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Thursday unfunny yuk

By jardinier ·
This is NOT an attempt to reopen the EL thread.

It is however a tragic comment on the mentality of ****** .... I can't complete this sentence for fear of being accused of America bashing.

WASHINGTON (UPI) -- A Gallup Poll released Wednesday suggests about 53 percent of Americans reject the theory of evolution as the explanation for the origin of humans.

Instead, they believe God created humans at one time "as is," the survey showed.

About 31 percent of respondents said they believe humans evolved, but God guided the process. Only 1.2 percent said they believe the scientific theory of evolution and "God had no part."

Researchers said people with lower levels of education, those who attend church regularly, those who are 65 or older and those who identify with the Republican Party are more likely to believe in the biblical story of the origin of humans.

The poll was conducted in September but no margin of error figures or other information was available.

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would be nice

by rob mekel In reply to Well..

To see how those 2 will evolve. Will there be a whole continent filled with Santa's or Easter Bunny's (I like the bunny's :) part special, tipical male as I am :0 ).
As they are created no such luck


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Easter Bunnys make sense

by dawgit In reply to Well..

and they taste good too ;-) (with a light butter and garlic sauce, served with lightly sauted fresh vegies, yum!)

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Not my words - Not my statistics

by maxwell edison In reply to Missing key word in all o ...

I just cut and pasted from the source I provided.

I have this opinion about opinion polls:

Give me a desired conclusion, and I'll come up with some poll questions to prove it.

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Not quite what I was implying

by neilb@uk In reply to Not my words - Not my sta ...

and I do agree with you about the polls.

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When things sound too good to be true (or too inconsistent to be true?)

by maxwell edison In reply to Thursday unfunny yuk

.....they're probably not.

There's more to this poll than meets the story or the headlines. I'm certain of it.

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by jardinier In reply to When things sound too goo ...

Here's a statistic for you to find, Max.

Find any country in the world in which the proportion of evangelical Christians in relation to the total population is GREATER than in the USA.

Tiny islands which are part of a country do not qualify (just in case there are any).

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What's the difference?

by maxwell edison In reply to Statistics

What's the difference between an evangelical Christian and your every day, normal, ordinary, run-of-the-mill Christian? And how does one tell them apart for "counting" purposes?

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There's all the difference in the world

by jardinier In reply to What's the difference?

or looking to the future, all the difference between heaven and ****.

After participating in theological discussions at two American Christian websites for the past few months, I know this TOTALLY NEW breed of "Christian" very well.

The MAJORITY believe that ALL Christians who belong to established denominations -- which means more than 95 per cent of Christians in the world -- will not be saved and will suffer everlasting hellfire.

These are DANGEROUS PEOPLE. They are fanatic to the extreme. They insist that the terrorists represent the true teaching of Islam (which is a total lie) and they spread and encourage hatred towards ALL MUSLIMS which is not exactly helpful in the present world situation.

These people are a product of America, which is why I asked for that statistic.

At the 2004 election, 20 - 25 per cent of those who voted were evangelical Christians.

The fact is that these people were resonsible for the re-election of George Bush. After the election Bush's campaign director stated in a televised interview that these people were deliberately targeted on the correct assumption that they would vote for Bush on the issues of abortion and gay marriage.

As you like George Bush, then you might consider this a good thing. But if you ever tried to have a conversation with one of these people, you would be scarred sh*tless at their fanaticism and their PRIDE in not thinking (as independent thinking was the first sin of Adam and Eve). Yes, they are proud of their stupid bigotry.

Like I said, this is an American thing because their numbers are in a much higher proportion to traditional Christians than in any other country.

As your president identifies with these wackos, I should think that it would be in your interest to learn as much about them as you can.

An easy way is to join the free website:

and read a few of the discussions in any of the following categories:

Biblical & Theological Issues;
General Discussion.

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You paint with a broad brush, Julian

by maxwell edison In reply to There's all the differenc ...

If you establish your stereotype of all evangelical Christians, and consider it a fair and accurate one, all based on the few who've posted messages on an Internet discussion site that you visit, then you're a fool. And no, I don't think you're a fool, but rather misguided and prone to knee-jerk reactions.

I'm sure there are such radicals in every walk of life; but it doesn't mean they're representative of the main-stream, and evangelical Christians are no different. Moreover, I'm sure there are people in cyber-space who only pose as someone or something, only to further discredit them. It's an Internet chat board, Julian. Get real!

I've resisted making the same assumptions about all Canadians based on what I've read from Oz_Media. And I've resisted making the same assumptions about all Australians based on what I've read from you.

