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"This may be just a game to them now, but a war will not be a game for them

By Oz_Media ·
"This may be just a game to them now, but a war will not be a game for them later. In war, they will only face miserable defeat and gruesome deaths" These are the words of the Korean Press as written in Stars and Stripes, America's military news, pep-rally paper.

Full story:

"According to Stars and Stripes Pacific's translation of a North Korean government newspaper article, UbiSoft's forthcoming Ghost Recon 2 videogame, which envisions a near-future North Korea/China conflict with US involvement, has already attracted the reclusive country's attention. In a curt review, a North Korean government-run newspaper called the game proof of U.S. warmongering. 'Through propaganda, entertainment and movies,' read a recent online commentary in the Tongil Newspaper. Americans 'have shown everyone their hatred for us. This may be just a game to them now, but a war will not be a game for them later. In war, they will only face miserable defeat and gruesome deaths.' Given the steep learning curve of previous incarnations of Ghost Recon, it's conceivable many may face miserable defeat and gruesome deaths anyhow."

So the US in turn felt it neccessary to add this little comment to Stars and Stripes, MANY GR players are military as well as several bases will use Ghost Recon to simulate war for strategic planning and troop movement practice. I platy it with a licent over his network LAN almost daily if I am at home and it is truly entertaining as well as beautifully modded and rescripted by fans.

Now in a long term view, is this perhaps America's way of inviting dislike toward North Korea from the US troops (published in Stars and Stripes?). Are they now possibly feulling conflict with NK by showing this as hatred toward America?

Well if you leave Iraq say by next winter (positive thinking), that COULD be year 2 for GWB's second term (heaven help us all), perhaps that would then give him 2 years to fuel the NK issue and create another war before his term is completed.

Judging this purely on the Iraq actuins, it really isn't a far fetched assumption at all, in fact it would be damnwell mirroring Iraq. Fuel the fear and act upon it.

This guys is just plain scary, at least Hitler was clear that he wanted to take over the world and we all knew where he stood, or where he now rests.

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You echo my feeling s quite well

by Oz_Media In reply to Reply to OZ blather

For some reason, the fact that I don't buy a word Bush says, I am automatically said to be Pro-Saddam, which is ludicrous, how many times do I have to repeat myself here before the americans will actually understand that I do NOT dislike America, I do NOT think Saddam should be in power, I do NOT think that the war was unneccessary, I have NOT forgotten what an evil dictator has done to his people, and even mroeso I do NOT think yuo should leave Iraq. STOP LUMPING ME IN WITH THE WAR HATERS AND AMERICAN DEMOCRATIC LEFT WING, I AM NIETHER!

GWB also did NOT state any of this as a reason for the premature invasion of Iraq. My point ALL along is HOW can American's stand by and support someone who they ALL know has provided misinformation to the people and used it to justify sending their kids to a war prematurely and without support of America's allies? It make absolutely NO sense.

If OUR P.M. had done that, he would be sitting in skid row now wondering where he went wrong.

When the focus was changed from Saddam's imminent attack upon th eUS with his horrible WMD, nobody raied an eyebrow?! What you weren't under attack and nobody cares that you went to war because you were told you would be attacked?

how can nobody care about this? It truly boggles the mind that you would support someone who has already mislead (whether knowingly or not) Ameria which IMO has most likely resulted in a far greater number of US casualties than if you were attacked or at least more than if you had allied support, proper recon, more troops etc.

Your sins and daughters died bravely as heros but WHY? after the UK uncovered the mass graves, the Us defense for backing th ewar was immediately, LOOK AT THE MASS GRAVES!!! He has WMD and would have used them upon us if we hadn't gone in when we did, BULLSH*T!

When it was reported that these were graves from former war crimes, the focus was Operation Iraqi Liberation, the latest justification.

From what I read before the invasion, the other 'jerks' who used to be considered Allies wanted to wait until the UN had completed it's inspections, which is WAS successfully completing and had found nothing relevant other than some old unused warheads. After this time, they were prepared to discuss further actions against Iraq.

