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Time to stand up to Microsoft

By qomputek ·
I am curious about everyones opinion to this article:,4586,2815189,00.html

I am not familure with XP but I have to admit from what I've read about it, it realy scares the heck out of me. Check this qoute taken from the article, "Of course, once .Net is in place MS will potentially have the tools to turn off your software at a moment's notice."

And check this out:

I would love to see XP in action but I don't think I like the idea anymore.

Is this hype or fact?

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It isn't cheaper

by epepke In reply to Bigger than we think.

You will pay the millions of dollars anyway, probably even more millions of dollars.

The benefit is that you can pretend that you don't know you will have to pay the millions of dollars, and when you do, you will be able to say that it isn't yourfault.

People will pay dearly for the privilege of pointing to someone else holding the roto-plooker, even if it's a much bigger roto-plooker.

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We still Overlooked something>!

by radiic In reply to Bigger than we think.

Our whole conversation has been about our workplace. Yea as a netadmin I have to purchase all these damn CAL's for all my users.

What about the HOME arena. How many millions of pc's have shipped from Dell,Compaq,Hp,Gateway,and all the others with M$ software PRELOADED. HOW dare they assume that all those over 40 crowd that have flocked to stores in the past 5 years would want M$ on there pc. What would have happened if they all shipped with a certain distro of *nix. My mom would she have called me more or less to still work on her pc and show her what to do>?>?>?

IMO> I believe M$ took advantage of a whole generation of people that didnt know better. They also took advantage of the Developers too by getting them in their hip pocket to write programs that would only work on the next big new OS that M$ was producing at the time. What do you think would happen to XP if all the development shops around the country refused to write programms to run on that OS.

I dont know about you but I feel like we should parade Nancy Regan around on a big Penquin float that said "JUST SAY NO TO M$"

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Its just a hype...

by SaraMiller In reply to Time to stand up to Micro ...

Ill tell you that I am the official computer geek. Anything you dont know, I do. And I know that this is all just a hype. XP will go in action...just not yet. No one kows when it will except for Bill Gates and I have my hunches...a:LSJBf;...sorry that was a little spaz.

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What the **** are you babbling about ?

by Pandadude In reply to Its just a hype...

>>the official computer geek...Anything you dont know, I do......<<
What's all these crap ???

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No difference between M$ and bin Laden

by bobm In reply to Time to stand up to Micro ...

It seems that in this time of "terror" within the US and globally, we have two fronts of attack and not one as we all assume. M$ are the other "Terror organization". Both organizations are run on similar policies. Global domination by force!

See article -->,4586,2815189,00%20.html

Yet again, we are being held to ransom (with the new XP OS) which is not a good idea especially in this time. If IBM made an operating system like WIN 3.1 to XP etc that is full of bugs, and remain full of bugs, IBM would have been out of business years ago. Long live IBM.

Let's hope that M$ will wake up when very few people invest in XP. I was duped into purchasing ME which was a steaming pile of pooh! get moneyback, no way!

Big corporations MUST look at other alternatives like Unix/Linux operating system/s. Now is perfect the opportunity to look into alternatives. If companies are going to invest time and money again for all the upgrades, rather spend those resources on a REAL OS. This idea of radical changes to the OS every release MUST STOP NOW! IBM have managed to remain consistant for 30 years in the MF OS environment with major releases. Why can't M$ do the same. Shame on you M$. It's up to the people now to speak up. And speak up we will.

Remember Unix has been around for almost 40 years, M$ around 20, and still have not matured!

Remember, "WE THE PEOPLE" put you where you are today and made you what you are, now you turn on us. Shame on you. We made you, we will break you.. Remember that.

I recommend that all corporations bouycott this new OS. We have the power to do that. Lets unite and give M$ a run for their money. All we are doing is purchasing a box full of bugs again. Long live BSD! Now big daddy is watching. Not Good! What ever happened to the constitution freedom of speech etc.

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They are different.

by admin In reply to No difference between M$ ...

MS does not train terrorist operatives to injure, kill and maim other human beings.

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Microsoft may actually get away with it.

by qomputek In reply to Time to stand up to Micro ...

This is what I see. They will eventually realize that what they are trying won't fly. They will tone it down a bit but just enough to satisfy the despret users. Then they will do the usual bait and switch and when its too late, you're hooked in.
Three reason I think M$ will get away with it:

1)I don't think Microsoft will crumble (unfortunetly). I've been to "Best Buy" recently and the only OS they sell computers with is either XP or 2000, not even 98 anymore. If you're a consumer you have no choice and you're not even made aware you have one.

2) I looked at a half empty shelf with XP boxes that were EMPTY. For $10 dollars you get to buy and empty box of Windows XP and people where buying it. An empty box just to garantee they will have a copy on release date. What are they worried about that they will all be gone? Its note there fault, they don't know any better, and M$ knows that. Its sad but true, Microsoft will get away with this, as much as I hate to see it.3)If you're a gamer you realy have no choice.

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They already have and they will

by raytucker In reply to Microsoft may actually ge ...

Unfortunately, 90% of the planet runs microsoft software. On a corporate level, it would be too much to have to retrain all their employees on a different platform. it's actually more cost effictive to just go with the upgrade.

Microsoft knows that also, thats why they are doing what they are. Blackcomb, will be here in a few years, its only going to get worse in the future.

I know that my company, will only go with 64 bit-XP for their power users and graphics departments. We just finished upgrading to 2K, it will be a while before anymore upgrades are performed. I feel that XP will only greatly effect home users, due to the fact that most corporations have went to great lenghts to ensure all their software is licensed. Most peole dont know it but, 2K is already capable of monitoring licensing(Terminal Services) for network applications, XP just incorporated what was already there for the home users. I can remember a few years ago, when the pentium III's were coming out with an embedded program on the chip, that would scan the machine and send the information virtually anywhere, so the manufacturers had to ship the machines with that feature turned off.

This technology has always been there, just now its starting to become a public reality. unfortunately, privacy is becoming a thing of the past, if you want to aviod it, I would suggest staying with 2K,ME,98 and 95.

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I'm curious

by admin In reply to They already have and the ...

does anyone know if Samba use is directly being monitored? If you have technical proof, please share. :>

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