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This is just OVERFLOWING with Opportunity

By maxwell edison ·

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Don't get me wrong mate!

by Oz_Media In reply to Always wanted

YOu mentioned tundra and Antartica, uhhhm, not QUITE what is was getting at! LOL Still chuckling actually.

I live in Port Hardy, the Northernmost town of Vancouver Island, which is also VERY southern for Canada.

It's just out of the way and out of the grind.

Not too much tundra or snow here;
PH is a fishing, sightseeing (whales, eagles, sealions etc) and stop over point for travelers taking ferriesor planes up the northwest coast of BC.

Vancouer island itself is actually becomin gheavily populated, For a British tourist, the first visit must include Victoria (BC's capital and home of the Perliment Buildings) and Long Beach on the West side(an unforgettable drive to the ocean, next stop Japan).

When I first came to Canada from England, I figured it would be snow, trees and mountains filled with Sasquatches (okay I was young the first time I lived out here, okay!).

I did see snow in Vanciuver this year though, apparently it is gone now, but it got cold and they had about 3 or 4 inches this year !!! Didn't you get more than that in England this winter?

In Canada, the remote wilderness is usually about 20 minutes from the city, without actually venturing North where it does get pretty damn cold. We are pretty pampered on the west coast though. The Island is full of Brits, especially Victoria which is an entirely British themed city, pubs and all. They come to visit, they realize that as Canada is tied to Britain and that they can just stay (with minor paperwork), and they do.

I still hold a British passport, which is better for travel than the US or Canadian passports and landed status, it's is now just an extension of Europe to me. If I had a Canadian or US passport, I would have MAJOR work/travel restrictions in Europe these days though. Thank god I held onto it!

Anyway, there you have it, whether you asked for it or not.

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The opportunities I'm talking about

by maxwell edison In reply to This is just OVERFLOWING ...

There are so many people who post messages in these threads about the lack of jobs, that I'm surprised no one has touched upon that angle. A whole new industry is about to open up, and the opportunities for technology professionals will be limitless. And the "smart money" would try to get in on the ground floor.

If I were in my twenties or thirties, and had a question about what to do with my life, not to mention all those IT skills I've learned, this potentially explosive industry is something that would appeal to me a great deal. Remember, Information Technology is a means to an end, not the end itself.

It will be a decade or more in the planning stages, and then another decade or more in what is bound to be an explosion of growth that most people only see in their rear-view mirror -- in this case, the rear-view mirror of their hydrogen powered automobile. (In other words, an opportunity that passed you by.)

Okay, people. Quit complaining about what isn't anymore, and set your sights on what's bound to be.

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Actually - for ANY age

by maxwell edison In reply to The opportunities I'm tal ...

Twenties or thirties, my butt. Since I'm going to live to be 100 (or more), and since I'm only half-way there, I just may have to look into this myself. What an great opportunity we have in front of us.

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good luck!

by Cactus Pete In reply to Actually - for ANY age

If you need a reference...

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Have you noticed

by maxwell edison In reply to good luck!

Have you noticed how many people flock to the threads complaining about the lack of opportunities and how bad things are, but very few are willing to discuss real opportunities and how good thing are?

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Too deep

by Cactus Pete In reply to Have you noticed

I've noticed, yes.

Kinda ties in with the sensationalism in media, I think. But this gets too deep for me this week...

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Look At The Differences

by maxwell edison In reply to Too deep

Look at the people who want to jump in and validate the doom-and-gloom outlooks. There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of messages posted to various discussions about, "IT is a sinking ship", or "choosing a new career path", or "tired of India taking jobs", or not "finding value in IT jobs", or "being worse-off now than 5 years ago", or.......and on and on it goes.

But start a discussion where people can actually discuss potential opportunities for IT professionals, and all we see are jokes, denials, unrelated tangents, or nothing at all. Am I the only one who can see unlimited IT opportunities in a potentially explosive new industry -- and an environmentally friendly one to boot, one that will solve the "global warming" crisis (yes, sarcasm alert).

It just validates my opinion of "most" people. People are complainers. People don't want solutions, they just want to blame others for problems. People can't see what may be possible, because they're too busy being focused on what's not. And people can't see past their own self-imposed limitations.

It's no wonder so many people rely on the government to provide their basic womb to tomb needs. They're either unable or unwilling to rely on themselves. And when I point it out in such a blatant manner, I'm just called arrogant and condescending. I will admit, I just don't get it. (Okay, let the flames start. This is bound to rub some people the wrong way.)

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No flames

by Cactus Pete In reply to Look At The Differences

I honestly don't expect any flames. I'm not sure anyone could argue that an optimistic viewpoint can help the individual person. [We can't speak for others, so optimism is a crapshoot there.]

I have always appreciated your contributions when someone asks for help, though usually in the form of a whine. You have consistently illustrated what possibilities lie down the road for anyone willing to put forward the effort. Usually there has been no need for a "me too" to those posts. Perhaps I should think of the added benefit that a "me too" post can give to the validity of positive thinking...

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Indeed, depressing

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Look At The Differences

I thought my browser had switched threads by itself, when you started in on your woes.

I really like the eco bit of this, foolishly I sometimes cycle to work, you get in the rush our in a big city and you have to have a cigarette to clear out all the crap in your lungs.

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By the way - No reference needed

by maxwell edison In reply to good luck!

I've "applied" for my last job -- the one I currently have. My next "job", or more accurately, my next endeavor, will be one of my own making. So thanks for the offer, but no references will be necessary.

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