For SOME reason, probably due to this this 'curveball' guy and said Iraqi informant, the US Givernment was given th impression Saddam was stockpiling WMD for use against the USA, even though the UN had confirmed that Saddam was living up to his promises o destroying KNOWN WMD.

GWB had a knee-jerk reaction and called the country to arms despite allied requests, he then convinced americans of the same and the invasion began.

Several tanks were hit on recon duties that they were not equipped for and would have been much more effective if conducted by Canadian high speed Coyotes (as usual)and US soldiers dies as a result. Who knows HOW many similar incidents have occured since then that MAY have been avoided if numbers were greater and arms were more diverse?

Based on this, I support removing Saddam, I support soldiers, I support America and I support the people of america, I DO NOT support GWB.

This then makes me a liar, anti-American, Anti-Bush, an american HATER, Pro-Saddam, unprtriotic for allowing my family to die, Democratic, Socialist, Communist and god only knows what else.

is it THAT hard to see why I say American's are too quick to the punch? I've been labelled INSTANTLY so many times and eachtime with a diferent label to echo my feelings, which are also said to be everything but what they really are.

No wonder I think Americans see what they CHOOSE to see and not what's actually in front of them. :-)

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Hmm..I see where are you are coming from

by Garion11 In reply to You echo my feeling s qui ...

Ok here is my view on this and why I feel it was justified, whether he had WMD or not.

Ok first of all, this wasn't some war that Bush dreamed up one night and decided the next day to go and invade Iraq. Saddam did defy 12 UN resolutions leading up to the war. He did fire on British planes and American planes throughout the 90s. He kicked UN inspectors out during 1998 I believe.

Then 9/11 happened. After that, the administration came to the conclusion, that America will take a much more pro-active approach when its safety and interests are concerned. Saddam with his virtually unlimited resources, it would be best for American safety and security, to be taken out of power. Did he have WMD?? I think he did and they are somewhere in Syria. Was he pursing nuclear and other chemical agents?...I believe he was. Was Bush wrong in saying he was pursuing or had WMD weapons?? No, because, based on the intelligence reports he received (which is more than what you and I receive) he made the best decision he could in PROTECTING American interests and to prevent any possible future attacks on America.

Oz you seem to be missing a very fundamental attitude of what happened to the American government and her people after 9/11. I am not critcizing you on that, but you have to understand that at this point (I can't speak for the Democrats, god only knows where they stand), the Republicans and conservatives have reached a conclusion that America can't REACT anymore to what our enemies are doing, we have to be PRO-ACTIVE (meaning we have to take the first step), in eliminating any perceived threats to this country and her intersts. I for one agree to that philosophy. Not being pro active cost America 3000 lives, and we can't take that chance anymore. When our Allies refused to join and follow us, thats when certain perceptions here changed about France and Germany. Will we go after other threats to us (North Korea, Iran etc)? possibly. Again diplomatic channels, UN, etc will be tried and in fact they already have been.

So I really hope you understand why America was pro-active in removing the Saddam threat. Even though he never fired at us, even though he didn't have weapons that he could use to launch to our cities (according to you), what HE DID have were resources (aka $$$), he COULD and WOULD have used the first chance he had to attack America. After 9/11 the Bush administration isn't going to take that chance. EXACTLY like what a President of a country is supposed to do, protect his/her citizens first (just like the Filopino and Spainish governments did).

Its not misinformation and he didn't mislead the American people (where you get this I don't know), he had whatever information he was given by CIA, MI6 intel. He didn't make up intelligence to justify anything, what he did do was use the intelligence that was given to him to come to the conclusion that Saddam needs to be taken out (again an exile was offered). Should he NOT have used it to make the best decision possible?? Again after 9/11 he wasn't going to take that chance to REACT. I hope you understand.

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I do understand

by Oz_Media In reply to Hmm..I see where are you ...

