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This made me say they can not do that

By zlitocook ·
My wife told me about a website that will let anyone yes anyone get information on almost anyone for free! And if you pay a $29.00 fee you can get all their information.
So of course I had to look for my self I looked up ten people I know. I got their address, SSN and phone numbers.
My wife has already email a few government people that she knows.There is a way to remove your info but you need to provide allot more info on yourself to do this. Which scared my wife because the disclaimer says they can share any information and this is always a bad sign?
I will give the web address but I don?t like doing it, but if enough people complain about it maybe it will be removed.
What do you think about any ones information being free to anyone?

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No you sold it in return

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to You have just backed up a ...

for really high quality products and services.

No really you did !. Got that straight from the horses ***, I mean mouth.

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This is all part of the "Freedom of information act"

by jdclyde In reply to This made me say they can ...

Freedom of the press and all.

You can go and find out exactly how much your new neighbors paid for their house, when they got married (if they got married) when and where they were born and how much they filed for their taxes last year.

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jd, I have a question

by DanLM In reply to This is all part of the " ...

We can show with real life examples how any individual from any place in the world can find personal information on anyone in the United States. But, there is no response from the individuals who are arguing against various Government programs. Even if I do not agree with them, I respect their concerns about invasion of privacy with regard to the government. But where is their outrage when they are presented examples of businesses doing the same thing, unregulated, and available to the world population for use.
I think the example's provided are a much worse intrusion of privacy for a much less valid reason then what the government is doing.
I just don't understand it the reasoning of why it's ok for one and not the other. I would think if you want to protect your privacy, you would want to do it during any circumstance.
This was not a troll for a flame war, just a complete lack of understanding of where or why their seems to be a double standard.


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a very simple explaination

by jdclyde In reply to jd, I have a question


People that are so partisan that anything the other camp does is bad and everything their own camp is good.

If this was Democrats doing this (I believe Carter did) we would not here this.

It is called "Intellectual dishonesty".

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I dont like

by zlitocook In reply to jd, I have a question

Ether of them but if you as a person raise a stink about the government doing this, they take at as being antigovernment. And look closer at you and if you start trouble you can be labeled a trouble maker.
And big businesses dose this they don?t care because they have big business lawyers and can fight until you are in the poor house.
The only thing you can do is get enough people involved and get the government to see that you are serious.
Or be like John Connor in Rise of the Machines and live off the grid.

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I don't take people that argue against this as anti goverment

by DanLM In reply to I dont like

Well, most of the post's I read anyway. I take it as legitimate concern about their privacy. And I have admitted when I was wrong when I have read post's which showed where my thinking was incorrect.
You are actually the first person that I have seen that at least recognizes that there are many forms of invasions of privacy, and not all by the government.
God, I'm starting to sound like I'm anti business and I'm not. Shoot, I don't think Google would be as good as it is if it didn't collect the information that it did. Truthfully though, I really don't trust Microsoft to be poking around my computer. And I like and use their products.
Oh well, thanks for the response.


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One of the places that I do work for

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I don't take people that ...

Has an office in French Polynesia which is run by an American. He refuses to have a computer Credit Card or anything else because he claims that he has no Privacy.

Incidentally he moved to French Polynesia to get the Privacy that he wants and when he showed me what was available on US Citizens on the Web I was horrified. If things go that way over here I think I'll join him in French Polynesia.


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Didn't find me

by Tig2 In reply to This made me say they can ...

But I worry that NPI is available to anyone who has a credit card.

The damage done by illegal use of one's SSN is amazing and devastating. While most won't be in my personal situation, I know the level of lasting damage that has been done.

Any company that runs a basic credit check on me will not hire me, regardless of how qualified I may be. That in itself is daunting- to become suddenly undesirable as an employee because of credit damage that you had nothing to do with.

Engines like this should be squished. The quicker the better.

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Once someone finds out

by TonytheTiger In reply to This made me say they can ...

your information, it's no longer private. Unless the person who finds it is prohibited by law or contract not to divulge it, there's nothing you can do about it. You certainly can't undo it in any case. The best most of us can do is to be as uninteresting as possible.

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lol, I'm in deep trouble then

by DanLM In reply to Once someone finds out

I might not be very interesting to many people, but I'm just warped enough that I'm noticed more often then not


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