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This week: Top 100 and Top 5 lists

By sMoRTy71 ·
Just wanted to give you all a heads up as to what we're rolling out this week.

1. Top 100 members list
Based on the new Site Activity Meter, we have created a list of the Top 100 members over the past 30 days. If the member has a Profile page, you will be able to click through and learn more about them. In the second phase of this page, we will add the Site Activity Meter to each member so that you can get a better idea of the rankings.

2. Top 100 status on Member Signature
If you are in the Top 100 members list, your ranking will be displayed underneath your activity meter (#56 of Top 100). Clicking the "Top 100" link will take you to the full Top 100 list mentioned above.

3. Top 5 per topic
We will also display the Top 5 most-active members per Discussion Center and Technical Q&A topic. We hope this helps recognize members in each of their areas of expertise. For example, you may not be the most active member overall; however, you can still be the most-active in a topic like "Network Administration."

These enhancements will roll out late Wednesday, so please let us know what you think of them and how we can improve them.


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NO problem Colin

by Oz_Media In reply to It was just the way I rea ...

My answer may have read a little heated but it wasn't. Perhaps you didn't hear my tone of voice properly !

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Issues with the Top 100 List

by BFilmFan In reply to I HAVE AHUGE ISSUE WITH T ...

I have the largest issue of ALL with the list!

I should NOT be listed higher than you, ReWrite, Sgt_shultz, TheChas, maxwell edison, Bucky Kaufman, DC Guy and literally tons of others who have certainly contributed massive amounts of technical solutions, thoughtful commentary and valuable insight than I over the years.

And I welcome Peer Email. It sure is better than the offers to enlarge my ***** and keep it enlarged with online Viagra, while I read a book about impressing babes in bars, and then seeing the best porn sites, all financed with my new home equity loan.

Happy Holidays, my peers! May each of us give such brilliant advice that we can earn huge advances on the books we will sell on the net and then live on islands as despots with loads of pretty people to keep us distracted.

Yah, yah I hear the snickering there in the back. Stop that or I will make ya answer all my daily spam!

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Better watch what you say here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Issues with the Top 100 L ...

As we have already had a Spam Discussion removed from TR for mentioning this garbage. But I can not help but wonder if it was breast enlargement naturally would the discussion have been removed. Needless to say while a valid technical topic we did get carried away on a tangent and it obviously adversely impacted or upset someone.


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TRI is safe

by house In reply to Better watch what you say ...

...just don't forget where you are when you are in the open forums.



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Recognize Old Hands

by willcomp In reply to This week: Top 100 and To ...

What is feasibility of a separate list of Top XX all time point leaders?

Doing so would help alleviate the "what have you done for us lately" of 30 day rolling scores that seem too close to current corporate culture.


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I like it so far

by maxwell edison In reply to This week: Top 100 and To ...

And I agree with all of the comments posted thus far -- even the ones that didn't agree with each other (huh?).

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Hypocrisy in TRI feedback

by house In reply to I like it so far

That is the thing about my replies...

...I always have to represent the other side of the spectrum. Negative and positive comments that are coming from my end are not necessarily how I perceive the issue. If somebody points out a pro, then I respond with a con, and vise versa.

Every single comment here at TRI holds merit. The development team for TR are the ones who need to interpret our hypocrisy, and weigh the good against the bad.

My actual opinion is usually explicitly stated, whereas my other feedback holds a "but then again" style.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Hypocrisy in TRI feedback

You just can't make up your damn mind, now shut up and go sit in the corner until you are called.

Some people's kids! I dunno?!?

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<sitting in the corner>

by house In reply to OH BULLSH*T!!!

<and staring at the wall crying>

<thinking; damn, I wish oz had posted his bank account number... and his daughter's chastity belt>

sniff... sniff... gulp... sniff...

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