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This won't happen again in our lifetime

By M_a_r_k ·
Tonight (actually Wednesday morning) at 2 minutes and 3 seconds after 1 AM....

01:02:03 04/05/06

Something this wild has happened less than 20 times in the history of the universe. And it won't happen again for exactly 100 years. I don't know about you, but I'm going to stay up until 1:03 AM just so say I can say I was part of this mind-blowinging confluence of numbers. So there you have it. Useless information that you can impress all your friends with.

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Mauled by a grizzly?

by BFilmFan In reply to I wasn't able to post a m ...

Did you sell that story to one of the outdoors or hunting magazines?

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Yeah I know,

by faradhi In reply to I wasn't able to post a m ...

That is like the cubs fan's motto.:) Oh well, At least we won last night.

Sorry to hear about the mauling but does peanut butter sting when it gets into a cut?? It must be tough to explain how a bear mauled you with a peanut butter sandwich. But maybe you should have left the TV on Animal Planet liked the bear asked. That will teach you.

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That may change , soon

by Mickster269 In reply to I wasn't able to post a m ...

Since the last time the Cubs won the Series was 1908, the rallying cry might become:

"Just wait until NEXT Century".

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what about the ones that never

by rob mekel In reply to That may change , soon

Won the Series?

Will that be "Just wait until eternity" :^0

What loosers those will be


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I shouldn't laugh at the Cubs

by M_a_r_k In reply to what about the ones that ...

My favorite team when I was a kid was the Houston Lastros. Now I suppose it's the Texas Rangers. Neither has ever won a damn thing. Last year the Astros had a chance but got smoked in the Series by another perennial loser from Chicago: the White Sox.

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Do see it the otherway

by rob mekel In reply to I shouldn't laugh at the ...

Take in account that the Series only exists, well lets say, 150 years. Yes I know it is a bit shorter but hadend had the time to google for it.
So in 150 years they didn't win the Series.
What is that in comparison to the time between "Something wild happening" 00:00:00 00/00/00 and 01:02:03 04/05/06
AND the time they have before 99:99:99 99/99/99 is reached.

But then if they never make it ... sorry they will be the laughing stock of all.


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Eventually, they'll be just like the White Sox and Red Sox fans, and say:

by Mickster269 In reply to what about the ones that ...

"This won't happen again in our lifetime".

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Big event

by Jellimonsta In reply to Dude you missed the big e ...

I though this was the big event of 05?

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seeing patterns

by jdclyde In reply to This won't happen again i ...

I used to (still do actually) have people call me weird because I would see patterns like that and think it was cool.

Even the simple things, like the house I grew up in, it was a strange thing but to get people to remember my address I told them to remember the street. (9th street). double it and double it again. 1836 ninth st.

Anyone else count ceiling tiles? ;\

and yes MARK, I will be up for it tonight! (EST)

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Doubling 9, subtracting 16 and dividing by the square root of pi

by M_a_r_k In reply to seeing patterns

No wonder people thought you were weird.

I haven't ever counted ceiling tiles. I did count floor tiles once when I got drunk and passed out and fell on the floor. It's amazing how fast you can count tiles when you're trying to avoid them.

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