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This made me say they can not do that

By zlitocook ·
My wife told me about a website that will let anyone yes anyone get information on almost anyone for free! And if you pay a $29.00 fee you can get all their information.
So of course I had to look for my self I looked up ten people I know. I got their address, SSN and phone numbers.
My wife has already email a few government people that she knows.There is a way to remove your info but you need to provide allot more info on yourself to do this. Which scared my wife because the disclaimer says they can share any information and this is always a bad sign?
I will give the web address but I don?t like doing it, but if enough people complain about it maybe it will be removed.
What do you think about any ones information being free to anyone?

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But it gets better

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Once someone finds out

Over here in the last month or so we have had well over 100 Federal Bureaucrats Fired or walk out the door for misusing the Departments Data that they have access to. Many have been looking up all the available information on Neighbours and the like.

It's just a short jump from doing this to Identity Theft and it's something that is way too common now days for my liking.


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To prevent identity theft,

by TonytheTiger In reply to But it gets better :D

Reply to every one of those credit card offers you get, then when you get the cards, immediately go out and run them up :)

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That would work

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to To prevent identity theft ...

But be sort of counter productive in the long run wouldn't it?

I can just see it now sitting in front of a Judge and explaining that yes you did this to prevent someone else doing it to you. It actually has a Warped Logic behind it as well.


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How naive can you be?

by Jack-M In reply to This made me say they can ...

With hospitals, private companies, and others all using your and my SS# for an easy ID# no one's privacy is safe. Antone with a modicum of efforet can find out everything about anybody. Sometimes for a price and sometimes with just a little hard work, leg work and interviews.
Jack M

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I was told about this article, which makes sense

by DanLM In reply to How naive can you be?

That one of the most common place's that occur is through doctors and hospitals. If you think about it, a lot of doctors take their records and have them keyed by various at home people that have the software. I'm saying this wrong, but basically. They don't have these records recorded in house, they shop them out to at home people trying to make extra money. And I believe this, because I use to know an operator that did this for part time money.
Now think about this:
1). My medical records are being reviewed and keyed by someone that isn't even in the medical profession. With the advent of aids, medical records are considered one of the most private things you can have. And they should be. But mom, who is typing my records just happens to know me. I can hear it now as she gets on the phone. Did you knowwwwwwwww, that droolin has gonorrhea. Noooooooooo, and he is with that nice girl. You never know.
2). Mom, who is keying my records has a son or daughter that knows the ends and outs of where to sell this type of information online. Bang, there goes my credit card and social security number. I suddenly start receiving spam emails on the great cures of gonorrhea.
3). Shoot, mom who is typing this all up has told all my friends and neighbors. Next time I go out for a beer, I get the looks and people start laughing.

It's scary.


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Some thing else to worry

by zlitocook In reply to I was told about this art ...

About, alot of medical records are out sourced. It is far cheaper for some one in another country to transcribe records. And in other countrys they have alot less security then we do.

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And much more importantly

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Some thing else to worry

No Privacy Laws!

Part of the reason I'm against outsourcing.


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A company I worked for

by zlitocook In reply to How naive can you be?

Would ask for a person and when they got them. They would say I am with so and so company. They are an insurance company and when they started talking to them one of the first questions is I need to verify who you are. What is your birth date and SSN?
This is social engineering at its best; just think about what you give out with out thinking.

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What's the point in complaining

by Jack-M In reply to This made me say they can ...

There's really no point in complaining about the site mentioned. First, most if not all complaints will go in the circular file. 2nd,another will spring up to take it's place. 3rd, your name, SS#, birthdate etc. is in so many databases it's almost impossible to hide, even if you want to go to the trouble. Face it folks, we know where you are and everything about you. Coming up very soon courtesy of the Bush administration and the Patriot Act...National ID cards.

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Thank the ACLU, not the Bush Administration

by jdclyde In reply to What's the point in compl ...

The ACLU and the press are who can be thanked for all of your personal information being freely available. Freedom of information act anybody? Your SSN is government information. Your income is government information as well as where you live and how much you paid for your home. How is a national ID any more intrusive than your existing drivers lisense? The fact that there should be a national database instead of a state database is not rocket science to figure out. If you open your eyes, you will see we are far from the first free nation to issue a national id.

You really do show off your ignorance when you let your Bush hate control your postings.

In the US, we are a free and open society. If we weren't, then the press would AND political hacks would not have free access to the information they want.

Patriot act, yeah, there are some people that can't read that are against it. Good thing the majority in congress now can read, huh?

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