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Time to upgrade, where is my hammer?

By Aaron_Wurthmann ·
Time for me to upgrade my NT 4 servers to 2000. My clients are either 98 or 2000. What I am looking for here are experiences that you have had, articles I should read fist, what I should look out for based on my server description below and roughly what time frame should I expect. (Am I going to have to spend the weekend here?) All servers are Dells with at least 400mhz PIIs, 256 mb ram, 6 gigs of disk SCSI hard drives with a Adaptec 2930 built in on the mother board. I ran the Windows 2000 Readiness Analyzer and didn’t get an problems other than a warning on making sure that I am on SP3 for Exchange and it also told me to upgrade the PDC first. I also dloaded the How to Upgrade from Windows NT Server 3.51 or 4.0 doc from MS, I am reading now.

Name and main function / Other Purposes and software installed
PDC / DHCP, Data Server, Diskeeper 5, NAI NetShield, DHCP Manager
BDC / Exchange 5.5 Sp3, IIS, NT option pack, OWA / NAI GroupSheild
WEB / Stand-alone server, WINS server, IntrAnet web ser

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Time to upgrade, where is my hammer?

by Aaron V In reply to Time to upgrade, where is ...

There are many good suggestions here -
I would start with the backups. Also we ran into trouble with Virus scanners under Win2k. Verify and re-verify that these work under Win2k (load up a workstation and install the software to test it). We ended up changing Virus scanners when upgrading. (You will most like incure licensing costs for this).

Diskeeper may interfere with the one built in to Win2k, you may need to re-install.

If I may be so bold, IMHO, I would convince management tosplit functionality out on your server. I would build a dedicated Exchange Server, in addition to your PDC.

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Time to upgrade, where is my hammer?

by Aaron_Wurthmann In reply to Time to upgrade, where is ...

Thanks, if I had anymore points to give they would be yours. And yes I read that Diskeeper should be uninstalled and then reinstalled after the upgrade. The problem with making Exchange a Member Server instaed of a DC is that it will put some undue stress on my users for OWA they'll have to log in with the domain name. My users are pretty stupid, I'll take the secuirty risk.

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