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Time to buy funny money?!

By Oz_Media ·
Well with the Canadian dollar hitting a low not seen for nearly 30 years, is it time for Americans to start buying up Canadian dollars?

We are over 90 cents now, Canadians just MAY start to look south for deals again, though most people I speak to still aren't interested in heading south to save a dolar yet, it's just not worth the hassel.

But if the dollar continues to sink this way, it may be time to start buying that funny coloUred Canadian money. It just may pay of sooner than predicted.

I know when I head south it's great to exchange money so close to par, because a lot of stuff is still pretty cheap in the US, not like it USED to be but it's still a fair deal a lot of the time, even after exchange. Shoes, SOME clothing, sporting goods etc. are still much cheaper in the US than Canada.

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Bring ear plugs!

by DMambo In reply to Just got my tix!

It is LOUD.

Hey, a buddy of mine goes every year, and sometimes invites me. Who knows, maybe I'll run into you there.

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I have seen quite a few

by Oz_Media In reply to Bring ear plugs!

Living in England I saw quite a few F-1 races, in France mostly. I was a huge JPS fan in the Mario days, even though my parents kept buying me Yardley McLaren gear to get me to switch.

With Indy in Vancouver, and being a promoter, I have seen many races here too. As a mechanic I have dragged more than a few cars in the summer at the local track.

Yup, it's loud, but unless you can feel it throuigh every pore in your body, it just aint racing. :)

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