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Time, gentlemen, please?

By jardinier ·
From 11 am Wednesday Australian Eastern Standard time (7 pm Tuesday US Eastern Standard Time) two of our TV channels have devoted their programming to the progress of the counting of votes in the US election.

However my question is not about the progress of the election (which at the time of posting strongly indicates that Bush will be the winner).

As I have a friend in New Jersey, I know that daylight saving ended last Saturday evening in that State.

My question is: do all States practise Daylight Saving and, if so, is it co-ordinated?

In Australia, Queensland, which is in the same time zone as New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, does NOT observe Daylight Saving while the other states in the same time zone do.

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by boxwood.3 In reply to Time, gentlemen, please?

The time change is for school children in today's world. When the 1 year that we didn't change (previous post above) occurred, there were some accidents involving children and crossing guards. The children would be in the dark during school year so the DSL was reinstated mainly for safety.
Also, the fall-back date was before Halloween and several years ago this was changed for safety at night.As the previous posts state, mainly farm and ranch areas do not use DST. The Amish in PA, OHIO, INDIANA do not observe this due to the farm animals which don't understand DST {when it comes to milking cows).
Our own observation here, with 3 Corgi dogs, is that pets want to be fed at the hours of their internal clock.So when DST exists, we feed them at 4PM instead of 5PM.

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Adults too

by Oz_Media In reply to DST PURPOSE FOR CHILDREN

Who wants to live lif in the dark? (okay, I have to add that most Americans will be forced to for another four years.)

Anyhow, that out of my system now, when I worked in Vancouver I had about a 30 minut commute ach day, no big deal, SKYTRAIN is awesome.

the thing that I found was many of the staff that was giving monthly awards to for performance, slumped just before DST. Dark commutes in both directions killd thier energy, which is infectious in a sales force.

We actually used to open early and close early for most of October just to keep sales up.

so it has many efects on Adults too, many people find they suffer from Sunlight Deficiency Syndrome. They get bummed out, lose motivation etc. from lack of sunlight. In essence we, just like most life forms, require sun, water and food, take one away and the life begins ot wilt.

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by boxwood.3 In reply to Time, gentlemen, please?

I found this website a few years ago but misplaced the URL-just located it. It has a good, fast time converter. Click on the left sidebar for interesting info on DST.
Originally, before Ben Franklin, an English builder had this idea. It hink this should explain the purpose better. [Uniform Time Act}

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New Years Eve

by HereInOz In reply to Time, gentlemen, please?

The best part of Queensland not having DST, Jules, is that if you go to Tweed Heads, NSW on New Years Eve, you can enjoy all the revelry at Midnight, then dash across the road to Coolangatta, Qld, and party on for another hour, then count backwards from 10 - 0 and kiss all the same girls again.

Life is good!!

Seriously, though, I was talking to an old bloke from Queensland who said that he was very happy that they didn't have DST because the extra sunlight faded all the curtains. I started to respond thinking that he was having a joke, and being a bit sarcastic, until I realised he was serious, so I quickly shut up and let him have his way. We can't have those curtains fading now can we.

We do have a bit of an issue here in South Australia though, because the meridian on which our local time is based is actually well to the east of Adelaide (about Mildura) so Adelaide is always about 15 minutes ahead of solar time anyway. The people in the West of the state are therefore significantly ahead of solar time, and then we add another hour for DST.

That area in the west is rural, and the kids have to catch the bus to school, and it often takes an hour or so for the bus to wind its way about and collect all the kids. Therefore many of them are out on the highway waiting for the bus and it is still dark, particularly at either end of the DST period.

Then in high summer, it doesn't get dark of an evening until 10pm or so. Ever tried getting kids to go to bed when the sun is still up and it is stinking hot? So the west coasters are not too happy about it, but we in the east of the state get on pretty well with it.


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XP clocks you one too

by gbhall In reply to Time, gentlemen, please?

Quite apart from the interesting question of 'who the heck wants to change every clock twice a year', does anybody know why Win XP actually CHANGES the TIME STAMP of every file on your system?

This is (I think) only applicable to NTFS partitions, with various flumoxing consequences such as (a) all your file backups to another partition, drive or system that is not NTFS seem to be out of date by one hour, which plays merry **** with your incremental backup strategy, and (b) your web-site housed on a non-NTFS partition by your ISP likewise wants every file updated.

Do these guys at Microsoft really live in the same world as the rest of us? Evidently not.

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