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Time to buy funny money?!

By Oz_Media ·
Well with the Canadian dollar hitting a low not seen for nearly 30 years, is it time for Americans to start buying up Canadian dollars?

We are over 90 cents now, Canadians just MAY start to look south for deals again, though most people I speak to still aren't interested in heading south to save a dolar yet, it's just not worth the hassel.

But if the dollar continues to sink this way, it may be time to start buying that funny coloUred Canadian money. It just may pay of sooner than predicted.

I know when I head south it's great to exchange money so close to par, because a lot of stuff is still pretty cheap in the US, not like it USED to be but it's still a fair deal a lot of the time, even after exchange. Shoes, SOME clothing, sporting goods etc. are still much cheaper in the US than Canada.

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by Oz_Media In reply to There are places in Montr ...

As far as insiders, when I am in ontreal it is with a staff of 60 locals, so I do get to see the less trendy/tourists spots. such as that French restaurant I can't name (but it is fantastic), right next door to a Belgian chocolate place, that's where the desserts come from...mmmmmm.

You'r eright also in saying that people on Montreal spend all night having dinner. The problem is they just work (LATE) and then eat and sleep.

In Vancouver, we hate work, eat in a hurry and GET THE **** OUTSIDE WHERE IT IS AWESOME! We live for recreation, not food or work.

BUT, you don't often get rushed at a decent restaurant here, you can hang out forever. The ANNOYING part is being in a rush and trying to find the waiter to get your bill.

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At $1.10

by Oz_Media In reply to Where are you going?

Lets say you get $1.10 on your USD.

1 US gallon (4 US quarts)is equal to 3.785 litres

Toronto's cheap gas today is at 93 cents a litre, high is around $1.05 (in Vancouver it's around $1.17L!!) .
So lets say you average about $1.00L.

That's $3.76 Canadian per US gallon or about $3.38USD per gallon.

But we'll offer you scenery, nice people and great seafood (mmmmm, I miss the maritimes!).

And Americans are whining about gas prices everyday on the news, if only they had an idea of what expensive has is. Even then, the UK trumps Canada too.

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Gas Prices

by JamesRL In reply to At $1.10

Canada's gas prices are much closer to the US price than UK/EU pricing. I found prices in Buffalo that are $3.07 US per gallon - pretty close actually.

Of course Montreal gas prices are higher than Toronto, and I assume the Maritimes has even higher gas prices.


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gas prices..

by Jaqui In reply to Gas Prices

$1.20 litre here.

It's been bouncing between 1.168 and 1.228 over the last month.

that is between $5.33776 and $5.61196 per Imperial Gallon.

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What gets me....

by JamesRL In reply to gas prices..

Is the amount of fluctuations.

The prices rise in the morning and fall in the evening, often by 3-4 cents a litre. They rise on Friday am and stay there all weekend in the summer.

Clearly they aren't getting tankers full of gas every day. They are taking advantage of minor fluctuations in demand, but playing to their advantage. Sadly I do think there is colusion on this so the market isn't free.



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You're downtown

by Oz_Media In reply to gas prices..

Jaqui, prices have been high, Richmond is over $1.20 but New West is still $1.11 and where I fill in Deroche it's under a dollar still.

I can only imagine what the Shell on Denman is charging though, sunshine and warmth brings hoards to English Bay, the stations just love that stuff!

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What slays me

by Oz_Media In reply to Sux for me

I Canada, everything is more expensive, getting closer now but that's the common rule.

When I head south to the track, concerts etc. The beer is prety much the same price as it is in Canada, and it's pure water. It's like paying $5.00 for a plastic cup fulll of bottled water, what a waste.

With SOME of our events having such good beer deals, there is no real draw to the US anymore. The Breakers, a bar on a little peninsula (Blaine) just across the border (can't get to the mainland or I-5, it's just a little town where Canadians buy cheap gas and milk)has always offered beer with Canadian money at par, WHAT A DEAL!!! $2.50 for a pint of Guinness?!?!?WOWSERS!!.

Now it just doesn't mean anything, the beer prices went up and our money is nearly at par aqnyway. Plus, why would I pay to visit the US just to get discount beer?

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JD a Few suggestions

by JamesRL In reply to Time to buy funny money?!

Focussed on the Summer.....
Molson Grandprix July 7,8,9
Beaches Jazz Festival July 21, 2006 To July 30, 2006
Toronto Jazz Festival June 23, 2006 To July 02, 2006 (Canada Day weekend)

Krinos Taste of the Danforth Festival
August 11, 2006 To August 13, 2006
Canadian National Exhibition
August 18, 2006 To September 04, 2006

There are many more things going on but these are the ones I know well.


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Just got my tix!

by Oz_Media In reply to JD a Few suggestions

Montreal GP, the company was holding a promo for clients, my clients won so I get to go and play host for the VIP's.

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