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Time to stand up to Microsoft

By qomputek ·
I am curious about everyones opinion to this article:,4586,2815189,00.html

I am not familure with XP but I have to admit from what I've read about it, it realy scares the heck out of me. Check this qoute taken from the article, "Of course, once .Net is in place MS will potentially have the tools to turn off your software at a moment's notice."

And check this out:

I would love to see XP in action but I don't think I like the idea anymore.

Is this hype or fact?

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Or maybe not

by Bunga In reply to Microsoft may actually ge ...

another opinion

1) Couldnt this be seen as a downfall of the marketing dept's of other OS's??

2) Is this a dirty trick played by a shop or Microsoft?

3) How about Commodore 64? I still think its the best game platform around. (just need to find the programmers)

Like to here your thoughts


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Re the Dirty Tricks M$ Is Cooking Up...

by Pandadude In reply to Time to stand up to Micro ...

to increase revenue...
There is an ancient Chinese saying:
"The "Good" goes one yard while the "Evil"
goes one mile....".
Whatever M$ puts up will be defeated. That's just the nature of things.

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the real world

by angtek In reply to Re the Dirty Tricks M$ Is ...

Bill Gates once said he didnt want to control information, Only the way it transferred. He has done that. And it all started with DOS and IBM. IBM put him on the path he is on today.

But you cant blame him! He is a smart business man.

1)Usersof all technology push for ease and compatibility.

2)If you want to change things talk to gamers. They are the people who force technology. Do you know of ANY other OS that allows a gamer to play?

3)Security is not a new issues. Every programhas a backdoor. If a person wants to gain access to anything bad enough they can. Look at Instant Messangers, the .net that they all use make them vunerable. Every IM message can be read. Go back and look at the issues with ICQ. The only true way tokeep a system secure is to not connect to anything.

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by admin In reply to the real world

Linux, Atari DOS, & beOS are some OS's I play games on.

Then there are the OS's on palms, playstations, Nintendos, Dreamcast's, Commodores, Macintoshes and hordes of other OS's.

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To MS or not to MS??

by Bunga In reply to Time to stand up to Micro ...

My Opinion

If you dont like microsoft products (or any of their busness beliefs) why choose to use their products? Its your choice!!


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Is there true choice?

by Daniel O. Escasa In reply to To MS or not to MS??

Not entirely. Most of the rest of the world is on one of Microsoft's sorry excuses of an OS. The company or individual that doesn't increasingly find themselves isolated from the rest of the world. For instance, you can choose Linux or xBSD plus Star Office 5.latest, which can still read Office 2000 files as far as I can tell. Wait till Office XP proliferates, with its "buggy" filters that have trouble saving in , e.g., Word 97 format. True, there *is* a choice, the consequences of the choice being an impaired ability to connect with the rest of the world.


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