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Time to buy funny money?!

By Oz_Media ·
Well with the Canadian dollar hitting a low not seen for nearly 30 years, is it time for Americans to start buying up Canadian dollars?

We are over 90 cents now, Canadians just MAY start to look south for deals again, though most people I speak to still aren't interested in heading south to save a dolar yet, it's just not worth the hassel.

But if the dollar continues to sink this way, it may be time to start buying that funny coloUred Canadian money. It just may pay of sooner than predicted.

I know when I head south it's great to exchange money so close to par, because a lot of stuff is still pretty cheap in the US, not like it USED to be but it's still a fair deal a lot of the time, even after exchange. Shoes, SOME clothing, sporting goods etc. are still much cheaper in the US than Canada.

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Food Prices

by DMambo In reply to Reataurant meals more exp ...

When we visit my mother-in-law, we always stop before the border to buy milk, bread, wine (because of the prices) and margarine. She can't stand white margarine. She likes the yellow stuff from the states.

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Marketing boards

by JamesRL In reply to Food Prices

We have provincial marketing boards for beef, pork, chicken, eggs and milk which determine quotas etc. We tend to get higher prices because of it. Our farmers are supposed to be better paid because of it but talking to my relatives it isn't necessarily the case.

Wine is pretty cheap in Ontario because the Provinces' LCBO (gov't agency) is one of the biggest single buyers in the world and gets good discounts. I would think it would be more expensive in the Maritimes.

We used to have margarine colour law in Ontario, and we had friends bring us big tubs of Quebec white margarine - you know there is no difference other than food colouring, right?


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I know that

by DMambo In reply to Marketing boards

Try tellng it to a 78-year old lady who doesn't care how it looks for her son-in-law to be standing in the check-out line with 8 lbs of margarine. (She bakes a lot)

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by JamesRL In reply to I know that

My wife makes me buy the brick margarine for baking- packaged like butter, usually not the best tasting stuff. Occasionally I will find a super special on low grade tub margarine thats cheaper than the brick. She will almost never use it for baking, as she prefers the brick.

Some people just get into habits.


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Bricks for baking

by Oz_Media In reply to I know that

Bricks are generally measured. If not in quarter cup squares, the wrqapper is marked so you can quickly slice off a 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, or 1 cup chunk.

Baking with tub margarine is a mess and inaccurate. Dont ask me why i know this.

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Bricks FOR Baking???

by DMambo In reply to I know that

Bricks are usually what come out of the oven AFTER mum is done baking. (Tell her I said that and I'll deny it)

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Yellow margarine

by Oz_Media In reply to Food Prices

We have yellow margarine too, it's called REAL BUTTER!

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by Oz_Media In reply to Reataurant meals more exp ...

I found last time in the US (Oregon and Southern Washington) it was not so cheap at all.

At a 'decent' restaurant (US standards of course) the food was not all that great (wafer thin steak) and was not any cheaper than Canadian, especially after exchange. The drinks were the same as here, and teh service absolutely SUCKED.

At a fast food stop in the drive, gotta do the Jack when I visit, as always decent for fast food but really expensive, compared to fast food here.

When I was in Kentucky a couple of months ago, the food was horrendous! TERRIBLE food, pathetic servings (for a country known for it's massive servings of EVERYTHING)and incredibly expensive.

I must admit though, the Turf Club at Emerald downs has a REALLY good seafood platter (double platter) for about $30.00. The salmon was sad but the rest was great.

EXPENSIVE FOOD?!?!? Montreal. That place will clean out your wallet in a hurry! I have never seen such expensive meals before, mind you, the food is absolutely stunning. I give Montreal credit for two great things, bagels and restaurants. Man they know how to eat, even if they don't know how to talk.

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Harold and Kumar

by JamesRL In reply to Food

Not really my demographic, but I ended up watching "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle" on TV. I had to laugh as the greater Toronto region stood in for somewhere in the US, and I began to get a craving to try a white castle burger. Sadly, even though I know the exact location where the movie's white castle is to be found, there are no white castles in Ontario.

Can we trade a few Arby's, Taco Bells etc for some White Castles and Jacks?


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There are places in Montreal that are cheap but sad to say.............

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Food

Vistors are unlikely to find them except perhaps by accident. If you are referring to the kinds of places I think you are, you're absolutely correct but don't forget several of those types of restaurants are cashing in because they may have had stars in the Michelin guides. The meal should be great at those prices. Most of them are in the downtown core but there are several on the fringes where the quality and ambience are as good and the sticker shock won't deliver as great a jolt.

French Canadians do not eat to live but rather they live to eat and many consider an evening on the town as dinner at eight over two and a half to three and a half hours and then home to snuggle up with their chosen one. Montreal restaurants cater to that, as most of them don't get the customer turnover that a Toronto or Vancouver restaurant gets. Very few places in Montreal will try to rush you or accelerate your meal but will rather cater to that style and perhaps that explains the higher prices of Montreal restaurants. Waiters will constantly keep filling your coffee and drinks and you will have to ask for your bill unlike in TO when the bill often arrives with the second cup of coffee.

I don't necessarily agree with it but Quebec is rather distinct that way.

Dawg ]:)

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