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Time to move on

By jardinier ·
I think it is time I moved on from this website after learning that I was sharing cyber space with some VERY, VERY sick people.

Management lifted the Ethiopia thread within minutes of my drawning attention to the highly offensive and LIBELLOUS content.

So dawg and all your sicko friends, have a smirk on me. I must rush off now as school is just coming out.

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by jdclyde In reply to more fighting??

Shell! First, always great to have you popping in!

Second, a day of drunken celebration to honor the day of your birth is called for!

Sorry you had to soil your heals with Julians post to start it off. Looking at the "hot" discussion list, I see a happy birthday shellbot discussion going, so I shall be leaving this dark place of Julians shadow and join you over there!

happy birthday to you again!


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Dawg and his sicko friends

by DMambo In reply to Time to move on

I've been saying for quite some time that Dawg and his sicko friends should clean up their acts. I have held the torch high trying to lead these perverts down the Path of Purity. So far, my words have fallen on deaf ears.

Thank God! ]:)

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by Shellbot In reply to Dawg and his sicko friend ...

oh my god..if i had known there were perverts on here i would not have joined in the first place... ]:)

sorry for the inane posts..i'm trying not to do any work today and i think the heat is getting to me :)

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No birthday wishes for you

by DMambo In reply to perverts?

until you get rid of the cat avatar. If you need suggestions on what to do with the actual cat, I can provides several imaginative ideas.

But other than that, hope it's going well and that holidays were fine!

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by Shellbot In reply to No birthday wishes for yo ...

thats my kitty!!!
His name is Levi. He's a fantastic cat, he cries if you don't pick him up and when he's happy he starts purring a lot and drools..its so cute..

(i'm sensing this probably is not what you want to hear :) )

Ok, give me a day or 2 to find a suitable replacement.

its all good Mambo :)

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by jdclyde In reply to but..

you seem to have that affect on more than I knew it turns out?

Ignore the Mambo. Cats rock! You have not seen funny until you have seen my cat chase my dog around the house! ;\

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Keep the kitty!

by Tig2 In reply to but..

Don't kowtow to DMambos prejudices regarding cats. He is a hater- don't give in.

You and I know how important felines are. I personally live with three cats- wouldn't try to keep house without a cat. They reduce stress and keep your blood pressure in line.

Just because DMambo has an unhealthy disregard for kitties doesn't make them bad.

The best replacement for your avatar is another cat!

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yes..he drools

by Shellbot In reply to but..

huge drips of cat drool all over your shoulder. god bless him.

i think when he was nuetered it took all the good sense from him, but i love him all the same.

ok..i'm keeping the cat..
and yes..cats do Rock..and i'd say it won't be too long before we get a 3rd cat for the house :)

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in that case

by jdclyde In reply to yes..he drools

with three cats, you are going to have to start giving equal time!

Maybe even time to make an animated gif!

one cat, one dog. That does me fine. Cat is always on my lap and dog is always at my feet. Where would there be room for another? ;\

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On your shoulder

by j.lupo In reply to in that case

Both cats and dogs are know for there Parrot like qualities, just ask mine if you need proof. I had a friend who's cat always curled around his neck and stayed there regardless of what my friend was doing.

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