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Time to stand up to Microsoft

By qomputek ·
I am curious about everyones opinion to this article:,4586,2815189,00.html

I am not familure with XP but I have to admit from what I've read about it, it realy scares the heck out of me. Check this qoute taken from the article, "Of course, once .Net is in place MS will potentially have the tools to turn off your software at a moment's notice."

And check this out:

I would love to see XP in action but I don't think I like the idea anymore.

Is this hype or fact?

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Good Luck to You!

by pepeledog In reply to Time to stand up to Micro ...

Good luck. Many, many years ago there was a saying (probably before your times) - Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM. Now, the same is true for M$. It may not work as well as other software; it may not be quite as secure as other software; itmay not have the features of other software - but it IS Microsoft.

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Yeah, but a lot of people did get fired

by admin In reply to Good Luck to You!

for buying IBM eventually if they stayed loyal.

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The sheep bleat on

by sujai.nath In reply to Good Luck to You!

It is precisely this attitude that M$ capitalizes on. It is truly a marketing marvel that they have established this mindset to the point of brainwashing. Fortunately, a number of people can see through their mesmerized haze, and realize they dontlike where they are going (not just today but tomorrow). Unfortunately, only a very small number of those (as epepke so astutely pointed out) will actually do anything proactive or even reactive about it. I myself have already jumped ship from thequickly sinking M$ boat of doom. I tried helping others off but most seem to content to go down with the ship. This is the kind of foolhardy loyalty that other companies dream about.

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One Question for you.

by qomputek In reply to Good Luck to You!

So you have no problem with microsoft eavesdropping on you, checking what you have installed on your system, and if they are not satisfied then can turn you off? You're telling me you're fine with that?

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I do have a problem M$ eavesdropping.

by pepeledog In reply to One Question for you.

I DO have a problem with it M$ eavesdropping. I will not buy into XP no matter what. I think it is monstrous what M$ has been allowed to do with the market. The point I tried to make is that the broad problem lies with the business community (especially big business). They blindly accept M$ in the workplace; they blindly believe in M$ progaganda about reducing TCO; they blindly believe in M$. I think this happens for the reason I stated before. Like sheep to the slaughter, they can't go wrong if they buy M$ because everyone else has it. As long a Big Busines$ standardizes on M$ the problem will continue, much to the detriment of the Internet, software development and competition.

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What about our basic rights?

by bmcusa In reply to I do have a problem M$ ea ...

Noone has asked, what I feel is the most important question. What about our Consitutional rights to porivacy? We wouldn't stand still for the government eavesdropping and/or shutting down our computers, and the Courts wouldn't let them. Yet MN$ seems to thing it is above the government, above the people, and exempt from the very legal system thet allows them to flurish. Dissatisfied stockholder.

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You wouldn't stand still?

by epepke In reply to What about our basic righ ...

Really? Just watch how Carnivore metastasizes in the coming bad times.

As far as the use of corporations to get around that pesky Constitution, that's been going on a long time, under four separate administrations, since the days when Microsoft was actually a boon and played fair. You know how most companies make you urinate into a bottle these days?

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the truth shall set you free

by raytucker In reply to I do have a problem M$ ea ...

Finally, someone is looking in the right direction, you cant be any more right. The majority always wins, its the corporations that dont want to loose money. Microsoft, has re-engineered their license agreements giving big business, breaks on upgrade costs. IE..if you upgrade now it will cost less, than waiting until later at full price.Also,they are also dropping support of older products, threatening to not release any more updates. of course they will upgrade, forcing the rest of us to also do the same.

Good Call

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by csmith In reply to Good Luck to You!

The question is not if they will buy Microsoft.
The question is will they buy anything, in the current business climate.
From what I have seen, upgrading to XP is quite a challenge for the IT department.
When the sales are off, earnings are dropping over 20%, how do you justify the expense of an upgrade?
Where is the productivity increase, when there are so many competing needs for cash?
Regards, Chris

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Bigger than we think.

by Zen37 In reply to Time to stand up to Micro ...

Unfortunately, the problem is bigger than we think.

Companies would like to look for alternatives to windows, but it's not just an alternative OS you have to look for. How many applications do you have, that are not made by Microsoft, that only work on NT? How many more are being developed right now to use AD? Those won't work with NDS. Why not? Because there aren't enough people using NDS.

So not only do you have to reload all your workstations and servers with a new OS, but you have to change most if not all of your company's applications.

Can you justify the Millions of dollars it would take to make such a switch? Can you justify retraining absolutely every single person using a computer in your company, not just your ITdepartment?

Of course not, it's a lot cheaper to stay as is and pay the mighty dragon what it wants. The question I ask is, will all that money be enough to get it off our back permanently?
I doubt it very much.

I work in Telecom and fortunately; I can do my job with either Windows of Linux or whatever. But that's not the case for most of us, and almost all of out customers out there.

One thing is for sure, if you want to do something, it's now or never.

Good luck.

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