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This won't happen again in our lifetime

By M_a_r_k ·
Tonight (actually Wednesday morning) at 2 minutes and 3 seconds after 1 AM....

01:02:03 04/05/06

Something this wild has happened less than 20 times in the history of the universe. And it won't happen again for exactly 100 years. I don't know about you, but I'm going to stay up until 1:03 AM just so say I can say I was part of this mind-blowinging confluence of numbers. So there you have it. Useless information that you can impress all your friends with.

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Next year

by stargazerr In reply to This won't happen again i ...

02:03:04 05/06/07

Something similar


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Why not wait for

by neilb@uk In reply to Next year

06:06:06 06/06/06

Though I may choose to sleep through that and wait for 08:08:08 08/08/08 - or even 09:09:09 09/09/09.

Happy days...

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by M_a_r_k In reply to Why not wait for

Doesn't that number have something to do with Satan or devil worship? ?

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Nothing at all - small biblical / history lesson coming

by Deadly Ernest In reply to 666

This is not involved with satanism or devilworship in any way - it is strictly Christian from the New Testament.

In the Book of Revelations in the Bible it states that the number of the beast is 666, many uneducated people take this a being like a street number or ticket number etc, but it is not. The number being refered to us a form of numerology where letters are assigned a value and the value of the letters in a name are added up in a particular way. The figure is further confussed by the fact that Revelations was originally written in Greek than translated into Latin then translated into English, so the exact real value that should be there is an item of contention in some biblical scholarly discussions. But assume that the number is the English equivalent of 666.

Then it should be read as 6-6-6 and refer to a person whose name has three distinct groups (eg Fred James Smith) and the value of each name is 6. The process went something along the lines of F = 5, R = 4, E = 8, D = 9 then 5 + 4 + 6 + 9 = 24 which is 2 + 4 = 6 the value of Fred = 6 (NB values used here are arbitrary for example purposes only).

The problem is further enlarged as there are two major numerology systems in use at that time, they are referred to as the Lesser Cannon and the Greater Cannon - each assigned different values to letters and handled the addition process seperately. Start to get the picture that it is not that easy to identify who they were refering to?

So next time someone tells you that the number 666 is satanical you can tell them that they do not know a damn thing about what they are talking about.

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Yep I can say that

by faradhi In reply to Nothing at all - small bi ...

Of course, Even after that explanation I can say I don't either.

So Fred James Smith is the devil huh. Wow. Do you know Fred? He's your boss isn't he? Yeah I know. I have had a few devils in my life as well. They used different names tho. (Lying B@st@rds.) Oh well.

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Also reference to Roman Numerals

by wallowamichael In reply to Nothing at all - small bi ...

In addition to being a mathematical construct and not the 'actual' number, it uses all (but 1000) of the Roman numerals in decending order.<BR/><BR/>
DCLXVI = 666<BR/><BR/>
This is also the reason for the first 'End Of The World' prediction. Many scholars of the time thought that the world was going to end in 1666, since it used all of the numbers in descending order.<BR/><BR/>
MDCLXVI = 1666<BR/><BR/>
We can extrapolate and guess that in the year 9876543210 the sun will finally go super-nova and get rid of us all...

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That is all due to translation errors

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Also reference to Roman N ...

the original number was NOT in Roman numerals and when the Roman Catholic church scholars translated it into Latin they changed it from 6 6 6 to DCLXVI or 666 in Roman numerals. One scholar translated it as VI VI VI and a later one said that the beast had a name like Vivarius or some such.

The actual numbering in the original is not six hundreds, six tens and six units but six units, six units, six units.

The other misconception raised in your post is the idea that it is a date - the text says 'the number of the beast' not the year of destruction. It is clearly an identifier of a being not a date, yet many don't understand that.

Another point I did not mention before is that some scholars are certain that Revelations is a political commentary of the times and the 'powers that be' when it was written and not actual inspiration from God. Part of their support is that some matters mentioned are in disagreement with other scriptures that are seen as more reliable. I think I will just wait until it happens and see who got it right.

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you forgot...

by Jaqui In reply to Nothing at all - small bi ...

that if the person writing it, who would have been jewish, was talking about "the mark" the number could be the Hebrew number 666, which would look like 3 verticle lines on the "beast" and could be scar tissue.
even writing in greek originally, he would hve known the hebrew and could have used the number to describe a set of scars on the beast.

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Except that the writer of Revelation was not a Jew

by Deadly Ernest In reply to you forgot...

The book of Revelation was written in the 2nd Century AD by a Christian with a Greek education, they are not sure if the actual writting was by a Greek scribe, writting what was dictated, or an early Christian who was literate. Thus the Hebrewic aspect you raise would not have been known to them and not considered. But I do nlike the option.

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St John wrote Revelations

by faradhi In reply to Except that the writer of ...

Saint John wrote Revelations

"I, John, both your brother and companion in the tribulation and kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was on the island that is called Patmos for the word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ." (Revelation 1:9)

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