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Tips for moving on?

By cp7212 ·
Well, after several sessions of asking questions to the TR forum (thank you for all of your past answers, by the way), I am going to take some advice and get out of Dodge!

My manager doesn't respect me in the least. He tries not to speak to me if at all possible. He doesn't listen to any ideas. I had a solution to a problem and he preferred the company spending $5,000 for the solution, adverse to hearing my idea.

They take my partner away for some project that they don't let me know anything about and I have to support 300+ machines, solo.

So, enough whining, could you knowledgeable people lend me some of your experience? Could you please drop some tips on what to do about moving from a company I'm employed with now, to an out-of-state location? I'm shooting for Charlotte, NC and moving from PA.

I've been looking at some job sites, apartment sites, moving companies, storage, and the like. I revised my resume. Any tips? Thanks in advance for letting me benefit from your experience(s).

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Well, I guess this is it.

by cp7212 In reply to Tips for moving on?

I just wanted to say thanks to the people who gave me some tips. I was hoping there would have been more, considering everyone is so quick to say, "Leave your job and find another."

Hopefully, my next post will be from North Carolina. Thanks again.

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It is only Monday!

by jdclyde In reply to Well, I guess this is it.

It isn't like you gave this much time to be found. I just now came across this. Didn't read other posts YET, but will go back on next break so sorry if repeats of other peoples advice.

Moving to find a different job.

Do you have vacation time saved up? Always good to spend "vacation" time in an area to look for work.

When you get there, RENT, don't buy a house. Wait until your SURE you will like it there before getting locked into a house.

If you have friends and/or family there, have them send you some of the local news papers so you can read the "want ads", as well as get an idea of what is going on in that area.

NOTE: Most people don't say leave your job AND find another. Find another job THEN leave your job. It is much easier to find a job if you have a job. If your not working, people always wonder if you were fired in the back of their mind.


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Thanks jd

by cp7212 In reply to It is only Monday!

I guess I'm used to the posts getting answered a lot over several days. Are you saying people only read these at work?

I do have a friend down there and she said she'd send me up a paper. I am googling corporate sites in that area and uploading a ton of resumes.

You added a couple of great points, thanks a bunch.

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The least I could do

by jdclyde In reply to Thanks jd

After all, you were the very first person to respond to my call for help in my Divorce discussion. How could I not step up now?

Are you still anti-marriage?

Good luck with this move!

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Two sides to this coin...

by cp7212 In reply to The least I could do

I'm not necessarily anti-marriage, I'm for marriage. I guess I'm just anti-trust. I've seen way too many of my friends have to move back in with their parents because they got married, she started cheating on him, and she got half of everything, including his future income. I haven't had great luck in the trust department myself.

Most of the women I've run across are just like one of my favorite quotes...."Diplomacy is the art of saying 'nice doggy', while you're feeling behind you for a rock."

I did go out with a nice southern belle when I lived in Texas. I'm hoping to run into another one when I move. Thanks for the well wishes.

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What you need

by jdclyde In reply to Two sides to this coin...

is to find a RICH woman. Then you can trust that she isn't marring you for your money!

Matter of fact, that doesn't sound like a bad idea! I could be a "kept man"!

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My big mistake

by DMambo In reply to What you need

I married for love rather than money. Oh sure, it's nice to fall asleep in the arms of my beautiful wife every night and all that crap, but damn, I have to get up and go to work in the mornings.

(Just kidding, JD. Don't flame me. But why couldn't she be who she is AND be rich???)

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