And see my other messages that contains links to various sites about evangelical Christians. You'll see that they're neither a "new breed" nor distinctly American. And it's funny, I live in America and I've never see the kind of evangelical Christian that you describe. How can that be? I even know quite a few people who call themselves evangelical Christians, and they're not the extremist people you make them out to be.

Let's see, if 20 percent of voters in 2004 were evangelical Christians, 80 percent were not. If 120 million people voted, then that means 24 million were evangelical Christians, while 96 million were not. And 20 percent of all evangelical Christians, or almost 5 million of them, actually voted for John Kerry!

Here, read from this particular evangelical Christian, and perhaps he can provide you with a more accurate taste of who they are.

And his father:

And another one:

"Dr. George Braswell lived in Iran for seven years and was the only Christian among the faculty of the Muslim seminary where he taught comparative religion. Dr. George Braswell's latest book on Islam is called "What You Need to Know About Islam & Muslims." According to him, lifestyle evangelism and friendship are keys to witnessing to Muslims."

I know, you'll find plenty of sources that claim Franklin Graham called Islam evil, but read past the rhetoric and understand what he really said. I'm not an evangelical Christian, but I, too, see evil people crash airplanes into buildings in the name of Islam; and I don't see the so-called non-violent Islamic people standing up in concert decrying what they do. In fact, I see the opposite. I also don't see Christians, of the evangelical variety or otherwise, doing the same sort of thing.

How many Muslims are in the world? Let's say 2 billion. How many were involved in crashing airplanes into American buildings? Let's say 20. How many of the remaining 1,999,999,980 condoned and cheered what they did in the name of their religion? My guess is that it's a **** of a lot more, in both real numbers and percentages, than every evangelical Christian in the world. In fact, I'd bet the number is TEN TIMES greater.

If you want to paint a religion with a broad brush, Julian, choose the right one, will you?

You try to pass yourself off as someone with such a deep level of understanding, especially in all matters religious. I'm beginning to doubt that you are understanding, based on your knee-jerk reaction to this brand of religious people. Do you know what the term knee-jerk is? Or am I just being an ignorant American for thinking you don't? (All Americans are ignorant, you know.) Regardless, it really does describe you in so many ways. Therefore, all Australian's opinions are nothing but knee-jerk reactions to what they read on an Internet chat site, right?

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Call me whatever you like, Max

by jardinier In reply to You paint with a broad br ...

And believe whatever you like. (By the way there are 1.3 billion Muslims in the world).

I have not based my opinions on the messages at one website. I have been in contact with MANY of these Christians through several Christian websites over a number of years.

I make it my business to know what's happening in the world in regard to religion.

Quite likely you are huffy because I have suggested it is an American thing.

Too bad, but that is a fact. Perhaps you are huffy because I said your president identifies with these loonies. Too bad, but that also is a fact.

And who invaded a Muslim country based on KNOWN false intelligence, and for reasons which were not publicly acknowledged but are well known to most people who don't worship Bush as the Messiah?

Why, it was your loony, right wing, lying, evangelical Christian president no less.

And when did the leader of any Muslim country invade America or any other western country? The answer of course is never. If you haven't yet learnt that the terrorists DO NOT represent the Islamic religion, then you had better read your Koran.

Search for "virgins" and see what you come up with.

Why don't the peaceful majority of Muslims speak out against the terrorists? That I cannot answer, except to suggest that they would themselves become targets.

Almost every day of my life I speak to a Muslim -- mainly from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. I always ask the same questions and get the same answers. In the countries which they come from (and thus represent) Islam is practised as a peaceful religion. The terrorists most definitely DO NOT derive their ideas from the Koran.

Max, I am not the least bit concerned about your opinion of my opinions.

If ever I saw a knee-jerk reaction, it was your reaction to my comments in this discussion.

By all means don't judge all Australians by my statements. There are a number of other Australian peers at this website. You might try asking Alan's or Colin's opinions. I doubt that they will be much different to my own.

I certainly don't judge all Americans by your statements. You are an extremist. You live in a black and white world. From your viewpoint (and you have stated as much in an earlier discussion) a person should be 100 per cent for something, or 100 per cent against it.

Your blind bigotry (check the word in a dictionary) passes right over my head. Your opinions are most certainly NOT representative of all Americans, or of all Americans who participate in these discussions.

I am quite happy to have my name linked with Oz. He says what he believes, and hang the cost. From private emails I know him to be a totally different person to the persona he chooses to portray at this website.

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