plus hey, it's BC, the most beautiful place to live.

Now being in Canada already, it's just a matter of moving west, much easier than an American trying to get up here.

MY certs? MCNE, that's it. I haven't been asked ONCE (not ONCE) what certifications I hold. ALL opportunities out here ask for BASIC certs (or equivalent work experience) people here know very well, that's certs aren't worth the paper they are written on most of the time,experience and ability wins over. Most companies don't care about experience at all either, thye are more interested in how you will fit in with the company as a person.

Just visit monster or techvibes and you will see just what an immense demand for UNSKILLED butu abile and willing IT staff there is, and the pay is still very respectable in most cases.

This is a province of unequalled opportunity, nobody is out of work here unless they choose to be.

Good luck,

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A quick question

by Oz_Media In reply to This is a loosing battle! ...

How are you looking for work? Advertisements, newspaper, online, recruiters?

Note: NONE of the above are a viable way to seek employment.

If you want help in HOW to find companies to apply to, just send me an email or post back here. Use subject line 'TR PEER'

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Enviroment, salary considerations play a part too.

by admin In reply to This is a loosing battle! ...

I know a few jobs in town people are turning down because they don't want to be starting in the 20,000.00 (or less) range and they want a shop where they can play with all new Cisco top of the line equipment. The reality is that Networking and Security are getting easier and easier and we're competing with skill levels that someone else will do for less money or that are being handled by easier to use (and cheaper) devices.

There are still some of the higher paying networking jobs out there with cutting edge technology, but a lot of those go to friends and others already in the loops. To get into those loops you gotta be willing to work for peanuts to start and stay there a few years or so- and then its still tough. I know a lot of guys with Network educations, skills, experience and certs around here who are doing tech support (even one doing business sales at CompUSA)- because it pays their families bills.

These days its a long slow climb with a lot less money than sales or top tier support. Still, if you love it and keep trying and stay open to entry level salaries ( or temp hourly) and learn a specific business niche you'll make a living in the long run.

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Two words

by James Schroer In reply to This is a loosing battle! ...

Salesman and Networking

You must network with people and have friends of friends of friends get you noticed. It may take some time to get a good rep with all those friends but once you start to build that the jobs will come rolling in. I'm in a simial position as you are. It's hard and time consuming but when people HEAR your name from someone they WILL look at your resume.

The next part is your really have to sell yourself. Research the company that you applying at and when you talk to someone there (be it in an interview or just to inquirer about the position) you have to express to them how YOU can help their company.

The reason the other person said they are now getting 200 resumes for a position is because every college and their extension centers are offering IT classes. There are more specialty colleges for IT than any other field.

So to wrap it up you must do two things. 1. Have someone mention your name to the hiring manager. 2. Sell, sell, sell yourself as if you were a product and how you can benifit their company with your skills.

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by ccypress In reply to This is a loosing battle! ...

The job market is hot in MD, DC, VA. Do you have a clearance?

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by rowdy_yates_mcngp In reply to Move

i have no clearance.

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by secure_lockdown In reply to Move

i wish i had. unfortuantly no clearance for me either.

why is security clearance so expensive for companies?

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I would love to move

by jdmercha In reply to Move

I do not have clearance, but I have had an FBI background check.

I have managed to find two openings in DC that I have applied for recently. Both of those positoins were a step down for me, but an increase in pay.

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