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Time to move on

By jardinier ·
I think it is time I moved on from this website after learning that I was sharing cyber space with some VERY, VERY sick people.

Management lifted the Ethiopia thread within minutes of my drawning attention to the highly offensive and LIBELLOUS content.

So dawg and all your sicko friends, have a smirk on me. I must rush off now as school is just coming out.

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by gadgetgirl In reply to To paraphrase- "A Few Goo ...

great synopsis, but that was the clean version....

Personally, I think Shell would understand a whole lot more if you gave her a precis of the muckier version....

Don't worry, she's seen Jules' posts before, and she's old enough... Just make sure that you don't put the words like "fiancee" and "Addisu" together more than once, in case the PR PTB have tweaked their monitors! (oof! painful!)


In the Uk, hot, humid, hot, no air, hot, sweaty, hot, itchy, hot, and overcooked in an office with no aircon, currently Frazzled.

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no air con

by Shellbot In reply to ah.....'busted......

gg...i hear ya..its the same in Dublin..i am going to melt. I'm looking for any excuse to leave the office early.

So far the best idea i've got is to staple my finger and say i've to go get a tetnus shot. Not sure its a runner though :)

old enough..*sigh* yes, that i am..well if anyone wants to, they can private mail me the details of the mucky business...

so what else went on in the the past 2 weeks that i've not been around for????

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Shell! Screenshot! Screenshot!

by gadgetgirl In reply to no air con

You're no. 69!!

Keeeeeewick! Gettit!


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by Shellbot In reply to Shell! Screenshot! Scre ...

i missed it..i slipped to 68 by the time i read your post!!!

dang it anyways..thats the only way i'm gonna see 6...

oh hang on, i should be quiet now shouldn't i

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that ... is a

by rob mekel In reply to arg!!

screenshot to have :0 oops.

and you were slippin in to 68 :0

Great to have you back Shellbot :) I love the way your mind works


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why thank you

by Shellbot In reply to arg!!

i'll take that as a compliment

Most people don't like the way my mind works ]:)

your up early..or late..what continent are you on?

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YW :)

by rob mekel In reply to arg!!

and is/was intended as so.

Same is true for you ain't it?
I'm located in the Netherlands, so Europe.

Why on earth would people don't like the way your mind works? As I see it, it's working just fine/great. Don't let you be told otherwise!


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by Shellbot In reply to arg!!

we almost neighbours! :)

ah, i've fond memories of spending hours in the airport there :)

ah normally i don't go into TR till closer to lunch, but i just can't face work this morning. i call it the "returned from holidays and don't give a carp" syndrome.
its even stronger than normal as i'm looking for a new job, so i'm kinda not bothered to start much work. i know, not the right attitude to take, but its just not going to be a great week.

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I just wander up and down

by Mickster269 In reply to arg!!

the '60's all the time. Maybe we can have coffee next time our paths cross?

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of course

by Shellbot In reply to arg!!

we'll do coffee..
i'll bring cookies ?
what kind you like?

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