The informant, code named cureveball was known to be inaccurate and was interested in having the USA topple Saddam, that was HIS motive (or on eof them). Even when this information was aquired and presented to the President, it was done so with caution that the source was not too reliable. GWB acted upon what is a questionable source, fair enough he is protecting Americas interests. So when the inspectors were proven to be successfully inspecting and turning up nothing other than unused and antiquated warheads, GWB went to the WORLD ALLIES AGAINST TERRORISM and asked for them to support the US invasion of Iraq due to suspected WMD and the fact that the UN was taking too long.

From what I ynderstand, the general consencus was to wait for inspections to be completed as others felt they WERE being successfully handled now. UN inspectors were said to need about three or four weeks to complete inspecting suspected sites. After the UN had completed it's inspections, it would be safe to decide whether to declare WAR on the basis of WMD or an invasion based on Liberating Iraq's people, as requested of Tony Bliar by 3500 exiled Iraqi's living in England.

GWB returned to america and decided to invade anyway. His justification; WMD that saddam HAS, and is planning on using against the USA.

Well this was misinformation provided to GWB, BUT it ws also suspected misinformation at the time it was shown. This was ignored becuase who is going to support a war for SUSPECTED WMD, when their sons and daughter may die saving their cuontry from an uneccessary threat.

THIS is exactly why I as a Canadian would scream bloody blue murder at the P.M. and hold him accountable for every single death created due to a premature and improperly justified invasion.

How many times, Garion, have you or others said here that you are saving yourselves from attack from WMD? The general feeling is STILL there, nothing found, information doubted to begin with, yet you still justify GWB's invasion with every last thing you can think of. WMD, mass graves, Kurds, Liberation, schools it goes on and on, but THAT's not why you all supported the invasion to begin with.

You were mislead by the ONE voice that speaks volumes to America and NOBODY holds him acocuntable for his actions. If being president of the US is as easy as this, I will gladly send you all down the wrong path as i would have nothig to answer for, you would still support my every move.


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So you'll still avoid owning up to what you said?

by Chris@Aspenwood In reply to You echo my feeling s qui ...

OZ, your all over the map with this. I humored your Bush conspiracy fantasies briefly, but now it is done. You're convinced I labeled you somehow as a liar a socialist or whatever....actually I didn't label you once. I think it's quite interesting how you assumed something once again that isn't true. Don't take this so personal OZ or assume people like myself care about labeling you. I don't need a label for you.

I'm glad you support America, we'll be there if your country ever needs us to defend it.

Since you state your a supporter of American troops and removing Saddam, I would encourage you to send a care package to a soldier overseas at:
It would be a show of honor and credibility to fellow posters I think if you sent a package to those you support that are over there doing a job you think is right (removing Saddam). Or don't, it's up to you. YOU live in a relatively free country to choose. Remember though, actions always speak louder than words.

My post started with calling you out for comparing Bush to Hitler and why that is a nonsensical and offensive statement. Offensive to Bush supporters because what does that make us, his SS? What's ironic is that there are still Jews out there who know the horror of Hitler and have lived very near the threats of Saddam to the point of firing missles at them during the first gulf war. They understand the similarities. They can't understand why someone would claim the same of Bush.
I questioned your knowledge of history and fact in making that claim. It's not a statement that can be justified and you know you should retract it. If not, it's impossible to have a discussion with you.

Thanks for shining a light on how Bush haters make their case...I've enjoyed the dialogue and sent it to many friends as a reference for voting decisions this year.

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Perhaps I will

by Oz_Media In reply to So you'll still avoid own ...

That's a good suggestion, perhaps I will send aomething to the british soldiers who defended England against a much more likely attack though ( I am British afterall, not American or Canadian).

But I will not do anything for the purpose of gaining credibility from yourself or others, I am credible and have credibility given to me from the many who peer mail me in support of my defense here. Those hat are on the right or don't agree with me, have no reason to give me any credibility, if so you would all be followers.

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