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This is just OVERFLOWING with Opportunity

By maxwell edison ·

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Thank you.....

by faith_michele In reply to And by the way - for peop ...

For taking that time to explain your thoughts, in those terms, for me. I really did not know all of those facts in relation to the oil industry. I do watch the news, but tend to miss some stories that are written in between the lines. Your presentation of the matter was very well put and did emit the excitement of what you must feel. Your point was well taken. Much to think about.

Have a great evening,

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I think its a good thing

by TomSal In reply to This is just OVERFLOWING ...

I for one strongly believe we need to work away from our dependency on oil/natural gas.

Not only for pollution reasons, but just think if there were alternative fuels, cleaner burning, highly efficient and the resources to create the fuels were abundant and renewable. All we'd need then is to invent a new kind of lubricant to use in place of oil.

Can we say "ok middle east, we *TRULY* will leave you alone now". lol.

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Then you'd being trying Canada

by Oz_Media In reply to I think its a good thing

As Canada is known for it's immense natural gas resources, I am sure it would only be a matter of time before GWB VIII tried to tell Americans that Paul Martin II was an evil dictator with plans to take over the world and attack Americans.

It really is a Pinky and the Brain episode when you think about it.

"So, what are we going to do tomorrow Mr. President...NARF!?"

"Same thing we do every day, try to take over the world!"

"They're the president, the president and his dolt...dolt, dolt, dolt, dooooooooolt!"

Can't wait for that episode. If CNG takes over, it won't take long before it airs I'm sure.

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Won't happen

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Then you'd being trying C ...

well not in that time scale, there's antartica to tear to bits first. Be nice to visit before they turn it into an oil refinery.
Course it is a long way whereas ..., transport costs, indigenous workers ...., no one really likes them anyway ...,look good not polluting our own environment ..., wouldn't let us have an office there...

Hmmm ,I think you could be right after all.

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