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Tips for moving on?

By cp7212 ·
Well, after several sessions of asking questions to the TR forum (thank you for all of your past answers, by the way), I am going to take some advice and get out of Dodge!

My manager doesn't respect me in the least. He tries not to speak to me if at all possible. He doesn't listen to any ideas. I had a solution to a problem and he preferred the company spending $5,000 for the solution, adverse to hearing my idea.

They take my partner away for some project that they don't let me know anything about and I have to support 300+ machines, solo.

So, enough whining, could you knowledgeable people lend me some of your experience? Could you please drop some tips on what to do about moving from a company I'm employed with now, to an out-of-state location? I'm shooting for Charlotte, NC and moving from PA.

I've been looking at some job sites, apartment sites, moving companies, storage, and the like. I revised my resume. Any tips? Thanks in advance for letting me benefit from your experience(s).

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Go to Charlotte, NC

by maxwell edison In reply to Tips for moving on?

If you have your sights set on Charlotte, North Carolina, then go to Charlotte, North Carolina -- period.

Do you have vacation time saved up? Do you have an emergency fund established? Don't ask if, but HOW can you make this happen? That is the correct question.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to find a new position AND a new place of residence in Charlotte, North Carolina -- and do it all in four weeks time. Failure is not an option. Failure will not be your outcome.

Holiday Inn, Courtyard by Marriott, or any other number of very nice hotel chains will give you some great rates on a weekly basis. Some might even have kitchen units. You could probably find one for $250 a week or less, and maybe get free breakfast thrown in.

That will also give you a temporary LOCAL address and phone number that you can provide to your new employer. The point being, you're not thinking of moving to Charlotte if the right job comes up, instead you ARE moving to Charlotte, and you're looking for the right place for you.

You will not ask anyone for a job. Instead, you will be looking for the right place to offer your services. You will tell potential employers what you can do for them. You will already know what makes their business tick, and you will make your presentation tailored around their needs. You will be able to do this because you will have done your research before-hand.

Don't waste your time with the want-ads. Use the phone book instead.

More to come later.

What an absolutely exciting thing you're facing. A new job, a new city, a new start. And you can define and control what that is. And don't let anyone tell you differently.

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Thank you for your insights, Max

by cp7212 In reply to Go to Charlotte, NC

I'm going to get my cell number changed for the Charlotte area. I have free long distance. One of my friends used that idea when he moved away.

I'm making my target move time for February. I can store my stuff in a rental area in my old hometown, I have family there.

I was originally to move to Charlotte but my dad fell sick with cancer and I stayed in the area. I will never regret that decision and would do it a thousand times again. I had a job secured down there with a headhunter. It would have cost a few hundred dollars, but I think the cost was justified with the peace of mind to make a lateral move.

The way I see it, if I did it before, why not again? There are some nice places down in Charlotte with extremely reasonable rent. There is a chickie down there I went out with...haven't quite decided what to do about that yet. She's been down there a while and would probably a great one to start networking with, but I'm worried about the cost, and I don't mean dollars. lol

Four weeks to complete the mission, huh? I was thinking two to three, maybe that's unrealistic. I have excellent credit, so I was thinking of taking a small personal loan out for storage, starter rent, and liquid expenses.

I was hoping to try to secure a job before I moved, or even a contractual job.... but you never know, the company I'm in right now might just push me to moving straight out there.

To wrap this up for now, you are so right. I AM excited about the move. I used to move around a lot and I wondered what the h*ll has happened to me? I have no kids (that I know of), no wife, and no obligations to tie me to one spot.

P.S. I'll be checking back for more later. Thanks again.

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by AttackComputerWhiz In reply to Thank you for your insigh ...

You said something really wrong there! You want to get a loan when you are planning to be unemployed for any length of time?!?!?

If you want to borrow, you might be better off asking a family member and drawing up a promisary note with a delayed-start payment plan (say, two weeks after you start working full-time). That way, you won't have creditors breathing down your neck and ruining your credit if it does take more than a few weeks to find a position.

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Good point

by cp7212 In reply to Uh-OH!

Noted, thank you.

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I'm kinda envious

by MirrorMirror In reply to Thank you for your insigh ...

I really am. After some of the things I have been through in my life, I do not deal with change too well. It makes me very apprehensive. Of course, getting laid off in a part of the country where you have no family, no job and have 2 kids and one on the way will tend to make you a tad nervous. Whew!! I'm glad that situation is long gone.

I am envious that you have what it takes to just up and move. Of course, me having 3 kids that depend on me does not help my frame of mind. I have all that school stuff to keep in mind.

One day, when the kids are moved out and it is just me and the husband, I want to move to the coast. I want to see the beach every day. I want to taste salt water on the wind. *sigh!*

Good luck with your move. You sound very much in control of your life. Good for you! I have family who live in NC. They love it. Beautiful part of the country. Let us know how thing turn out for you.

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by cp7212 In reply to I'm kinda envious

I'm almost all German, it makes for a very stubborn attitude, but sometimes it really helps. I have dealt with this situation long enough and I am a firm believer in making my own destiny. If you wait for someone else to do it, it may be a long time (or never).

One of my favorite quotes is, "Your ship can't come in until you send it out."

Thank you for the positive reinforcement, you can't believe how much it helps.

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local phone number

by jdclyde In reply to Go to Charlotte, NC

I remember hearing about getting a local number redirected to your cell phone.

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Based on UK experience

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Tips for moving on?

But I moved on from my home town industry after 19 years of working there. It was both harder and easier than I thought. New friends, new environment didn't cause me any problems. The bigggest problem is once the new firm signed me up they pretty much left me to struggle through the move myself. Don't rely on your future employer for anything. Get the lay of the land, when you are finding somewhere to get your head down. My first attempt included easy access to public transport close to city. Unfortunately the place where I worked was seven miles on the other side of it. Two buses and a train, cost a lot and took ages even when it was on time.

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Tips about Charlotte

by jck In reply to Tips for moving on?

Last I knew:

Job market was okay there...not greaet, but okay
Housing on the southside near Matthews was expensive, but nice.
They have a good party district.

Good luck with it, man. It's a pretty nice city.

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Thanks for the tips

by cp7212 In reply to Tips about Charlotte

It can't be any worse than my present situation. Anything that I've learned has been strictly on my own. It's clear to me that I'm never going to learn anything new, use my degree, or get promoted.

I'm a survivor, I'll find something. I did check out several things in that area and things are looking promising. Thanks for the well wishes.

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