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"This may be just a game to them now, but a war will not be a game for them

By Oz_Media ·
"This may be just a game to them now, but a war will not be a game for them later. In war, they will only face miserable defeat and gruesome deaths" These are the words of the Korean Press as written in Stars and Stripes, America's military news, pep-rally paper.

Full story:

"According to Stars and Stripes Pacific's translation of a North Korean government newspaper article, UbiSoft's forthcoming Ghost Recon 2 videogame, which envisions a near-future North Korea/China conflict with US involvement, has already attracted the reclusive country's attention. In a curt review, a North Korean government-run newspaper called the game proof of U.S. warmongering. 'Through propaganda, entertainment and movies,' read a recent online commentary in the Tongil Newspaper. Americans 'have shown everyone their hatred for us. This may be just a game to them now, but a war will not be a game for them later. In war, they will only face miserable defeat and gruesome deaths.' Given the steep learning curve of previous incarnations of Ghost Recon, it's conceivable many may face miserable defeat and gruesome deaths anyhow."

So the US in turn felt it neccessary to add this little comment to Stars and Stripes, MANY GR players are military as well as several bases will use Ghost Recon to simulate war for strategic planning and troop movement practice. I platy it with a licent over his network LAN almost daily if I am at home and it is truly entertaining as well as beautifully modded and rescripted by fans.

Now in a long term view, is this perhaps America's way of inviting dislike toward North Korea from the US troops (published in Stars and Stripes?). Are they now possibly feulling conflict with NK by showing this as hatred toward America?

Well if you leave Iraq say by next winter (positive thinking), that COULD be year 2 for GWB's second term (heaven help us all), perhaps that would then give him 2 years to fuel the NK issue and create another war before his term is completed.

Judging this purely on the Iraq actuins, it really isn't a far fetched assumption at all, in fact it would be damnwell mirroring Iraq. Fuel the fear and act upon it.

This guys is just plain scary, at least Hitler was clear that he wanted to take over the world and we all knew where he stood, or where he now rests.

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To answer your other questions

by Oz_Media In reply to My war history

Sorry I hadn't fully responded to your post.

You said:
"I know you are don't like guns or war - you think everything can be settled with talking and deplomacy - Wrong"

Correction: You THINK I don't like guns or war, correct, what sane person does? Anyone with even 1% of a brain doesn't LIKE guns or war, are you telling me that there are those that LIKE guns or war? I can believe it but I didn't realize someone (especially ex-military) would think that guns and war are FAVORED resolutions.

So I will give you the fact that I don't think you LIKE guns or war, and that it was merely a wording error in your post.

So do I think talking resolves issues, no, not always. NOR do I think this war wasn't neccessary, eventually. Based on the FEAR tactics used by GWb to escalate this into an immediate and neccessary action, I do not support the premature and unwarranted attack on Iraq. Wepaons inspectors were successfully doing their jobs, I don't know what crap you heard but it is a fact that they had uncovered SOME dual purpose goods that are used globally by all countries. They also found SOME unused warheads, from missiles that were unable to be used against America.

Perhaps YOU can explain exactly why you were in such a hurry to save yourselves that waiting for allied support (again about three weeks) was not an option? Nobody else has had an answer, being former Navy perhaps you can justify it.

As for myself and war, yes, in a situation where my country is directly attacked I would support Canada AND her allies in stopping it.

NO I don't believe everything can be settled by mere words, as you suggest, although you started the statement with 'I KNOW" which you really don't nor are you correct in your assumption.

You seem to be liumping me in with lefties or anti-war demonstrators, which I am not, yet I do not see the justification to drop everything, go against your allies and invade Iraq. Only to return to the table and ask your allies for help again, after ignoring them.

The allied nations of the world are not a specialzed force that is available at America's request. It is a global alliance to prevent these countries from being attacked and support them when they are, not Americas backup system.

Yes, Saddam needed to be removed from power, yes the people of Iraq are repressed, no more than in many other countries you have ignored though, yes it is a good idea to liberate Iraq and if they CHOOSE, instill a democracy in Iraq.

Not by some fly of the handle, knee-jerk reaction to false intelligence though, a properly planned and allied invasion would have cost you less lives, less money and would have gained favour instead of dislike for the world's new leader, er... I mean your president.

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Keep speaking you make the confuses saying so true...

by SkipperUSN In reply to To answer your other ques ...

