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Time Wasted Survey

By marileev · conducted a survey which says workers waste two hours a day cruising on the web and socializing. By one calculation employers spend $759 billion per year paying -

The nature of my job is very collaborative, even if I take a minute off topic our department is still able to get their deliverables completed like this tips article

Do you spend more than 2 hours a day "goofing-off?" Has goofing off ever negatively affected your job? I think taking a break gives you fresh eyes.

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Around here

by TonytheTiger In reply to At one point, couldn't bu ...

it's become a status symbol to not have a computer on your desk.

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Status and the company phone

by jdclyde In reply to At one point, couldn't bu ...

When they started giving out Nextels, I ducked out so I wouldn't have to have one. My co-worker JUMPED at the chance, because SHE was important because SHE had a company phone.

Two years later, who is it that gets calls at home from 5 in the morning to 9:30 at night? Not me!

She has tried sence the to hand it off, but no thanks. I rarely answer the phones that I DO have. Why would I want another in my life that I HAVE to answer? :0

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back in the day

by marileev In reply to At one point, couldn't bu ...

Funny you say that about email too. When I worked in corporate for a large retailer you could have a nondescript 12345@mcimail account, but to have an email with your name and Outlook installed on your machine was a great big bureaucratic mess. They didn't globally roll out Outlook oh wait Outlook Express to everyone until oh 2000.

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by TonytheTiger In reply to At one point, couldn't bu ...

They told me I had to have a pager, but they didn't tell me I had to have a good battery in it :)

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Is it wasting time when the boss is wasting your time?

by DMambo In reply to just another waste of tim ...

"Can you come into my office for a few minutes?"

When I hear our general manager start out with that one, I know that it's going to be one hour minimum and generally half of that is listening to him ripping some other manager in the plant or talking about his boat. Makes me wonder what he says about me when I'm not there.

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yes, it is

by jdclyde In reply to Is it wasting time when t ...

but it is his hour to waste, right?

Just try to stay awake and pretend your interested.

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Reasons to listen to your boss even when he has little to say

by JamesRL In reply to yes, it is

1) He/She is your boss. Unless you are independantly wealthy, part of the job is listening.

2) Its bonding. Management needs to vent sometimes and sharing a secret is bonding and cementing the relationship. Some day you may need to do this too. Better to listen than to have the manager build up steam.

3) It is insightful. You will learn about your boss, by his/her choice of topics, what frustrates them. etc. Helping your boss overcome those frustrations can be good for you, for your boss, and for the company.

Listen to me......


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you too, D?

by jck In reply to Is it wasting time when t ...

Dude...yeah...I have that all the time. My boss is a cool guy, but listening to his house roof story, or house tile story, or how his son is bulking up in college, etc...waste of time too...

But still, I will never ever say that humans should be able to work at 100% efficiency...or even close to it...we're imperfect...our minds are random firing machines based on incalculable random stimuli.

For execs to think blue-collar should be as-close-to-perfect workers...shows how daft their thinking is.

Glad my boss isn't like that...otherwise, I'd have walked out by now.

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Statistics like this are at best misleading and at worst just pointless and

by Bert_C In reply to Time Wasted Survey

Surveys like this are deliberately geared to produce controversial or at least remarkable results because no one is going to get any money, column inches, publicity or ever be allowed to do a survey again if their headline is "we did a survey and found out nothing useful or interesting."

It's like the old statistical joke that 40% of all sick days are taken on Mondays or Fridays. Gasp ! Can this be true ?! Of course it can, 40% of working days are on Monday or Friday.

If you could be bothered to sit down and do the math I'm sure you would find that about $50 billion per year is spent paying for employees to go to the toilet. It sounds bad when you express it as dollars but that's what statistics are used for.

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50 billion

by jdclyde In reply to Statistics like this are ...

that is a heck of a dump. Hope he/she took a paper in with her! :0

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