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Time Wasted Survey

By marileev · conducted a survey which says workers waste two hours a day cruising on the web and socializing. By one calculation employers spend $759 billion per year paying -

The nature of my job is very collaborative, even if I take a minute off topic our department is still able to get their deliverables completed like this tips article

Do you spend more than 2 hours a day "goofing-off?" Has goofing off ever negatively affected your job? I think taking a break gives you fresh eyes.

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Another $68billion wasted

by subscriptions In reply to Statistics like this are ...

Another $68 billion was wasted by employees posting and reading on this forum.

I agree with Bert_C, stats can be skewed any way you like. Just have to be selective with what your stats are about.

Another one of the $50 billion in toilets could be:
$1 trillion is wasted in voice in mail. First people leave a message, then people check the message, then they call back or wait for a call back. Long distance charges and phone equipment maintenance not included! ;-)
So at the end of the day, $1.8 trillion is wasted every year by employees. Amazing!

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Not to mention the $10 trillion wasted

by jdclyde In reply to Another $68billion wasted

in keeping track of how much time/dollars was wasted?

I wish people would stop paying other people to do stupid surveys and studies!

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by marileev In reply to Another $68billion wasted

You could always say that you were being productive, trying to find out how not to be unproductive - you know, that management doublespeak.

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This is, That isn't

by plumley In reply to Time Wasted Survey

1st - Surveys inflate their findings. I spend an hour most days between e-mail and e-news and articles about technology.
2nd - If one of those hours solves a problem or better avoids one then it wasn't a waste.
3rd - IT, computing, networking is about being the best generalist for your company/business.
4th - i.e. the article above this link was on "RPC" and it definitely was NOT a waste of time. But two weeks ago the "earwig ****" discussion was pure fun.

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Small Price For Businesses

by Logos-Systems In reply to Time Wasted Survey

Well when you figure that most salaried employees put in over 45 hours a week a think it is a small price for employers to pay, considering that they don't pay of the overtime.

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Salary and overtime

by jdclyde In reply to Small Price For Businesse ...

Not sure how your company handles this, but in our handbook hours for Salary employees is "The hours required to complete the job."

No such thing as overtime for Salary, which is where some people get nailed when they first switch to it from hourly pay. They see a higher dollar amount but forget to factor it by the added hours they WILL be working.

When I have a day go way over, I will leave early on a different day to average them out. Hours stay at between 45 and 48 a week. Anything more and I am out on a nice sunny day! B-)

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Wasted time vs. uncompensated OT

by kencope In reply to Time Wasted Survey

I think in many cases, the amount of time spent chatting or doing personal email, surfing, phone calls, etc. is far less than the extra time companies are increasingly expecting of their employess. We need ways to stay sane and keep up with our personal lives, too. Much of the "wasted" time is simply fallout from the demands of the job.

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what I wonder

by jck In reply to Time Wasted Survey

How can the rule-setters in corporate America expect the blue collar laborer to work like a robot unerringly and without inefficiency, and still qualify playing 18 holes of golf followed by an overpriced gourmet dinner with a client as "work"?

You can't tell me...swinging a golf club and driving a cart and eating food involves 100% focus on reaching your business goals.

I'd love to see someone follow around executives and shotgun mic their conversations and see if their conversations with clients are all about business, or if they "time waste" too.

And, I wonder how much unpaid OT salary employees are cut out of by the business sector?'s what's for dinner...NOW EAT!

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Not all time is equal

by jdclyde In reply to what I wonder

You have that "rule-setter" that makes more profit for the company in a month than that blue-collar worker will in a year, it isn't too hard to figure out why they have different rules imposed on them than the working ranks. Especially when it is unskilled labor involved. If I had a dime for everytime I heard "You could be replaced by a trained monkey" when I worked the shop jobs.

I DID hear a Marketing person crying about how eating out all the time "just isn't fun" when they are out all the time. waaaaaaa! ;\

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I don't know about that...

by jck In reply to Not all time is equal

I keep hearing how they make more profit for a company.

Please...I beg you.

Show me *one* example of how any rule-setter brought in, of their own direct effort, any significant amount of profit increase to an already-established publically traded company that validates their exorbitant pay.

All they ever produce at most is a promise (i.e.- contract) from a client to purchase a delivered product. And even then, usually they need a legal department and sales staff to finalize the details.

You don't see rule-setters even hiring the blue-collar worker, let alone produce any deliverable.

It's the blue-collar who makes the company a profit...not the guy who is essentially an over-paid salesman out schmoozing.

Without product, you make no matter how many contracts are signed.

Anyone can make a profit by selling their product in an open market...need proof?? Car salesmen. Flea markets. Roadside fruit stands. Pooka shell necklace guys on the streets next to the docks for cruise ships in Mexico.

So long as there is demand, supply is needed and things will sell...with or without the rule-setters.

I think investing in design and manufacturing a more robust product to draw more market and a more premium price is more prudent. Demand and innovation drive the market far better than overglorified car salesmen.

Oh yeah...and PAC and SIG guys in D.C. You need those too. hahaha ]:)

Of course, I guess we need to employ those guys too...can't afford to have the welfare system paying out 6-figure checks any time soon...

You'd be better to fight for the rights of paid endorsers being worth their facetime on Dan Marino for Autoway...I bet he increased the car sales in Miami for them by 10 fold.

Anyways...rules for employees should be the same at all levels...if you're're working...if you're on the phone scheduling a cable repair appointment or talking to a client about the new Benz you're getting for Christmas...that's "time wasting"...plain and simple.

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