There are millions of americans and millions in the world that love and enjoy guns. (lets not even go to Iraqi or Middle East and the guns they have) - America won its freedom by the right to own and bare arms - If you want to control a country remore that right from the people - and you will look like Russa did - before its colaspe - Hum little red of you - sir

You are a prime example of Confuses saying - Keep speaking and prove the fool you are ... Its great to see you kill your own points..Great quote you came up with - "Correction: You THINK I don't like guns or war, correct, what sane person does? Anyone with even 1% of a brain doesn't LIKE guns" - And I didn't say War you added that tidbit.

What a fool you are - small brain or lack of thinking. You also just insulted millions world wide with that one... True no one likes War - but war and guns are multuly exclusive -

I love guns - I love shooting - I love hunting - Which has nothing to do with war... Sounds like you Global Warming B.S. ... Redic - When you make sense and can keep on a subject - then maybe you'll be worth another response...

But you are doing a great job proving the Fool you are...

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How wrong you are AGAIN

by Oz_Media In reply to Keep speaking you make th ...

You make the most prfound statements yourself.

If you had been here a while back you would have seen the discussion on Global Warming which I was not in favour of. I believe that reducing our KNOWN harmful emissions, mainly CO on our streets and in our day to day lives that is PROVEN to kil people slowly, is a great step.

IF in 40 50 years or whenever, they find that Global Warming is a fact, then at least we have helped reduce the effects of our pollutions in the meantime.

By turning a blind eye on the concept, we ignore the issues that ARE killing people and starving our land of oxygen, CO inhalation leads to carboxyhemoglobin, FACT.

Othe than that, the rest of your post is just an inwarranted rant with o substance or proof behind it anyway.

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Right on Skipper!

by dbertsche In reply to Retired - 35 years active ...

Couldn't agree with you more. Now he'll have some long-winded bs answer like he always does. He is totally obsessed with "trashing" Bush, it gets a little old. I haven't responded to posts for a long time because it's pretty much a waste of time but agree with you.

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So can you do any different?

by Oz_Media In reply to Right on Skipper!

All your posts shows is that you can support what favours your own opinion, you have neither offered a response nor an opinion in any way, just a little slamming.

Glad to hear you're sick of the forums and don't want to waste your/my time.

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Looks like the pot is calling the kettle black!

by dbertsche In reply to So can you do any differe ...

That's pretty much what your posts do too, support your own opinion.

Concerning slamming, it's skipper who slammed you, I only agreed with him.

Glad to see your capable of a short response Ha-Ha, I didn't think you had it in you. Being concise is not one of your virtures but you managed it this time.

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Yeah I know

by Oz_Media In reply to Looks like the pot is cal ...

In most cases a simple point is made effortlessly and everyone can see your view. On TR, it seems that a simple point is so easily lost on those who will stretch it out to mean somethng entirely different. Therefore i can never be too careful in making sure my veiws are expressed as they are so easily mistaken for leftie American comments, while I do not support teh american left OR right, I just have a view or america and how it has changed over the last 15 years or so, and it isn't a pretty veiw at all. It is nice to know that not everyone thinks as you guys do though, a get the same sentiment when In England, other parts of Canada and even from peer mail from US TR peers who have been discouraged from offering opinions here due to the right wing slant.

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Too bad your scenario is on fact...

by TomSal In reply to Who cares - China / Korea ...

The fact is North Korea does have nukes. The fact is China *IS* very much important to the US, no matter if we Americans want to admit it or not -- its an economic FACT.

The fact is China has nukes.

The fact is China has the largest army on the planet, the fact is China is one country that could serious give the US a whopping -- ALL BY ITSELF.

North Korea is a comparatively smaller nation of course, however to write them off as if they are some hodge podge army is indicative of one who does little research into the military forces of the world.

North Korea is a formidable military force and should not be under-rated.

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by TomSal In reply to Too bad your scenario is ...

Just laughing at myself, don't mind me...

My original subject should of read "Too bad your scenario isn't on fact.."

One of these days I'll slow down my type speed for the purpose of more accurate spelling and improved grammar.....


nah..screw it.

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Great mistake

by Oz_Media In reply to LOL..oops!

I read your post three times and still wondered how your title fit, "I must have missed something...was it sarcasm?"

Sorry to say it, but that's MY kind of mistake.

Oh well, I guess I am not the only imperfect human here after all! :-)

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